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Ness' Deck Report of the Day ;-)

Speeding Speed Accepting Lightning
A deck designed to handle first turn hand disruption, yet be able to stay fast itself.

Brain Snacks
Downers Grove, IL

    The last time I was at Brain Snacks I lost 2 of my games 2nd turn because of Lass and Rocket Sneak Attack. I had to make a deck to counter the first turn hand disruption. I decided to play my lightning deck, but make some adjustments. One of those adjustments is by moving up to 12 basic, and 4 Pokémon which can buy me a lot of time to get the Oak back. Here's what I played:

3x Rocket's Zapdos
3x Electabuzz
2x Erika's Dratini
2x Chansey
1x Scyther
1x Erika's Jigglypuff
The 12 basic is higher than what most decks hay variants normally play. This is because of the first turn Lass and Rocket's Sneak Attack that can lead to quick loss. Erika's Dratini and Chansey help buy time to get the Oak back.

4x Professor Oak
4x Item Finder
4x PlusPower
3x Rocket's Sneak Attack
3x Computer Search
3x Bill
3x Energy Removal
3x Super Energy Removal
2x Defender
2x Gust of Wind
1x Nightly Garbage Run
1x Scoop Up
I didn't even bother with a gym. I occasionally see Resistance Gym and Chaos Gym, but I'd rather have the one energy than the default gym. I have enough drawing to make a fast Lass/RSA recovery, and the Defenders and Super Energy Removals are great with Zapdos.

10x Lightning Energy
4x Double Colorless Energy
1x Full Heal Energy
Zapdos is best with three lightning, and the Defender, so it can Electroburn doing 10 to itself, and preventing 20 from next turn. That makes it even difficult for the Wiggly to KO it.

We did the deck count and begun the tournament. 20 minute time limit, 8 rounds.

Round 1 VS Brock's Ninetales
You can never know what to expect when playing against Brock's Ninetales because of it's ability to Shapeshift into any evolution. He went first, opening with a Scyther and a Brock's Vulpix. He played an energy to Vulpix. I Snuck Attack his hand and Thundershocked his Scyther. He topdecked Oak and ended up getting a Ninetales out on me second turn. He started building it with water energy, but after Sneak Attacking his hand again, I realized he had no evolution.  I took out his Scyther with Electabuzz, and Electabuzz KO'd a Brock's Vulpix with a PlusPower. His Ninetales, with water energy, ended up doing nothing, and another Buzz took that out. Supposedly he was looking for the Misty's Gyarados.

Round 2 VS Rain Dance
I was playing against a psychic/water Rain Dance. It had Misty's Psyduck and Golduck. He went first and played a water energy on Articuno and passed. I had my Scyther active, and a Chansey in my hand. I Snuck Attack. He had energy, a couple PlusPowers, and a Breeder. I just took the Breeder and put a double colorless on my Chansey. I had a Computer Search and was expecting a win next turn. His draw: Oak. That's 2 topdecks in a row. How do I do that? I cut decks so bad! He ends up putting another Articuno down, and removing my Chansey. I draw a colorless, and Sneak again. He has nothing! He drew a Blastoise and a bunch of energy, again. I play another colorless on Chansey. His draw: Oak. He topdecked Oak twice in a row against me! He benches a Squirtle and passes. I manage to get Rocket Zapdos out, Oak, and Gust his Squirtle. PlusPower and Plasma. His Articunos were Double-Edged for the win. Wow. I made a double topdeck recovery!

Round 3 VS ChanseyFlow
This was it. I would find out if I had prepared my deck well enough for first turn hand disruption. I lost the flip. (Alright Ness! That's 3 in a row!) I open with my only basic, Chansey. Colin opens with a Brock's Rhyhorn. He goes Oak crazy first turn, benches an Erika's Dratini, a Scyther, and Lasses, leaving me with a lightning. He has nothing in his hand now. He Horn Tosses for 40. My draw: Energy Removal. I play it, hoping to buy some time since he had no hand. He draws, plays psychic on Rhyhorn, passes. I draw. Energy. I play it on Chansey and Scrunch. Fails. He draws, another psychic, horn tosses. 80 to Chansey. I draw: Defender. I play it incase Scrunch fails, getting heads, anyway. He draws, passes. I draw: Electabuzz. Scrunch. Works. He attaches a psychic to Erika's Dratini. He Horn Tosses, making me bring Electabuzz out. I draw. Scoop Up. I pass. He Horn Tosses to my Buzz for 40, bringing Chansey out. I draw, Scyther. That is very good, considering Brock's Rhyhorn's Weakness AND Scyther's resistance. I end up scooping Chansey. He Horn Tosses, I bring out Chansey. I draw lightning, and play it on Scyther. He Horn Tosses, I bring out Scyther. Draw: Oak. Finally! I get the colorless and Slash for the knockout. He has only built an Erika's Dratini, which Tail Strikes Scyther, but is knocked out with a PlusPower and Goop Gas. His deck is very low, and I take advantage of him playing defensively by Plasma'ing, building my Zapdos. At the same time I am building a Buzz, he is doing nothing. I Electroburn with a Defender to a Scyther, and a Mewtwo, and end up getting a 1 remaining to 4 remaining prize lead. Colin resigns. The deck had succeesed.

Round 4 VS Zapdos/Wiggly Trapper
This is another Colin. I draw an Erika's Dratini as my only basic. That is very, very bad. The coin flip is very important, as I can lose first turn easily. I roll a 5, he rolls a 6. He plays first. He has an Electabuzz. He sneaks me, traps me, and leaves me with a 2 card hand. He ends up going through his deck and mentions how he should have played that Goop Gas. What a relief. He didn't play it. He gets a lightning on Buzz, benches a Scyther and Jiggly. Then, I realize what I already knew. Colin does not know how to play a Trapper. He Lasses. He eliminates my Nightly and PlusPower, so he got rid of my Computer Search threat, but he also eliminated his entire hand other than two Electabuzz. He should have played an energy on Jigglypuff, and tried to get it out turn 2 and Do the Wave for the win. I draw a Chansey and bench it. He shocks. I draw an Energy Removal and play it. He plays an energy on Jigglypuff, I draw a colorless and hold it for the Comp. He evolves to Wiggly and attaches an energy. I draw Comp Search. He plays an energy on Buzz and shocks. I draw a Rocket's Zapdos and Comp for the Oak. I super his Wiggly, which really hurts his low-energy deck, and bring out Zapdos, and remove his Buzz, then Plasma. He has no energy, and I build Zapdos and Buzz at the same time with Plasma and attaching lightning, and start Electroburning through everything for the win.

Round 5 VS Zapdos/Wiggly
This would be a game against my friend Alex, who I haven't won a single flip against in the 10+ tournaments at Brain Snacks I've been to with him. Would this be the day? We do high roll. I roll a 6! He ties. I roll a 3! He ties. I roll a 1, and he gets a 4. He did it again. I open with a Chansey, and he plays a Chaos Gym turn one after Billing. He Plasmas with Zapdos. I have an entire hand of useless trainers. (Nightly, Item Finder, Defender, PlusPower, Scoop Up...) I end up benching an Electabuzz I draw. I play a lightning on Buzz, and end drawing an Oak after that. This is an important flip. Heads. Phew. I end up drawing an Item Finder, an Electabuzz, Zapdos, Dratini, two lightning, and a colorless. Just perfect, considering there's a Chaos in play. I start building things. He cannot keep up after a few turns, and knows he must take the risky flips. He fails an Item Finder, I get the Oak, and draw one. I decide to hold it another turn, and by now, he is desperate to get the Wiggly built, it's probably his only chance of winning. I have a couple Oaks, Comp Search, Item Finder, a large hand that I am not going to take a chance on now with Chaos in play. He ends up playing the No Removal Gym, getting rid of his Chaos, and getting the Wiggly out. He sneak attacks and knows he lost. He didn't realize how many trainers I had held for Chaos. I have the Item Finder, Comp, two Oaks, so he can't sneak them both, and a Super. He takes the Comp, and next turn I Super the Wiggly, remove his benched Zapdos and other Jigglypuff, and Oak. I bring out Zapdos and Plasma. Zapdos gets build in three turns and Electroburns through 3 Pokémon thanks to Defender. He's out of energy. He Oaks his last 5 cards and resigns. I just avoided the chances, and let him take the risky flips, and it won.

Round 6 VS Mewtwo/Resistance Gym
The point of my opponent's deck was to get a Mewtwo out, play Resistance Gym, Lass, and Absorb. Then Mewtwo is suppose to go through everything. Well, I ended up winning the coin flip, my first of the day. He gets Resistance Gym out, but it didn't make much of a difference, anyway. The game became a Super Energy Removal war. He Supered my Zapdos, and Psyburned. I supered and removed the Mewtwo, and Plasma'd, forcing him to play the psychic to absorb, so he couldn't build his Chansey. He played the psychic and absorbed. I Plasma'd. I had an Electabuzz built to Thunderpunch for the knockout, after sacrificing my Zapdos. I wasn't expecting an Energy Removal since he had played so many already. He Psyburned for the knockout, and Electabuzz Thunderpunched Mewtwo for the knockout. I Supered his Chansey so it wouldn't have a chance to Double-Edge. I got my Zapdos out, and again, built it with Plasma at the first chance I had where he played defensively, and ended up Electroburning my way to victory again.

Round 7 VS Magmar Lock
I do not like Magmar. It took away my chances of winning the STS by making me fail four Psyburns in a row. He opened with a Lickitung, me with a Scyther. I RSA'd his hand. He had nothing. I Plasma'd. He Tongue Wrapped, Tails. I Plasma'd, knowing next turn I could win with Plasma and 3 PlusPowers. He drew Oak. Took him 2 turns. I am so bad at cutting decks! He ended up getting a Magmar, and a Scyther, and Tongue Wrap, getting heads. I Snuck Attack. He had no drawing and very little energy. It looked like I had another chance to gain a huge advantage immediately. I Electroburned with a Defender for the knockout, and did it again to a Magmar. Then he drew the Oak. He was two prizes behind though, by that point, and I ended up with 4 cards in my deck and two prizes left. I had an Electabuzz out. He had a Scyther with 20 on the bench. My last Item Finder was one of my prizes. I am not a chance taker, but for this game I was. I Gusted his Scyther, played PlusPower, and Thunderpunched. I needed heads. Bob announced, "Give him tails!" It wasn't enough. Heads. I drew the Item Finder which I used to Item Finder a Gust, to bring out another Scyther I had Thunderpunched the turn before.

Round 8 VS Magmar/Chan Hay
I opened with Rocket's Zapdos. Bilal opened with Hitmonchan. I Snuck Attack. I took his Oak, leaving him with a lot of energy, Sneak Attack, Item Finder. I Plasma'd, knowing he could stall me with Sneak, but there was nothing I could do. He snuck my Oak and Computer Search, away, leaving me with no drawing. I should have worked around that, and Oaked and Comped for more PlusPowers so I could Plasma next turn no matter what he did with Sneak. He then Super Energy Removaled, pointlessely, as I had lightning. I Plasma'd. It came down to the draw. He flipped over a double colorless energy and resigned. I did it. Zappy did it.

   First place. I ended up winning $10 store credit and a Gym Heroes: 1st edition pack. I signed up for the next tournament and bought everybody a pop. I never did a Slops and Props before, so I will this time.

Props to...
...Bob, for being a heck of a player, and being the only one that could open that Jones soda I bought.
...Stephen, for introducing us all to the bashing "Roll Calls".
...Colin, he was close to having me beat round 3.

Slops to...
...20 minute time limit, although no one stalled their way out of games today.
...Brain Snacks for not having blue Jones Soda.

Now, you all must wonder what mystery my gym: heroes pack beholds. It's probably a Charity.. but hey, Charity is a solution to Gold Berry, which by the way, will work great in this deck.

Seeya! Ness

"Hey, I thought you sprained your ankle."
"Yeah, well, ya see.. the thing about that is.. a buthadududu!!"

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