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Chibi Lil Inu-kun's Justincredible Journal
Article #1: Rewriting of the Cards...Why?!?
May 4, 2006

Hello everyone! This is my first, and hopefully not last, article!

Quick introduction: I'm not really new on Pojo.com, but I am a new writer here on the InuYasha TCG site. I'm planning on doing it for the Yu-Gi-Oh! site also since I play Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG too. My name is Justin and I live in California. I live almost on my own *soon*, and hopefully I could write more articles, not just for this site, but also for the Yu-Gi-Oh! site as well. I am a Senior at James Monroe High School and am about to graduate soon. Anyway, enough about me, let's talk about the cards that I wanted to look at.

What Are You Doing?

Original Effect:

Play this card when attacked. Stop the attack. The attacking character readies. Limit 1 copy per deck.

New Effect:

Play this card when attacked and only if your opponent controls more shards than you. Stop the attack. The attacking character readies. (*) Limit 1 copy per deck.

*Obviously, the part in bold is where the effect is changed.* Now, how broken was this card when it first came out with the original effect? It wasn't too broken. Personally, I liked that better, and I think I speak this for everyone, but HOW COULD THEY REDO THE EFFECT?!? It already had a back effect, which is to re-ready the opponent's character. Not only that, you could only have 1 in a deck. Why not just add 3 instead?!? Why did they have to add the extra effect?!? It's just plain retarded...don't you think? That was just something pretty stupid...I see this game turning into something like the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Pretty disappointing...=\

On the Move

Original Effect:

Play this card when attacking or when attacked. Gain +5 to any color for that attack. Limit 1 copy per deck.

New Effect:

Play this card when attacking. Gain +5 to any color for this attack. Limit 1 copy per deck.

Well, this sucks as much as the last one. Okay, first of all, who told them that they could ruin such a great ultra rare? Now what defense cards do we have left?!? It's too downgraded now! I can't think of much defense cards for certain decks, other than Three's Company and Spawn. This is just...ew...well, at least now I could use it for offense when I need it. I wouldn't have to worry about using for defense as much anymore since we can't use it in that way. =\ Oh well...I guess it's going to be another Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG type of card game...rules keep changing.

If there are any other cards I missed long the run or if there are articles or decks that you would like me to take a look at, email me at inuyasha_880@yahoo.com or message me at myspace.com/chibi_azn_inu. I think both would help. BTW, my next article would probably be a deck fix. Now if you would like me to fix up a deck, I need it in this kind of format:

Character cards: # of cards

X InuYasha, Feudal Warrior *etc*

Event cards: # of cards

X On the Move *etc*

Location cards: # of cards

X Naraku's Castle *etc*

Item cards: # of cards

X Tetsusaiga, Red *etc*

Then, tell me what kind of theme you would want for your deck. You could add your budget in it too if you would like. Add anything else if you would want. Well, that's all for now.

~Chibi Lil Inu-kun

(AKA Justincredible)


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