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Pojo's Anime: Case Closed Episode 56

Game Gone Bad

Written by Squirrel

Conan, Rachel and her father go to a gaming convention which shows off a game Richard is staring in.  Right away we meet the three suspects: Henry Nelbit, Kelvin Tug, and Charles Shore.  After going to the bathrooms, Conan literally runs into one of the "men in black," Tequila at some vending machines.  After eavesdropping on Tequila's conversation, Conan drops some money and, when asking the man to move his foot, sticks a transmitter on it.  Tequila goes to the rest room, Conan continues to listen to the conversation.  "Deal's done.. Huh?  It won't open, is it empty.."  Then an explosion goes off, killing Tequila.  As Henry and Charles come to the scene, Conan punches the ground out of anger.

Mequire comes on the scene and thinks that it was a terrorist bombing.  Conan is suspicious of this because the meeting place for the exchange of the killing wouldn't make sense (it could very easily make you a suspect if you try to kill someone at your own convention.)  The other reason was because the emblem that was on the suitcase was bent outward (if an explosion came from outside the suitcase, it would've been bent into the case.

Conan pulls out the the whole watch & bowtie trick to try to convince Mequire.  Here's basically how it happened.  Charles wanted revenge on Henry because one of his friends committed suicide after she was dumped by Henry.  (In the dub, she simply divorced him.)  He planted a bomb in his suitcase and when he invited Henry over to try out the boxing game, he exchanged keys without Henry knowing.  What Charles didn't know is that Henry and Tequila also had a deal: In exchange for thousands of dollars, Henry gave Tequila a list of the best programmers in the world.  So basically, Henry switched the suitcase with the bomb with Tequila without knowing it.  Tequila was stuck with the bomb and died, Henry had the suitcase with the money, and Charles had the suitcase with the disks of the programmers.  (The proof was that the keys wouldn't fit into the right suitcases and that the suitcase Charles is holding contains Henry's end of the deal.)  Charles is arrested.

Conan then asks Henry for all the information he has about the organization.  Henry didn't know much.  All he could give was the meeting place.  Conan runs to the building but just as he gets to the top floor, another bomb explodes.  No one knows why and no one knows who was killed in the explosion.  For all Conan knows, Gin and Vodka could've died, or could've escaped.  "This case is still covered in black smoke.."

Next Conan Hint: Snack Cart Sales

My Rating:  9/10.  It actually goes back to the story line and the care was pretty hard to figure out.  Overall, very well done.


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