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Pojo's Anime: Fan Fiction


Fan Fiction Submission Guidelines:

  • Fan Fiction submissions must be in .txt or .text format and posted in the e-mail. Do not use .DOC or any other form and attach it to the e-mail. This will allow me to quickly read your story, avoid possible viruses, and allow me to have an easier time posting the story on the site.
  • Fan Fiction submissions must be of a decent length. Please write something that is at least 2 pages or 500 words. 
  • Fan Fiction submissions must be anime related. Shows such as Reboot or Batman Beyond are not anime; submissions containing stories regarding such series will not be posted. 
  • Fan Fiction submissions must be well-written and follow grammatical rules. 
    Example: "Vash the Stampede pulls his six-shooter, the sun glistens off the silver metal as Vash fires." *CORRECT*
    Example: "Vash the Stampede pulls his gun and the sun is shining on it, and he fires it at the bad guy." *WRONG*
  • Fan Fictions may not be written in Dialogue Script format.
    Example: Legato: "I have found you, Vash the Stampede."
                    Vash the Stampede
    : "Who...are you?"
                 Legato: "Legato, Legato Bluesummers."
  • All Fan Fiction submissions must be sent to Squirrel. If sent to someone else and I receive a forwarded e-mail, the submission will be deleted.
  • Fan Fiction submissions must include YOUR NAME, THE TITLE OF YOUR FAN FICTION, AND YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IN THE BODY OF THE E-MAIL AND THE FAN FICTION.  Do not assume that I will see this information because your name and e-mail address is included in the recipient name, nor should you assume that because you included this information in the fan fiction alone that I will accept this. The information must be included in the body of the e-mail and the fan fiction pasted in the e-mail.