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Ness' Card of the Day

Lt. Surge's Secret Plan

"It's just pointless." - Jedi

"Is it an Electabuzz? Or a Devolution Spray? Are you going to waste your Gust to find out? *evil laugh*" - Doll

"So broken it's not even funny. It should be banned in 49 states (discluding Alabama)." - Alex Brosseau

"It doesn't serve much of a purpose." - Souper

"Almost useless, unless you wanna save something." - Joe Brom

"His Buzz is better." - Colin Peterik

"The card sucks. The concept is cool." - Scott

12.13.00  I got a quote from all of the normal quote givers. But now, you guys have to make a decision. Of all our main quote givers(I mean those who give quotes a lot), who has the coolest quotes? Vote right now! Look at some older CotD's if you want to see some more of their work. I didn't give a quote this time, I just let the others put quotes, so you can read and vote. If you want my quote, just read below, which pretty much ends up saying "It's a waste of deck space, but can be semi-good in rare situations."

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This is such a weird card. In fact, many people don't even know what it does! Well, you're about to learn some of it's rare uses. Make sure to vote for the next CotD at the bottom of the page.

Tricking Your Opponent

If you're afraid of the Gust, but expect your opponent to have only one more, you can try building a fake card to get your opponent to waste the Gust. Here's a rare example: You've got one prize left, and a low deck. Your only hope is benching Squirtle, then Breeding it next turn, getting a lot of water on it and Hydro Pumping for the win. But you know your opponent will Gust the Squirtle if you bench it, and use their Electabuzz's Thunderpunch to knock it out. Play this card. Bench an energy. They might waste the Gust, being afraid of the Squirtle. Or try to sneak the Squirtle in, maybe they will overlook the idea. Benching something and attaching energy to it if it's not a Pokémon is rarely beneficial, and normally will lead to you just wasting energy and time, and it's hard to build energy on a Pokémon without giving away what it is, if your opponent is even slightly familiar with your deck.

Getting the Weak Basic Evolved

What was mentioned above was actually an example of this. If you only have one Bulbasaur, and you know it's going to be Gusted and knocked out before it ever has a chance of being Breedered, this may work. Not all opponent's will go through a lot to get a Gust immediately on something that may not even be a basic. And if they plan on Gusting later, it'll be too late to Gust and get an easy knockout.

Saving a Card

I believe this to be the best option with this card. It uses a lot of cards in the process, but it isn't ridiculously rare. You have a Chaos Gym, Lt. Surge's Secret Operation, and an Oak. You will need that last Chaos Gym later. You Plan it, then Oak, as playing Chaos first is very risky, then when you need the Chaos out you can later fill your bench and player Narrow Gym to get it back, or play a Scoop Up to get it back into your hand, then play it. Meanwhile, your opponent may waste the Gust on it, and attack it, wasting a turn. The card is only revealed when attacked or damage done to it(as it's not going to use a Pokémon Power if it's a trainer), and if you really need the bench room, you can reveal it, and it would just be discarded.

Desperate for Basic

If you're playing that Trapper and you're going to run out of basic, and lose, you can use this to put down anything to buy one extra turn. (But wouldn't you rather just have the basic?)

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 3- Pretty bad, 5- Useable, 7-Tournament level, 10-Totally broken)

This card just isn't worth wasting deck space on. It has benefits in rare situations, that's all. I'd give it a 3.0. Scott gave it a 4.5, and Doll & Souper gave it a 2.0. Jedi gave it a 2.5. A lot of people have different views on this card.

If your trainers are limited this is definitely not something to consider. 2.0. It's not worth it, that's why it becomes less useful, rating-wise.

~Jason Klaczynski

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Dark Gloom
Brock's Sandslash (70 HP)


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