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Counter response by Matthew Low mlowdbz-pojo@yahoo.com
- Pojo Writer, Scrye Freelance Writer, among other magazines
- Inuyasha TCG Playtester, Score Entertainment
May 26, 2006

Response to an article posted on May 4th by Chibi

What Are You Doing?
Original Effect:
Play this card when attacked. Stop the attack. The attacking character readies. Limit 1 copy per deck.
New Effect:
Play this card when attacked and only if your opponent controls more shards than you. Stop the attack. The attacking character readies. (*) Limit 1 copy per deck.
*Obviously, the part in bold is where the effect is changed.* Now, how broken was this card when it first came out with the original effect? It wasn't too broken.
>> Alright Justin, explain to me how this scenario ISN'T broken.
I'm playing Spawn, you're playing something, doesn't matter too much.
Turn 1: I'm first. I drop Naraku, Deceptive Demon and Kagura, Follower of Naraku turn 1.
You drop two guys turn one.
I attack with Naraku then Kagura, putting me at a 7-3 lead going into turn 2.
Turn 2: You drop two more guys. Let's give you the benefit of the doubt and let you have all 4 characters on the field.
I drop Kanna, Soul Stealer (double shards w/ Kagura) and... Muso, Heart of Onigumo (matters not).
You attack with a guy, I play What Are You Doing?. GG, I swing with Naraku then Kagura and steal three shards due to Kanna, winning just like that.
And that's only one simple example of how WAYD was broken beyond belief. Stupid turn 1/2 wins that don't deserve to happen just because someone draws the brokes and hits their turn 1 combo. It's a lucksack draw card, pure and simple. It turns the tide of the game around and completely destroys the game, letting the luckier person win.
<<Personally, I liked that better, and I think I speak this for everyone, but HOW COULD THEY REDO THE EFFECT?!?

You speak for everyone who doesn't play this game at a high level. Anyone who has played this game at a higher level knows how broken that card was, and when big money is on the line, no one likes losing to it. Especially not me. <<
It already had a back effect, which is to re-ready the opponent's character. Not only that, you could only have 1 in a deck. Why not just add 3 instead?!? Why did they have to add the extra effect?!? It's just plain retarded...don't you think? That was just something pretty stupid...I see this game turning into something like the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Pretty disappointing...=\
>> Dude, we fixed the card to where it's not stupid and now you're comparing the game to Yu-Gi-Oh. That's the smartest thing I've ever heard (sarcasm intended). Making the card limit 3 makes the game even more of a lucksack game, where everyone has to WAYD turn 1/2 in order to win or even stand a chance. Staples are bad for the game, and the fact that this is no longer a staple helps it. Killing staples makes the game LESS like Yu-Gi-Oh. The problem with this staple is that it was broken beyond belief. Making it so you have to use it while losing gives decks like Mill something to work with, and letting the character make it a little more fair. And no more of lucksacking into this card and winning when you really shouldn't have. <<
On the Move
Original Effect:
Play this card when attacking or when attacked. Gain +5 to any color for that attack. Limit 1 copy per deck.
New Effect:
Play this card when attacking. Gain +5 to any color for this attack. Limit 1 copy per deck.
Well, this sucks as much as the last one. Okay, first of all, who told them that they could ruin such a great ultra rare?
>>While this card isn't as broken as WAYD (you can argue both ways), it's still lucksacking stupid. <<
Now what defense cards do we have left?!? It's too downgraded now! I can't think of much defense cards for certain decks, other than Three's Company and Spawn.

... Sigh. Let's take this from the top:

- I play Three's Company and we have no good defensive cards. If you're talking about Play Time, that card should never fit in any good Three's deck. It's utterly horrible.
- Spawn has what to help it defensively?
- Defensive cards should be left to the decks that are inherently defensive. Hero Mains using Backlash Wave, My Hero, and They're So Cute and Slideshow using the standard subset cards are more than enough. And of course, you can run In Command and I Didn't Say Get Naked! if you want defense.
- Defensive cards ruin the game if they're open to all decks and they're overly powerful. IDSGN is ok because their's only one and you can work around it (-2 isn't a big deal, +5 is). Besides, you target the opposing character, which doesn't work on some characters. In Command is annoying but does waste a lot of deck/hand, so you have to decide if the tie is worth the cost/deck space. That there is more than enough defense. Any more universal defensive cards ruin the game. <<
This is just...ew...well, at least now I could use it for offense when I need it.
>> You have me to thank for that. <<
I wouldn't have to worry about using for defense as much anymore since we can't use it in that way. =\ Oh well...I guess it's going to be another Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG type of card game...rules keep changing.
>> Rules keep changing because they were broken to begin with. Rest assured that the play testing team is working hard to make the game as perfect as it can be, and problems should shrink as time goes by.
I just ask that you please do your research before you go off and bashing about things that you apparently know nothing about. Play people that play this game at a high level, and you'll see that both WAYD and OTM are just crazy unfair cards that make people win when they don't deserve it. It screws initiative and you get a 2 shard differential, enough to easily win. Bashing the game for making it better is not a smart thing
I hope that you don't take this in the wrong way. I welcome to see you at AnimeExpo this year, and hope that you understand the points to my arguments.
~Matthew Low


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