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The Flawed Game of Pok�mon

Sabrina's Venomoth

"The only flip you can rely on."

11.06.00  Hi everyone. I got a lot of E-mails from people who read my "Pokemon: The Flawed Game" article. I'm glad a lot of you agree, and see the flaws in Pokemon, and all of you had some great ideas. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write me.

If you check out the Message Boards you'll see that CotD is voted as the best section on Pojo! I'm glad you guys like it, and remember- you're just as much of a part of it as I am. You guys pick all the cards, and your E-mails help me!

I also evaluated Bellsprout today, it was a card picked by the winner of the Prop15/3 Make a Stall Deck contest I posted at the Message Board. I will have another contest soon. The winner can pick a future card of the day. Bellsprout.. what an interesting card to choose..   :P

For now, the next card of the day, probably tomorrow, will be the card that receives the most votes. Vote at the bottom of the page. Every vote counts!

Sonic Distortion- What Makes it Good

Wow! This isn't bad. One energy for 10, and unlike almost everything we see that can confuse- this gives you two flips. This is a 75% chance of confusion. That is NICE. It's only one energy, compare that to attack like Lickitung's Supersonic! Two energy, no damage with 50% confusion. This is one energy, 10 damage, 75% confusion. Of course, Lickitung is basic and it's beauty is in Tongue Wrap, but that's just an example to show you how nice Sonic Distortion is. It is powerful against Pok�mon with higher retreat costs, like Electabuzz. It fails to retreat, it loses two energy! Ouch. It's worse for promo Mewtwo- a failed absorb or Psyburn is 40 to itself, not 20, as it's weak to it's own type. Venomoth runs into trouble VS Magmar, however, as it's weak to it, and it has the one retreat cost.

Healing Pollen- Perfect!

Like Dark Muk, the two things on this card go together well. After confusing, which shouldn't be hard to do, you can heal everything. Hopefully, confusion can buy you a few turns to do this. If you're afraid they can just Scoop Up or Switch, maybn you should Lass them before doing the Sonic Distortion, which i sbasically, a preparation for Healing Pollen.

But it Needs Different Energy for Each?

Needing one grass and one psychic for two attacks? That's just crying out for a Rainbow energy, which works perfect with this card. If you're afraid of the removal, once again, Lass can help. The 10 it takes from Rainbow can always be healed with Healing Pollen, too.

The Flips Can be Better!

Sabrina's ESP is always an option if you really need to confuse or remove 2 or 3 damage counters. You can attack multiple ESP, also, increasing your chances of getting what you need. Sabrina's ESP is better with Pollen Stench, Sonic Distortion shouldn't end up two tails much.  


This is very fragile. It's never safe on the bench! Like Venomoth, it has the two energy requirements, and you don't want to Rainbow something with only 40 HP. Well, you don't want to fight with this thing much, but if you have to, you can Poison Antennae or Removal Beam if you had too, but you normally won't be able to get away with it.

Weakness / Resistance / Retreat

The weakness to fire can hurt sicne Magmar is still popular in tournament environment, and the resistance to fighting helps stop the still used Chan. The no retreat cost is always useful, and since there are so many different things to do when something is confused, like retreating and using Scyther's Swords Dance if they can't retreat, leaving their Pok�mon helpless, the free retreat is always useful.

Will it be Good at the STS?

Definitely! Status effects mean more in this format, everyone knows why- there's less Scoop Up and Switch, so it's harder to get around the confusion.

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 5- Useable, 10-Totally broken)
Lately I've been pretty hard on cards, I just believe I started off rating cards slightly too high. For example, Lt. Surge's Fearow doesn't deserve a 7.0, it deserves a 6.0. Erika's Dragonair is the only thing I think I underrated, I could give it a 6.0.

This card, unfortunately, seems great, but it's just too easy to work around confusion. Venonat is very weak, with only 40 HP. Venonat being weak does have a small impact on the rating of this card, too, as you always need Venonat to use it. *thinks of Brock's Ninetales* Alright, almost always. And Venomoth, with 60 HP, goes down to Wiggly and Fossil Magmar pretty easily. I think this card deserves a 6.0. The confusion chances are it's best thing.


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