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Ness' Card of the Day

Mewtwo (movie promo)

"The card that defined Pokemon for 6 months."-Scott

"I hate that card."-Doll (Dark Muk lover)

"Sponge-irific."-Dux (former DM)

"With Rocket's Zapdos now out, we see this almost as a weaker version."

11.15.00  Before referring to the quotes, first things first.  About Blaine's Charizard, the last card of the day. It needs one fire, now two, to take out Scyther and Rocket's Scyther. Not two. I have no idea how two got in there, but I think you all know it only needs one, as one fire will do the 80, KO'ing all those weak-to-fire grass.

Anyway, one of the msot popular decks that is starting to die is Sponge. This is a deck where Mewtwo is one of the main Pokemon, combined with Electabuzz, maybe a couple Ditto, for those of you who don't know. Well, personally, I believe Mewtwo has lost a lot of power in the last few months, especially with the release of Gym: Challenge, we see that Rocket's Zapdos can do what Mewtwo does best better. I'll explain below.

Once again, you will pick the next card of the day, then I'm heading to New Jersey over the weekend for the Super Trainer Showdown! I'll have details on how I do when I get back. I'll try to have a card of the day on the weekend for you guys, too.

Energy Absorption, and it's Many Uses

Looks like you play first. You're against a Chan with your Mewtwo. Let's see Energy Absorption go to work.

Situation 1) Your hand- Computer Search, 2 Psychic Energy, One Double Colorless Energy, 2 Gust of Wind, Scyther

Do you need to get the Oak? Nah. You can presume they have no other basic or few basic in their hand, since it would be unlikely for someone to open with Chan anyway, unless forced to, (unless you're playing a weaker play).

So what do you do? You Comp Search discarding a colorless and a psychic, you get a Lass, and play it to remove their drawing (and chances at getting another basic).

Then you Lass, attach psychic, absorb, you're threatening to win. The speed of Mewtwo is great. 3 energy at the end of turn one is amazing.


Situation 2) Your opponent is low on energy, you've got a couple Super Energy Removals in your hand, but not much too spare. You're against a Wigglytuff, which is fully powered, and threatening K.O to your Mewtwo. Psyburn for 10 won't do much, since this Wiggly has no damage. They are also building a Ditto, and you each have one prize left, and one card left after your opponent draws. Your last turn will be your last. Your last card is a Gust of Wind. You can double super with your Mewtwo's energy to hold back the Wiggly and Ditto, then next turn, with the energy from absorption, gust that Ditto out. Of course, things like Gust of Wind, Lullaby, Scoop Up, or surprising attacks from your opponent could happen, but I'm trying to give simple examples.


These are two good examples of the usefulness and speed of Energy Absorption. Absorption is what makes Mewtwo good, but the Super Energy Removal and getting the energy right back with absorb seems to work better with Rocket's Zapdos. Although Rocket's Zapdos only gets one energy, Plasma does 20 damage, which will be better in so many more situations. Mewtwo uses Energy Absorption simply too, just when it needs energy to attack, it gets it!


This attack is a decent amount, it does 40. It can K.O. the Hitmonchan and Ditto with one shot, but watch out for Ditto, as it has the ability to use colorless, and build faster than Mewtwo, also taking out Mewtwo in one hit with a Psyburn, as Mewtwo is weak to itself. Be careful!

Weakness / Retreat

The weakness to it's own type is bad in risking to attack with confusion, as tails does 40 to itself. But hey, that's what Scoop Up is for. The 2 retreat cost is easier to pay because of Absorption's ability to get Double Colorless Energy from the discard. (it allows you to get all energy, not just basic energy)

Psychic Resistance

We all know the popularity of Wigglytuff, which has psychic resistance. This hurts Mewtwo. Mewtwo's best chance against Wiggly? Super Energy Removal!


Will it be Good at the STS?

Resistance is even harder to get around in this format, and Wigglytuff will be there, as well as our new friend, Clefable. I don't think it would be the best choice other than a deck that is more than 2 colorles, so it has more options to get around resistance.

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 5- Useable, 10-Totally broken)
About 6 months ago, you could expect me to give this card a better rating. Magmar is too popular now and Smokescreen is a nice weapon against Mewtwo, as it needs two attacks normally to get it damage-doing. Mewtwo promo #3, and #14, remember, are the same exact card, just with different artwork. (personally, I believe #3 looks cooler, what about you guys?)

So I'd give it a 8.0. That Energy Absorption attack is really something, and Hitmonchan isn't completely dead yet, and Ditto sure isn't, but will be less popular with the release of Neo.

~Jason Klaczynski


(#14. Same card, different picture)


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