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Bleach Episode 12 - Right Arm of the Giant

Written by Hikaru no Michiru

First Aired: December 20th, 2004
Corresponds with "Bleach" Vol. 5, Chapters 36 - 39
Opening: Asterisk, by Orange Range
Ending: Life is Like a Boat, by Rie Fu

Ichigo agrees to Ishida's challenge. With that, the Quincy pulls a coin from his side-bag.

The anti-hollow bait is released.

He explains it is anti-hollow bait, if you break it and scatter it around, hollows will appear. The one who beats the most hollows in 24-hours wins. Ichigo absolutely hates the idea, but too late. The coin dissolves, and the eminent scream of a hollow fills the air. As Ishida leaves to play the game, he reminds Ichigo that hollows are drawn especially to people with high spiritual power: Karin and Yuzu. The game has begun.

Back at the school, Tatsuki runs into Orohime while returning to class. Tatsuki remembers that night in Orohime's room. She has almost no memories of it, just that it was extremely painful, and she though she saw someone who looked like Rukia. She had thought it was a dream, but that next day Orohime said she had the exact same dream. And ever since that day, she [Tatsuki] had started seeing ghosts. At that very moment, Tatsuki brushes away a ghost between her and Orohime. Before Orohime can ask her question, a school window explodes. They go to check it

A tear in the sky.

out, when Orohime gets distracted by something in the sky. In the park, Karin is playing soccer with some friends. She's about to kick, when she too is distracted and looks up.

Upon leaving Urahara's store, an order comes in. The moment Rukia checks, the order stops. She's amazed at how fast Ichigo purified that hollow, until another order comes in, and ends seconds later. And then another comes – and ends. And other comes – and ends. Rukia's shocked. Hollows shouldn't be appearing this quickly. Alarmed, she races outside to see a giant black rift in the sky.

Elsewhere in Karakura Town, Chad's looking up at the same rift. Suddenly something falls from the sky and crash lands right in front of Chad. He can't make out what it is, but there’s something blurry – and it's big. After dodging several attacks, he concludes it is him it’s

A big monkey hollow after Chad.

after, and decides to run far enough so others don't get caught in the fight. He heads up to the park – too bad Ichigo’s sister Karin and her friends are already there. Chad narrowly saves Karin from another punch from the hollow. Karin can see the hollow perfectly, whereas Chad sees only a blur, so she proposes the two will have to work as a team. Chad reluctantly agrees after Karin admits she's seen these 'monsters' before (i.e. the first hollow and Grand Fisher). She’s been wondering for a long time how these are related to Ichigo. They dodge another blow, but the second one gets its target. Karin pulls herself from the bloody and unconscious Chad. Her friends run over to see what's going on, against her pleas for them to run away, all the while the hollow closes in on the group.

You be gentle, Yasutora.

Chad awakens just as Karin jumps to protect one of her friends. It reminds him of when he was her age. His grandfather scolded him for hitting someone again. His grandfather asked him why he hit people who hurt him. "You're strong, you're big, you're beautiful. You were born with just about all the things the people ask of gods. But Yasutora, you be gentle. The reason that big strong fist of yours exists, know that first." As he gets to his feet, he realizes the reason his first is strong, that his body is big, is not to hurt, but to protect. The hollow throws a punch straight at him, and he throws one right back. The two fists collide with an explosion of light! The hollow is knocked on its back, and when the dust clears, Chad's arm is covered in strange armor. He dashes towards the hollow, and with a mighty

The right arm of the giant.

uppercut, (5) severs it up the middle. He gives Karin a dorky thumbs-up, and collapses with a smile. Thinking to himself, Chad feels he doesn't know where the armor on his arm came from, the monster he can now see clearly, nothing. All he knows, is Ichigo's sister is safe.

Back at school, Orohime is distracted from sweeping up the broken glass by a giant squid monster on the roof. 

And for any who care, the score stands at:

Ishida: 12
Ichigo: 6

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