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"My name is Cleffa!  Yeah!!

My baby power guards!! Yeah!

When I use Eeeeeeek! Yeah!

You get 7 cards!" - Swoll

"Electabuzz is challenged for title of 'Best Basic' " - Jedi

"Eeeeeeek plus Lass equals more evolution." - Colin

"Heads up, 7 Up. Cleffa is simply amazing, like me." - Bob

"I'm serious this time when I say this card is broken and should be played in every deck." - Alex

1.18.01 Wow, I did two CotDs in two days. Haven't done that for a while.  Welcome Cleffa, I believe this card is the best Pokémon in the game. Why? Read below.  This is just an amazing card. It belongs in every deck. If you have a friend with a Cleffa, get it!

I still have some good Neo cards to look at. Pick the next Neo CotD by voting at the bottom of the page!

The amazing power of Eeeeeeek

I can't tell you why they put 7 e's, but I can tell you why it's good. Eeeeeeek does the following things....

-Eeeeeeek is a combo with Lass.  After a Lass, you and your opponent are left without trainers. You Eeeeeeek, you have a brand new hand, full of trainers, and your opponent has nothing, and whatever they draw. (this is where ya gotta hope they don't topdeck)

-Eeeeeeek works against Lass. It's a way to recover without having to discard things.

-Eeeeeeek shuts down Trap decks more than anything. They can't RSA a Pokémon off your bench.

-Eeeeeeek is even better in evolution decks (especially Meganium, Dark Vileplume, Blastoise) since you don't want to Oak away so much all the time.

-Eeeeeeek simply, sends back a bad hand that you don't wanna Oak away, or if you don't have the Oak or other card drawer you need.

-Eeeeeeek can add cards to your deck if the game is quite boring and your opponent is totally defensive. Save your hand, then Eeeeeeek, then if necessary, repeat.

Just imagine. You're playing a Dark Vileplume deck against a fast Wiggly deck. You lass them, leaving them with a couple Jigglys and a double colorless energy. Next turn, you get Dark Vileplume out. They don't have a chance, now. Cleffa can still Eeeeeeek with your Dark Vileplume in play, too.

Baby Rule

The baby rule can really be annoying too. It can help Cleffa stay out longer and Eeeeeeek til perfection. With a Focus Band (which, I like mentioning just because it's such a fun card) they have a 25% chance of getting that Cleffa knocked out. Not bad.

Low HP, No Bottom Stats

30 HP is still low, so you should play higher basic in your deck (12+ at least) if you're playing more than one Cleffa, to avoid getting it as your only basic. It can be KO'd first turn easily, it's pretty much up to the baby rule flip. The low HP makes it a hard decision when deciding whether or not to start with it active. Like Scyther, it can work because it has no retreat, but it's not good when it gives up a knockout first turn. I guess if your opponent has a fast deck you may want to bench it instead, so you have back-up against Lass/RSA that can't be knocked out easily.

Evolves into Clefairy

Who cares? Cleffa is better. Just bench the Clefairy, unless you really need that energy it had on it.

My Rating

(1- Terrible, useless.  3- Pretty bad.  5- Average.  7- Tournament level.  9- Broken. Just too good.  10- Wrong.)

Sure it's broken, but it does a lot more good for Pokémon, than bad, I think. Especially by weakening Trap decks. This is like the best Pokémon in the game. Play it in every deck. Every deck. It's a 10.0 card. It's weakness of low HP is nothing, it has the baby rule, anyway. 

With limited trainers Cleffa is just perfect, it's like a trainer. 10.0. Too bad Cleffa wasn't there for the STS.

Pointless Comments

Every deck!! Play it in every deck!!

~Jason (Ness) Klaczynski


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