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An Introduction to Case Closed

Written by Squirrel

Case Closed is the story of teen detective Jimmy Kudo (Shin'ichi Kudo) trying to get back his body.  After witnessing a drug deal in the first episode, Jimmy is given a pill by three “men in black” (Gin, Vodka, and Tequila), that was supposed to kill him.  Instead it shrunk him to the body of an 8 year old.  (After quick questioning regarding his identity, knowing that he can't reveal himself, Jimmy coins the name Conan Edogawa.)  He was taken by Jimmy's girlfriend, Rachel Moore (Ran), and her father, Richard, the not so famous Private Investigator. 

Every episode presents a case to Richard, all of which Conan solves himself and has to “help” Richard tell the correct information to the officials.  In many of the episodes, Conan is forced to shoot his tranquillizer watch at Richard and do a voice over before the wrong man is convicted.  This part can get terribly old, but at point you've probably solved the case.  Due to the nature of the "closed room" cases (where there are a set number of suspects,) it is generally easy to tell who committed the crime, but it can be difficult to have a motive or explain how it was done.

The series is episodic -- almost all the episodes are standalone, with the occasional two parter, so it's very easy to jump into the series with little background information.  Don't expect for the underlying plot that ties the series together to resolve any time soon either.  At over 300 episodes, the series will take its time to show you each creative case it's got before Jimmy gets his body back.  Even though the show can get incredibly repetitive, it's still a nice change of pace for other action shows on Adult Swim.

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