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Ness' Feature of the Day ;-)

A change for the better

    I don't know if everyone has had a chance to get some Neo cards yet, but for those of you who did, you'll probably agree with me: Neo rules.

    Neo is going to benefit the game more than any other expansion, in my opinion.  There are some new decks that can be made.

    Like Scott Said, Professor Elm, Sprout Tower, Cleefa, and countless cards. He's right. Sneasel, EcoGym, Dark Energy, Gold Berry, Miracle Berry, Meganium, Mary- they're all great cards. And there are still more good cards!

    Although Neo will overall benefit tournament environments, unfortunately, luck has increased a little because of some coin flip cards are going to be played (Energy Charge, The Baby Rule etc.)  This isn't that big of a deal, though, there's always lots of flipping.

    I'll show you my opinion of what expansions have done, and what they're going to do:

Jungle- Scyther began the downfall of Hitmonchan, yet there was no other good hay basic, so it was pretty much Haymaker VS Haymaker.  Rain Dance still had a huge disadvantage because Blastoise had no friend to fight for him, and Buzz took it out.  Wigglytuff really wasn't too popular with just Jungle, at least not in tournaments where I played at. It took until Fossil for Wigglytuff to be used, and it became very good at Rocket.

Fossil- Ditto shows up in many decks because of it's double colorless speed. Rain Dance becomes a little stronger because of weaknessless Articuno. Non-Chan Hay variants are invented because of Magmar, and some people even try out Lapras!

Team Rocket- Rocket just hurt Pokémon. Nightly helped fast decks from decking(their biggest weakness), and Rocket's Sneak Attack also helped fast decks, by allowing them to leave their opponent with no trainer options first turn so the Hay could get a quick advantage or win.

Gym Heroes- Gym just introduced Trap, which has a whole archetpe around it, and can be hard to stop, especially if you lose the opening flip.

Gym Challenge- Rocket's Zapdos becomes very popular because it works great with speed, Super Energy Removal, and reckless discarding.

Neo- Neo introduces many good cards, like I mentioned above. There's a bunch of new, effective gyms, and Pokémon Tools are cool thing that are going to be used. Neo has more cards that are going to be used in tournament decks than any other expansion.

(I don't know much about Neo II and III, other than the Legendary Dogs from Neo III that don't allow trainers to be played. Those rule!)

These are the effects that expansions have had on tournament environments. Jungle did less than any other expansion. I'd say our best expansion before Neo was Fossil, but I'm not sure.  Neo isn't going to dramastically change Pokémon, but I think it's going to make it a little more fun for everyone. You don't have to make a deck that loses now, if you want to try out new cards.

Look closely at what cards I mentioned changing environments, from each set.

Scyther, Ditto, Rocket's Sneak Attack, The Rocket's Trap, Rocket's Zapdos

These cards are all in the same type of decks, in fact, these cards above could all be in the same deck.  Neo isn't all Haymaker, it's got good cards, good trainers(gyms, tools, everything!), good basics, good evolution, and some very interesting, useable, new energy.  

So if you can get Neo cards, use them! There's a lot of good stuff in there!


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