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Pojo's Top 10 Anime

I recently stumbled across your anime page here and I had to submit my picks for the best 10 anime of all time.

10. Dragonball. If anything, Dragonball is the show that laid the groundwork for all fantasy Martial Arts anime. It makes the list because of the way the characters and action are portrayed. The tack of following the adventures of the most innocent martial artist in the world lead to some of the funniest anime ever. Just Goku's naive antics are enough to carry the show all by it self. With the hordes of supporting characters and villains, Dragonball hits hard with both action and comedy. Also, because it's the early days of the Dragonball series, there is more real fighting and cool moves. It's far superior to DBZ because the fights have limits. There is none of the flurry punching that is all to prevalent in DBZ and there is opportunity for special styles of martial arts and just plain funky moves (Crazy Monkey Style, etc.). The fights are great because this is not a melodramatic anime like DBZ. It's just one of the best out there, plain and simple.

9. Macross. The first project that renowned director Shinichiro Watanabe worked on, macross is the epitome of sci-fi military drama. It was probably the first anime that I remember watching regularly. I followed the whole story and was always dreaming of flying one of the veritech fighters. It was one of the coolest and most impressive anime's of all time, especially due to its age.

8. InuYasha. It's a lengthy, gory, softy love story. It's one of the sweetest animes but at the same time has plenty of demon rending action. Due to its length, it has extensive character development especially in the bad guys. It also holds this slot soley for the presence of the fifth greatest anime character, Sessomaru. As the series progresses, you always want to see more of Sessomaru and would rather be watching the Sessomaru Show!

7. Yu-Yu Hakusho! Finally, a teen angst drama with real angst!!! Hakusho is a real off the wall anime from the first episode! What other shows make such a strong statement by having the hero of the story start off dead? Yu-Yu Hakusho is sort of the grown up version of DBZ and has the requisite dialog. Probably the best part of the show is the constant bantering and one liners from the characters.

"Tell me, what's worse? Losing to an old man or a clown?" --Hiei
"A clown, definitely a clown!"-- Kuwabara
*sigh*-- Kurama

It just has loads of hilarious dialog and off the wall comments that make it one of the best. There's also the constant rivalry between the heroes that makes it even more hilarious.

Aside from being darn funny, it is also a very serious show. It has a depth unlike DBZ that makes it hit harder on every front. It confronts death in real world terms, unlike wish backable heroes in DBZ. It deserves the position of No. 7 all time for sure.

6. Trigun. Much lighter at times but very serious at the end of the show. It's the one anime that has defined the Western as a viable anime genre. Probably one of the most popular animes in the west, Vash the Stampede's misadventures are the perfect pick me up on a sad day.

5. Neon Genesis Evangelion. I have bad marks against this one. Let it be noted that this one is definitely 17+ at times. It's one of the coolest shows ever created, from it's crazy mech combat with the Angels to the complete technical precision it portrays in the form of NERV and the whole of operations done there. It's a very serious show with only a little comic relief. It's very philosophical at times and goes way over practicality. It's more of an in depth study of mankind than a general type of philosophy that you can apply to your own life.

Also, it is the first show to have a purple headed Major who's has the initials M.K.

4. Tenchi Muyo! Called the anime that defined harem anime, Tenchi Muyo! Is probably my all time favorite just cause I'm such a softie. In it's portrayal of women, it goes above and beyond what you would normally expect from an anime and does a down right hilarious job of it too. Nothing compares with seeing how inept some of the girls are in different areas of common life (Ieka and Ryoko make for some funny scenes). There is a great deal of humor that would be missed by young audiences but it's still pretty clean. Combat is limited in the show but excellently done in the few fights. The sword play is magnificent. One of the best scenes is the opening introduction of the first episode where Ryoko is hunting down Tenchi in his school. It's very cool, especially with the whole lightsaber esque thing. Above all, the one thing that makes this anime is the character Washu. The most perfect being in all existence, she is the absolute best character in all of anime. She combines understanding, grace, absolute power and brilliance in a person who knows who she is and therefore acts like she wants to. She is bound by neither her age (22,000+ years) nor her intellect and acts flippant and sarcastic just to throw everyone off. Even Ieka is taken aback by her casualness and relaxed behavior. She knows how to live and has lived for too long to act proper all the time. She's funloving, joke telling, and completely understanding. She knows just about everything but never acts like a know it all. Ahhh.... I'm ranting again... but she's perfect, no doubt about it!

It's just a cool show with a bit of science and an overdose of female competition.

3. Full Metal Alchemist: Absolute brilliance. It is one of the must see shows of the 21st century and has an excellent English dub that really captures the characters. It is very military and a big science show. It is a story of two brothers bound by a strange fate, who live in an alternate reality governed by strange laws. Unlike our reality, they exist
independent of Entropy and the laws of thermodynamics. They can cheat physics through the science of Alchemy. Instead of Thermodynamics, they have the laws of Equivalent exchange. It's a very cool world that echos our reality. It's actually set in 1916 or something but in the alternate reality. It is a very deep show dealing heavily with loss and real living philosophy. It deals with the important philosophy of life like sacrifice, loss, when to take a life, and other banes of mankind. It has a good deal of comic relief and a large amount of character development. It also brings back characters often. One of the characters in the first two episodes becomes a pivotal character later in the series and in the last episodes.

Full Metal Alchemist is one of the best all time from an action standpoint as well. One of the coolest parts of being an alchemist in their world is that they are not just wizards of science. They are often experts at hand to hand combat, they are fighters, or soldiers. One of the best characters in the show is a tank like alchemist named Major Armstrong. Unlike the stereotypical image of an wizard like alchemist, he is a massive bear of a man possessing a perfect physique and a total mastery of his muscles. He is the inheritor of both a massive fortune, body, and alchemy technique which he always boasts of when he faces a foe. "And now, witness the technique that has been passed down the Armstrong line for generations!" is his battle cry.

The show has an extensive amount of character development including episodes that seem to be completely comic relief. That said, the show isn't a directly linear serial. It has several episodes where the main characters never are even shown. They often center around Colonel Roy Mustang's unit. Many times, they have hilarious episodes about the quirks of the military, especially those attached to Mustang's command. As a tough blow for fans, one of the most popular characters is killed off half way through the series. It is especially painfull because he is very close with everyone. Lt. Col. Huges is murdered in the capitol city due to intrugue. He was assassinated. What hits home is that he leaves behind a young wife and daughter. It hurts because he has always bragged about his daughter even before she was born. The show developes over a long time and she has the chance to grow to the age of three before her father is murdered. It has to be the saddest moment in the whole show when they have his funeral. He was buried with full military honors and promoted to the rank of Brigadire General posthumously. It is the turning point for every character in the show and makes this anime truly deep.

2. Ghost in the Shell: Just too cool. Those three words are the reason it's No.2. The Stand Alone Complex is the coolest future anime period. It is a show about the near future and is set in 2030. It has to be the most accurate prediction of our future yet based that it is a world much like our own with a subtle difference. Two more world wars later and after the Japanese Miracle. The world is smaller than it has ever been. The invention of radiation scrubber technology has enabled the world to continue as it had for years before. The story follows the elite crime prevention unit Public Security Section 9. Aside from the cool characters, it must be noticed that most people in the world are hardly people. Most people have a level of cyberization and some even have full prosthetic bodies.

It is the coolest show just because of the level of technology predicted, and the Major. The second Major M.K., Motoko Kusinage is the woman that Misato Katsuragi is not. She is professional, cool, very level headed, and serious. She is very understanding, wise, competent, and brilliant all at once. She could be considered the second Washu character except that this time her expertise is in the realm of combat.

It's a very military show with very military themes. It's also a great show for political buffs and techno geeks. It's got something for everyone.

1. Cowboy Bebop. It's a masterpiece of Japanese art unlike any other. Shinichiro Watanabe's grand vision, it is the greatest sci-fi anime of all time. Watch all 26 sessions any you will agree. Nothing more can be said except that Yoko Kanno's music makes the show what it is.

It is the most brilliant show and must be watched many times to gain true appreciation of it. I have seen every session 6 times or more and would watch them a hundred times more.

It is rife with cameos, shoutouts, and tributes to the many fads and fashions of the 20th century and has deep roots in music of our time, including sever episodes titled after rock and rool hits.

Well, those are my 10

PowerDE @ hbu . edu

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