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Pojo's Anime: DVD Reviews Index

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Some words on the reviews

  • DVD's cost money. Money that I spend out of my own pocket. Though this section isn't as big as other anime reviews pages are, I do my best to buy what I think are great anime DVDs and review them. However, due to the prices of DVDs, I cannot go out and buy any certain one that you want to see a review of. That does not, however, mean you should not still tell me what anime you like or provide reviews for ones that I have yet to post. Any help from fans or visitors of the site is greatly appreciated.  Please check the DVD Submission page if you are interested in submitting a review.
  • Some of these reviews may contain spoilers. I try my best to avoid this as I know how it feels to know something about a series before seeing the series; as opposed to having a fresh start. If you read a review and feel that something was spoiled, I apologize. However, keep in mind that it was not intentional.