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HeinzDrummer's Top 10 Anime
Hi. I like funimation and pionneer animes the best and my number 1 is actually not a number 1 that many people have but I've been seeing it on sum peoples list but who cares I'll just tell you them.

10. Kiddy Grade - Kiddy Grade starts off slow and boring but becomes really really good in the last couple of episodes.

9. Fushigi Yuugi - I got hooked to this series in a flash just sum of it is really intense and just you can't put it down. You just have to keep watching it!

8. Dragon Ball GT - Def the worst of the 3 dragon ball series but still got the charm that the other 2 series have in it. Plus the Japanese versions openings and closings are really great and addictive.

7. Blue Gender - Love Blue Gender Sci-Fi Shooting Bugs. Its pretty much alien meets starship troopers and I love it!

6. Fruits Basket - I recently got this anime and found it to be 1 of the funniest ones I have.

5. FLCL- Although short really great. The music, characters, humor, plot , What's not to love??

4. Dragon Ball Z - The series that started my anime fandom. Addictive from the start.

3. Akira - Great Story. I Just love a movie like that.

2. Dragon Ball - The original series is the best with just sum of the things Goku says its hilarious.

1. YU YU HAKUSHO - I love this show I believe this show is more addicting then any of the other names. It's got Action and humor. Loveable Characters. And Plots that just make it different everytime  so that its not always the same like dragon ball z this is def the best.

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