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Pojo's Anime: Editorials


Editorial Submission Guidelines:

  • Your editorial must be written in cognizant speech.
  • The editorial must contain an overall flow. Meaning, the editorial must read well and follow the rules of grammar.
  • Editorials must be written in such a way as to not include:
    1) Any form of swearing beyond the word "Crap"
    2) Racial Slurs
    3) Prejudice of any form
    Any submissions containing such will result in a ban from all PoJo features and an e-mail block. Extreme cases will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  • All Editorial Submissions must be anime related or related to Japanese culture in some manner.
  • Flames are not editorials and will be treated in the same fashion as hate speech.
  • All Editorial Submissions must be at least 2 pages or 500 words.
  • All Editorials must be submitted to Squirrel. Forwarded e-mails from other staff members containing your editorial will be promptly deleted.
  • Include your name and the Editorial's title within the e-mail itself.