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This chat is provided as a courtesy to our visitors. Visit our Chat Rules page at:  http://pojo.razorville.co.uk/ .  Please remember that this is a live Chat. While our moderators do their best to keep the chats rated G, rule breakage occasionally occurs and foul language may happen.

For those with IRC ... just go here if you'd rather have full control: irc://irc.razorville.co.uk/

To change your nickname again, type "/nick <name>"
Example: /nick Peter

Then your password:  then "/ns identify <password>"

How to do random things in IRC:

Register your nickname: /ns register passwordhere emailaddresshere

Identify Yourself When You Sign On: /ns identify passwordhere

Change Your Nickname: /nick Newnickhere

Perform an action (Nick picks up a Dragonball): /me actionhere


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