Deckbuilding 101: The Basics of Building

Author: The Pokèmon Lady

You can find information about deck building in just about any magazine that deals with card games, but deck building isn't easy, as anyone who has sat down and tried to build one knows. If deck building was easy, I wouldn't have a garage at and receive more than 20 new requests for help every day at my deck garage email,

People often ask me, when they send me their deck for a tuneup, if I have any advice for them when they are building their decks. I have to say that I've read a lot about deck building since I became interested in the Pokèmon trading card game about a year ago, and there are as many different types of decks as there are people to build them. There are people who build speed decks, while some build stall decks. Others build decks based on a specific type of Pokèmon, or the attacks or special abilities of a Pokèmon. There are even decks that are built specifically to combat against another deck! I've looked at more than two hundred decks since my garage opened in November, and I've decided that its time someone wrote down some of the hard-cold facts about building decks, and why shouldn't it be me? J My Deck Building 101 series of articles will address the issues involved in building, and hopefully guide buiders and players of all ages to make better decks on their own.