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Alvin's Top 10 Anime

First and foremost, I will like to state that I'm an action lover and I live on action, story & plot, originality, character development & humour rather than animation and sound. My Top 10, therefore, will be biased towards all these criteria. So here goes my Top 10 list of all time starting from no.10:

10. Scrapped Princess
This series is definitely going to appeal to anime viewers who like sweet voice! In my opinion, the voice acting for the main character in Scrapped Princess is the best I've ever heard. It brings out the character of the hearty yet self-sacrificing princess at its very best. Plot is worth praising too as it is very original. Characters are easily very likeable. Animation is new and well-done; people are all drawn very nicely. Opening theme is exceptionally catchy.

9. Shaman King
This 64 episodes proved to be good till the end despite the childish characters who are only perhaps 8-9 years old. As another fighting anime, it has originality in its concept as well. A good amount of humour is injected throughout the series and characters are well developed. Voice acting is good and special mention goes to the main female character who deviates from stereo-typical cute voice but instead fierce and commanding which portrays a different kind of "cuteness".

Minus point: Ending is too abrupt.

8. Naruto
Who can miss Naruto when you talk about top 10 anime? Most people will even blame me for putting Naruto at no. 8. There are reasons for it. Fighting scenes are one of the best among fighting anime series (except filler arcs). Sound is great; animation is great until episodes 130 (don't ask me why, probably the artist is switched). The variety of different characters with different skills and fighting abilities make the series attractive.

Minus points: TOOOOOOOOOO many unnecessary flashbacks that cut into the battles! The filler arcs are crappy as well.

7. Initial D
Initial D is a car-racing anime that hook it's viewers although the story is preceding at quite an expected rate. It's great to see the 3D cars drifting and the sound of drifting and how the main character fights to be the best mountain pass racer. An old series that have survived all the way until now, it just prove that how good it is. I particularly recommend the First Stage which is the best so far.

6. Fullmetal Alchemist
A relatively new anime series, with originality and very good animation and sound. Plot is build from the very first episode to the last and is hooking and intriguing. The main 2 characters are extremely likeable and the series portray what is brotherly love. A good amount of humour is present in the series as well.

Minus point: I do not particularly like the ending, but other fans may think otherwise.

5. Bleach
Bleach is another new anime series. It is by far about the most fast paced anime I ever seen and you find yourself finished watching each episode before you even notice it. No doubt it has great sound and originality as well. It's a shame it's only at around episodes 46 now but I'm sure it has the potential climb a few more steps up the ladder of fame as the series continue.

4. 12 Kingdoms
This anime is based on a written Chinese novel. In my opinion, one of the story arc has the best plot I've seen in all anime. In fact, the storyline can be so good such that you can simply just watch 2 people talking in the whole episode but you will never get bored by them. Story, originality and character development is unrivalled. Because it is a different genre from fighting anime, and I normally prioritize action anime, I have no choice but to put it at the 4th placing.

Minus points: The starting is too slow and boring at times. Anime series does not portray the whole novel but ends abruptly halfway instead.

3. School Rumble
This is the funniest anime I've seen! Laughter is the best medicine and this explains why it's at 3rd position!

2. Hunter X Hunter
I don't know why so many people leave out this great anime series! Another great fighting series, it encompasses action, great plot and originality. It's famous OVA series are praised by anime viewers all over the world so much so I think that particular OVA is on par with even the top anime. Characters development is great and thorough. A lot of thought and I will say intelligence is given to the battle scenes.

Minus points: it ends abruptly because the writer is tooooo slow :( Some may also comment on its animation which is dull at first and too bright at the OVAs.

1. One Piece
This anime not only fits all my criteria, but beats the rest at them too: best action - fighting scenes are guaranteed to glue your eyes to the screen; best plot - keeps you wanting to watch the next episode and also gain respect for the author who can think of such a wonderful plot after you finish each story arc; best originality - setting of the world is truly original and amazing; best character development - very good voice acting that brings out each character to its very best so you will love them, not to mention their growing up throughout the series. The humour is great too, though losing to anime series like School Rumble and FMP Fumuffo. In addition to all this, One Piece teaches a lot of life lessons that can be understood through the course of watching it. And not forgetting to mention, it can stirred up your emotions to the brink of crying at some episodes, even for men. Unless you hate pirates because they have robbed your family or people related to you before, you have got to see One Piece! Now!

Minus points: Filler arcs are boring. Animation and sound seems to be too simplified and lacking.

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