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Pojo's Top 10 Anime

#10- Gundam (series in general)

Reason why they're at 10 is because I haven't seen enough of them to put them above the rest on my list. (Only seen bout half of them.) Gundam Wing was excellent and my hands down favorite was 08th MS Team.

#9- Inuyasha

Great story with a good mix of demon fighting and romance. Series is a little long and you kind of lose interest after a while. Naraku should have been killed long ago and a new evil dude should have replaced him.

#8- Trigun

Another great series with a wonderful story and plenty of action mixed with comedy. Vash's antics are what I believe made the show so great. Needs to be longer though...

#7- Bleach

I honestly thought it would be higher on my list but I can’t put it above the others for 1 reason. It's way too short in some segments and way too drawn out in others. When Ichigo and the others arrive in Soul Society they overload the viewers with azz loads of information(enough for probably 200+ episodes in my opinion) and cram it into roughly 50 episodes. The main character goes from being a brand new Death God with mediocore powers to being the second strongest fighter in Soul Society (next to Aizen) in about 2 weeks. This took the people in Soul Society many years to achieve. Just seems rushed. Also I don’t really like the fillers...But then again the series ain't over and I’m still avidly following it.

#6- Full Metal Alchemist

I don't know why so many people put this in their top spot. It is an amazing anime and in the beginning it was hands down my favorite. Story was great, characters were great and everything flowed very smoothly. But because of it's ending it got knocked down 5 spots. They used the biggest copout ever to explain everything that was going on. The whole next dimension/parallel universe crap got played out long ago. It also seemed very rushed and didn't actually have a conclusion. If you haven't seen the ending yet I advise you not to cause it will ruin the series for you.

#5- Cowboy Bebop

A great anime...one of the best ever. Amazing plot, hands down best music in an anime, and characters you just gotta love...so why only #5? Because it's only 26 episodes, and almost all the episodes are there own little side story. The actual story line is only played out in like 4-5 episodes. Still it's one of the best animes out there and if you haven't seen it yet I advise you to do it immediately. The ending is very impactful. I actually liked it contrary to what most people say. In the end Spike was finally able to escape from this "dream" and be at peace.

#4- Yu Yu Hakusho

One of the most addicting series I have ever watched...it starts out slow but as soon as the Dark Tournament starts u won't be able to stop watching it. It's a series that unlike others just keeps getting better. Great ending as well.

#3- Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X

This was my long standing number 1 anime. The fighting scenes are amazing, it combines action and comedy almost as good as Trigun, the characters are all deep and dynamic, and the plot keeps you hooked. The only gripe I have about it is at the end. The animators got way too impatient for the manga to finsh and rushed the ending. Huge mistake but o well. They need to animate the Jinchuu Arc cause then it would be my alltime favorite. The OVA's were good although I think it sux about the whole disease thing.

#2- Naruto

Definitely the best new anime out right now. Innovative character design, more action packed than even Dragonball Z, and hilarious as well. The fight scenes are amazing and its the most addictive anime since Yu Yu Hakusho. The only reason it's at number 2 is cause of the fillers. They started out as funny and a nice little reprieve from the story line but now there jus getting annoying. If your watching the English episodes STOP IMMEADIATELY THEY SUCK! The voice actors are horrible and they cut out so much stuff it's not even funny. There geared toward like 6 year olds. Do yourself a favor and get the Japanese episodes with English subtitles. They are a million times better.

#1- Berserk

My hands down favorite anime. Berserk is filled with lots of action. The characters are the best out of any anime I have ever watched. It's not for the faint of heart though. The plot is amazing and keeps you hooked. The only gripe I have about it is that they need to finish it! They need to animate the rest of the manga immediately! But they probably never will.... :( If they did it would put all other anime's to shame.

Honorable Mentions-

I had to give some honorable mentions for this list cause they deserve some credit

-Wolf's Rain- Great show but plot is a little too complex and hard to follow
-Outlaw Star- great story and loved it...little short though and not that original
-Samurai Champloo- if the whole series was like the first bit it would be in
the top 3...the fighting scenes in it put Kenshin to shame.
-Ninja Scroll- only two movies but they are kick ass although a little too mature for most ;)
-Ronin Warriors- haven't seen it in soo long but I remember waking up an hour early before school just to watch it. Prolly not all that great of an anime but it gives me feelings of nostalgia.


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