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Deck Type: Non Archetype
February 21, 2001


Heya all!

This is an interesting deck from Jestah.  Kind of like a control stall deck.  An answer for anything, or at least you hope so. It's a simple and decent concept... let's see where we go with it: 

Name: Jestah


mIRC nickname (if you have one): XTC_Unnamed


Email Address: sakura12127@yahoo.com


Skill Level: Novice-Intermediate


Speed Metagame in your area: Ultra turbo (mostly sneasel)


Strategy of your deck: Active stall, dont die. Keep pokemon alive forever
(using nuts, etc), except cleffa. Generally this deck stalls out opponents,
but often dratini can start the dmg, and mr mimes meditate can do 50 or 60
every turn.


Deck Name: Heal


Deck Listing (please include quantity of each card also)

Pokémon 11
4 Erika's dratini (for basics)
4 Mr Mime (for non basics)
3 Cleffa (for traps)

Trainers 27
3 Ecogym (Stops ER)
3 Switch
3 Erika
4 Defender
4 Nut
2 Item Finder
4 Potion
4 Erikas kindness

Energy Types 22
14 Psychic Energy
4 Full Heal Energy
4 Double Colourless Energy


How does your deck do?: Very Well. It has a win loss record of 9-2. The
times I lost I died before Mime came out. I know this deck would lose to a
Dark Plume deck though.


Other info you feel is important: This deck was designed to counter other
decks. Blastoise/Wiggly/Sneasel/Electabuzz vs Mime, and
TRZapdos/Hitmonchan/Sneasel vs Dratini. Full Heal energy is there for anti
status. My main problems are Dark Plume, Muk, Dark Muk and Gust of Wind. I
would like to get a dodrio in there so Mime and Dratini can retreat for

By the way feel free to do whatever you want to this deck. There are no
cards in there that I 'have' to keep.


Thank you, Doll!
~ Jestah

Hey, Jestah...

Nice deck =).  I took your advice and fit a few Dodrios in for you.  Play it and see if you like it better.  It's a decent deck, so I only did a minor tune-up on it...


Adjusted the numbers a bit to make room for Doduo and 'Drio.


With 'Drio, we don't need Switch anymore, but Scoop fits nicely here.   Pokémon Center I think it will be more advantageous to you than Erika's kindness.  I also think a full contention of Item Finders is called for.


Energy is cut back a bit to make room for trainers and Pokémon. 

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #15
3 Erika's Dratini
3 Mr. Mime 
3 Cleffa 
3 Doduo
3 Dodrio

Trainers - #27
2 Ecogym 
2 Scoop Up
3 Erika
4 Defender
4 Nut
4 Item Finder
4 Potion
4 Pokémon Center

Energy - #18
10 Psychic Energy
4 Full Heal Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy


Best of luck, and let me know how it goes with this latest version...

 ~ Doll

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