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Ness' Card of the Day

Lucky Stadium

(bilingual promo handed out at the 2000 Tropical Mega Battle)

"Cool looking, like movie promo Pikachu."

"Movie promo Pikachu really isn't that cool looking, though.

And what does it have to do with Lucky Stadium, anyway?"

"Why do you end your sentences with prepositions?"

"Yeah, well, I end lots of things."

"But that doesn't make any sense!"

"Wait a minute, whose even saying this stuff?"

11.16.00  Let me just say first, to avoid confusion, this card is not legal in tournament play, at least not that I know of. Maybe in Japan it is. This bilingual card was handed out at the Tropical Mega Battle in August, in Hawaii, to all participants of the Tropical Mega Battle. There are 8 other Japanese Lucky Stadium cards, all with different art, all with the same text, but this is the only one that has English and Japanese text. The card is a Trainer (Stadium) and reads:

"During each player's turn (before he or she attacks), that player may flip a coin. If heads, he or she draws a card. Discard this card if another Stadium card comes into play."

Again, this is not legal in tournament play, as there are so few, but I'll look at it as a playable card, anyway. Friday, I leave for the STS, I'll return Sunday, and then write about how I did. So there won't be a card of the day for a few days, again. When I get back, I'll choose a cool card of the day, and then we'll start voting again. Today, I want to know how you guys think I'm gonna do at the Super Trainer Showdown (if you think I'll make it there, that is). Vote at the bottom of the page!

Totally Broken?

Read above again. This card does NOT specify a limit to the number of times you may flip a coin. Since it doesn't, I guess this card could be considered totally broken if it was able to be used in tournament play. But why would they make you flip a coin if you could use it an infinite number of times? Doesn't make sense. I'll just assume you may do it once per turn.

After Lass

After a Lass, your opponent AND you yourself may have a problem recovering. Save the flip until after you Lass. Then, go for a card. Technically, you should have better chances of getting what you need first, since you get a chance to get a card first, but it's a flip, so that theory is a hard one to defend. Coin Flips are an evil part of Pok�mon, and believe me, coins don't like me, and dice hate me even more.

It Just Gets you a Card!

In a fast deck, you may need the PlusPower, Gust, whatever. This could help. But don't forget, this is a flip, and more importantly, it can:

Help Your Opponent! (This isn't a good thing)

This card pretty much gives an equal advantage to both players unless you can flip or draw significantly better. Drawing a card is such a basic part of Pok�mon that it's very difficult to make it significantly or even somewhat advantageous to you over your opponent.

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 5- Useable, 10-Totally broken)
Assuming there is no limit to the flips you may do per turn (which is probably wrong), this is a 10.0 card. I mean, you can play it as a card that basically reads "Draw as many cards as you need." Anytime you need a card, play it, and go through your deck to get it, then maybe Nightly a few times. You're playing with your whole deck, they aren't. Oh, and before ending your turn, so you wouldn't help your opponent, you could play another Stadium to remove it.

But the card isn't playable, anyway. It's just a fun card. Assuming one flip per turn, I'd give it a 4.0.  It's just hard to make it advantageous to you, and it's a flip. I guess it'd be a nice thing to take out other stadiums, but it could help your opponent.

~Jason Klaczynski



- Ness STS -
How am I gonna do at the STS?

I'll make the Top 50.
Top 20
Top 8
On the way there, I'll fall, break my neck, then get hit by a bus, and have my deck stolen, and won't be able to compete.



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