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"The only place this card should be is in a Latino bar doing the Macarena, and not in your decks." - Scott

<Scott Note: That is not racism of any form... just look at the picture!!>

"Slightly below average, but broken with Charizard and Blastoise." - Alex

"Flail is mediocre, and Rock Throw is just a modern Mud Slap.." - Colin

"It looks like a tree trying to throw grapes." - Doll

"No.. I like, can't retreat!" - Sudowoodo (Gavin)

1.17.00 Sudowoodo was picked by FossilMagikarp, who won the "Make your own CotD" contest on the Message Board. Expect a new contest in about two weeks.  The next card of the day will be the highest % on our poll, which is back, at the bottom of the page. Again, all choices are Neo cards.

There are a lot of good cards in Neo. Sudowoodo, isn't one of them. And why is a tree weak to water?

Flail- Take THAT, Electabuzz

Flail stops an Electabuzz from Thunderpunching it without expecting a knockout. Tails means Sudowoodo can Flail for 60 to the 10 damaged Buzz, or heads means it will get 80 next turn. Sure, there are exceptions, but overall, that is what will happen.  So Flail is okay against Electabuzz, but it isn't that good against anything else.

Often times Sudowoodo can be one-hit KO'd without a chance to even Flail back. (Take Wigglytuff, for example), a Rocket's Zapdos' Electroburn, or something surprising with a couple PlusPowers.  Sudowoodo and it's Flail attack are rarely any type of threat to a Rocket's Zapdos, Scyther, Gligar, or some fighting resistant Pokémon.  Sudowoodo's 60 HP makes it difficult to abuse Flail.

Perhaps Sudowoodo and Focus Band are a combo? Ahahah.... no. (well, if you really want to try it, go for it. I just don't think it's worth it.)

Rock Throw

A Rock Throw against an Electabuzz or Wigglytuff isn't that bad, if you can manage to use it, but against other Pokémon, Mud Slap is just a simple attack that isn't good, or bad.  It's a 30 damage for two energy. With 60 HP you'd expect better.

Expensive Retreat

This tree is planted good. Retreat of 3. Maybe Scoop Up? Well, it's best to take advantage of it when it's damaged by using Flail, so that always isn't the best, either. This card joins Kangaskhan on the Top 5 Pokémon that are gusted by your opponent to stall. It can't really do much without being damaged, and that contributes to it being able to waste some of your turns. Energy Removal can stop it's retreating, but has the same effect on attacking that Energy Removal has on Clefable (it can't slow it down).

Pretty Much No Weakness

"Hey! What do you mean no weakness? That hurts..." - Blastoise

Rain Dance is really dying. Sudowoodo is the first fighting Pokémon with a water weakness. It's different, and it does allow Articuno's Freeze Dry to one-hit KO it, but if a Rain Dance deck really needs the one-hit KO, it can do it without much trouble, anyway. Besides, Lass, Rocket's Zapdos, Electabuzz... they all hold back Rain Dance from being too popular.

My Rating

(1- Terrible, useless.  3- Pretty bad.  5- Average.  7- Tournament level.  9- Broken. Just too good.  10- Wrong.)

Sudowoodo's best purpose is to show to your friends and say "Whoa! Fighting type, water weakness!" and your friends will be like "No way, get out of my house, we don't joke about things like that," and you'll be like "No, really, look."  These pointless comments are my way of saying Sudowoodo is a bad card. Like Rage on Neo Onix, damage based attacks are better when the Pokémon has a decent amount of HP. Flail is cheap, but Sudowoodo is weak, and it's first attack is totally based on your opponent making an idiotic mistake. It's just easy to get around flail. It goes down to a Wiggly or Rocket's Zapdos easily, and can't really do anything against fighting resisistance, especially because of it's expensive retreat. Not to mention playing fighting energy is like the least played thing, since playing the energy means you focus your deck on it, and focusing your deck on it means you're vulnerable to resisistance. Resistance Gym is a spot to take up, taken out by other gyms, and still lowers it by 10. Sudowoodo is, in my opinion, a 4.0 card. It's best against Electabuzz, making Thunderpunch totally reversible.

No format can save this card. It's even worse in this format. 3.0. With lowered trainers, it's very difficult to retreat, which Sudowoodo would need to get around resistance.

Pointless Comments

Well, since it's so unpopular, maybe Blaine's Quiz #1 can get you a couple cards if you name Sudowoodo.

(No Sudowoodo. We're laughing at you, not with you.)

~Jason (Ness) Klaczynski

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