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Ness' Card of the Day



"I hear it's a lethal combo with Pok�mon Trader- you can put it in your deck
and get any Pok�mon you want!" - Jedi

11.06.00  Well, Jedi, the deck mechanic here that won the Prop15/3 Stall contest got to pick this card. If you want to vote for the next card of the day please go to the other card of the day I did today(Sabrina's Venomoth) and vote at the bottom of that page.

Vine Whip- 10?

Totally pathetic. Many cards can do 20 for any energy. This isn't going to get you anywhere.

Call for Family

If you really need another, go for it. It really won't do much, either, I guess if you're desperate to fill your bench for Wigglytuff you can do it, or if you need another Bellsprout to evolve, and load with energy, or if you're going to lose because you have no bench, even though you'll most likely end up losing anyway.

40 HP

This is pathetic. This card can be knocked out so easily, it's never safe on the bench.

And it has a Retreat!? And a Weakness to Fire!?

Yep, can't even send it out before you draw. Ouch. The fire weakness makes it vulnerable even more to Magmar.

Will it be Good at the STS?

No! To make it simple, it pretty much will never be good in any format!

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 5- Useable, 10-Totally broken)
It's attacks are terrible, it has low HP and a retreat. This is truly one of the worst cards in the Pok�mon TCG. This card just passes the lowest possible rating, by getting 1.5. The only thing that stops it from 1.0 is it's one energy ability to get more Bellsprout, which is semi-useful in rare situations, since it pretty much can get knocked out so easily after it attacks, by almost anything.


- And the next CotD is... -
So what's the next card I should do?

Blaine's Charizard
Sabrina's Gaze
Electrode (Base)
Dark Golduck
Psyduck (Fossil)




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