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 Clown Master's Pokemon GBA Team Garage

Team Building Guide
April 11, 2005

Decide What your team's purpose will be

First, it is important to know what you are going to use the team for, and know right from the beginning. This may appear to be stating the obvious but how many times does someone not post this info when asking for help or a rate or fix. For example, is the team ingame only, for netbattle, for fighting a friend, just for crap and giggles, to try out a new idea or theme, to challenge the Battle Tower for a Gold shield, etc. The three guidelines you gave still all apply regardless of how you are going to use the team. Just as a specific pokemon has a Role on your team, so too does the Team itself have a role. Having this clear in your mind from the start can be helpful and also make it easier for others to give a better rate/fix.

Originally posted by Shiney Altaria


Deciding on Your Team

When picking Pokemon to place in your team, think about the following things:
Make sure your team covers its weaknesses, and try not to have a large amount of Pokemon with the same weaknesses. I know that it isn't always possible, and that half of the time, you may want to have certain Pokemon in your team that have the same weakness, and that is fine. I just mean don't have 3+ Pokemon with the same weakness.
When choosing Pokemon, think about their role in your team. I'll cover roles later. Remember that having a team full of sweepers isn't always the best idea. Tanks and other support Pokémon are almost always needed. There isn't a point to having a Pokémon in your team if it has no purpose there.

Pick Pokemon that you like. Even if everyone else doesn't like it, it isn't their team. It is yours. If you want to use that Pokemon, use it.
This will be the example team that I'm going to use throughout the article. You will watch it go from Random Pokemon out of the blue(which is what they are), to a full team. I just scrolled down on Serebii and am going to use the results... They are: Kangaskan, Seviper, Giraffarig, Dewgong, Swellow, and Lanturn.

Sir Fallen Ronin Posted the following to add:

It's a good idea to have Pokemon that cover each other's weaknesses. Aerodactyl is useless when paralyzed, so it's good to have a Heal Beller or Aromatherapist when using it. Pokemon that might not have room for a recovery move and rely on Leftovers for recover could benefit from Wish. Here's an Umbreon set that's good for keeping more fragile Pokemon alive:

Umbreon @ Leftovers
Trait: Synchronize
EVs: 244 HP / 176 Def / 88 SDef
Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd)
- Baton Pass
- Mean Look
- Substitute
- Wish

It Baton Passes 98 HP Substitutes, which is pretty good. Since it's slow, (and should have a speed IV of 0), it shoud pass after they attack, meaning they attack Umby's defenses instead of the BP recipient. It can pass Substitute to fragile stuff or Wish to defensive Pokemon that need quick healing. Mean Look is just in case you trap their Blissey, then you can BP to a physical attacker... now you've got them trapped. >=)

Celebi may not be able to pass Wish, but it CAN pass 101 HP Substitutes... props to Jumpman16 for that discovery.

Try not to leave yourself weak to Blissey or Skarmory. If you've got a team of physical attackers, have fun against Skarm and Weezing. And you'll need luck trying to take out Regice and Blissey with special attacks. Also try to have at least one Skarm-Bliss counter, a mixed sweeper is best, examples are Tyranitar, Gengar, and Dragonite, Sub-Punch plus Bolt-Beam.


Choosing Your Movesets

I bet you think your Charizard with Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Blast Burn, and Slash is invincible, now don't you... To put it simply, you are wrong. Having multiple attacking moves of the same type is redundant. You can have non-damaging moves of the same type, but attacking moves should cover as many types as possible. A better Zard set would be a physical sweeper set and the moves would be Substitute, Dragon Dance, Rock Slide, and Earthquake.

On to the Example Team(ET)...

Kangaskan will be a Physical Sweeper, or a Pokemon that uses Physical(Fighting, Rock, Ground, Poison, Flying, Normal, Ghost) moves on the enemy. A good moveset on him would be:

Body Slam/Return
Focus Punch

Rock Slide/Shadow Ball

He is what you would call a choice Bander. He uses the item "Choice Band". It increases the power of his Physical moves by x1.5 and makes it so he can only use 1 move until the user switches out. I'll get in to His hold Item/EV distribution later.

Seviper will be one of the annoyers, or Pokemon that are used to harm the opponent with indirect damage/to just plain annoy the heck out of the opponent.

Sludge Bomb


Toxic is a move just to damage. Sludge Bomb gets STAB(Same-Type-Attack-Bonus), so it is always a great move. Glare is a tech move that paralyzes the foe. Haze is amazing. It resets all the stats of the Pokémon on the field to what they started with at the begining of the battle. It is the ultamate way to stop Curselax or Regitanks.

Giraffarig will Baton Pass, or give its stat boosts to another member of the team. Here we go again...

Baton PassWish

Calm Mind

Baton Pass is a given. Calm Mind is a stat up that you BP to another Pokemon. Psychic is incase it is the last Pokemon left. Wish is there for purposes already stated in FR's input.

Dewgong is a Special Sweeper, or a Pokemon that uses Special type(Grass, Fire, Ice, Electric, Dark, Psychic, Dragon) to attack the opponent. It may not be as powerful as Walreign, but wth. If the chance is given, Giraffe will BP to this.

Ice Beam

Hidden Power [Grass]

Ice Beam is for STAB, Surf as well. Substitute is there to prevent W-o-W and Toxic from harming it. Hidden Power is for more Type Coverage.

Swellow will be a Physical Sweeper(like Kangaskan)

Aerial Ace
Hidden Power: Rock
Substitute/Endeavor(actually works)

AA is great STAB, HP:Rock is a solid Damaging move. Return is also STAB and a solid damaging move. Sub/Endeavor is a filler.

Lanturn will be an Annoyer.

Confuse Ray
Thunder Wave

It is what is called Parafusiontraction. It can Paralyze, confuse, and Attract all at once. Surf is for incase it is the last Pokemon.

Choosing Items for Your Team

The team is just about done!!! Choose your items wisely, because they coudl be the difference between winning and losing. I'll go over it in order.

For special Sweepers, probably the two best items that you can use are Petya Berry and Leftovers. Petaya Berry is a special berry that increases your Special Attack when your HP is below 33%(25% in NetBattle). Also, Choice band is good for Pokémon that learn the move Trick(like Alakazam and Mr. Mime) so you can swap your CB for leftovers or another useful item..

Leftovers should be familliar.

For annoyers, it really depends. Leftovers is generally the best choice.

For Physical Sweepers, Choice Band, Liechi Berry, Salac Berry, and Leftovers are good choices. Salac and Liechi are like the Petaya except the Liechi increases attack and Salac increases speed.

Those items are the most commonly used, and are generally the best to use.

Here are my item choices:

Kangaskhan: Choice Band

Seviper: Leftovers

Girrafe: Leftovers

Dewgong: Leftovers/Petaya Berry

Swellow: Leftovers

Lanturn Leftovers

Since Kangaskhan's purpose is a Choice Bander, the only choice would have to be CB. lol

Seviper is a decent annoyer, and his low Defences means Leftovers is a good choice.

Giraffe needs HP until it Baton Passes, so Leftovers is the choice.

Dewgong wants Special attack, but with low stats, Leftovers is a great idea as well.

Swellow, again with low stats, leftovers is the better choice.

Launturn always needs Lefties.

EV Distribution

Nothing on this section hasn't been covered by the RS Help Thread or Fallen Ronin's Stat manipulation Thread. I'll Post the link to his thread and the RS Help thread is stickied in the RSEC section of the message boards.
Here is Fallen Ronin's EV thread:
The Fine Art of Stat Manipulation

My EVs will be basic, but this is just an Example team...

Kangaskhan: 252Atk 129Spd 129HP

Seviper: 252HP 129Def 125Sp.Def 4Atk

Giraffe: 252HP 252Speed 6Sp.Atk/Sp.Def

Dewgong: 252Sp.Atk 252HP 6Sp.Def

Swellow: 252Atk 252Speed 6HP

Lanturn: 252HP 129Def 129Sp.Def

See roles and EV distribution(RS Help Thread) for explainations Simple as that, and you now have a team that is ready to battle. Keep in mind, though, that 252 252 6 or 252 129 129 Spreads may seem simplest, they aren't usually the best. Use them to start with, then as you battle, adjust them to your content and to better fit their purpose.

Thanks for your time. If you have any any questions, please email me at xXClownMasterXx@gmail.com.

- Clown Master


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