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The Flawed Game of Pok�mon


^One of the biggest reasons Pok�mon is flawed.^

I just came back from a tournament, I took 2nd, not bad. But, I don't care what place I got, I care about the type of things that are happening in Pok�mon tournaments all over. Today is a perfect example of what is wrong with Pok�mon. We played eight rounds. 2 of my games were first turn wins, 2 were second turn wins, 2 were third turn wins, 2 were 4+ turn wins. I hate it. It seems that the opening flip is all that matters, and with two good players, it pretty much is all that matters.

I hate the first turn losses. It should be something that is very rare in Pok�mon, not something that is making up about 1/4 of games. I think that this is a problem that everyone deals with. Not even a single Electabuzz, Chan, anything is safe against Erika's Jigglypuff for a first turn KO. First turn losses are not fair- the other play didn't even get a chance to do anything, and it was just luck of the draw. Maybe if first turn wins required a lot of strategy, and thinking, and were rare, I wouldn't mind, but all they are are just Oak, PlusPower, Oak, PlusPower, PlusPower, Jab, or Pulled Punch, or whatever.

And if they aren't first turn losses, they'll be over in a few turns. Like at the tournament I got Lassed. I had a Buzz VS Brock's Rhyhorn. He just Horn Tossed Twice, I drew a lightning but couldn't paralyze. I also Rocket Sneak Attacked my friend Chris twice, taking his card drawing, and he was helpless to defend his Rocket's Zapdos. Not fair.

Games in Pok�mon that are long, with lots of strategy are rare now, and I'm sick of it. Going first means everything when it comes down to good players. Is Prop15/3 the solution? NO WAY! If you do get the Oak before your opponent- LUCKY YOU! You can probably win with it.       So Scott had the idea of "NO Rocket's Sneak Attack, Lass, Imposter Oak's Revenge, the Rocket's Trap, Psyduck's Headache first turn." I don't think Headache is a big problem people are dealing with, mostly just RSA. Rocket's Sneak Attack IS a broken card, it just removes the opponent's options, leaving them helpless, and then you take advantage of this and attack with low energy attacks quickly to win. This doesn't sound like a bad idea. I would even go far enough to say NO PlusPower first turn, because first turn losses aren't fair. You may think this is "messing up Pok�mon." It's not. Pok�mon is a flawed game, I don't think the ever-so intelligent people who created it ever thought to have become as serious as people are taking it in the US, but people do want a game to have fun, but you still want a decent amount of strategy. Scott's idea seems like a good idea. It gives both players a chance to play their trainers.

 Another way to stop this terrible unfairness is banning cards. I know people are afraid of it, because we've seen what banning can do, first you ban this, then that, then everything, but just ban Rocket's Sneak Attack, The Rocket's Trap, Lass, IOR, and then get rid of Electabuzz, Wigglytuff, and Rocket's Zapdos- they're way too broken, and they're hurting the environment. Then, Oak. Yes, I know everyone loves Oak, but we could get over it. There are other card drawers, like Blaine's Last Resort. I don't think the PlusPower first turn wins are as often as the RSA'ing for a three to five turn win, so for now, maybe just banning RSA, Trap, IOR and Lass should do the trick.       So how do we fix this messed up environment? I think the no first turn hand denial or PlusPower really fixes things, it makes the opening flip not the most important factor in a game between two good players. Another option is banning cards, but I'd rather just make the cards less powerful. Maybe even making a less strong version of the card, for example, Do the Wave could be 4 colorless to do 10 for each Pok�mon on your bench, not 10+. Electabuzz's Thunderpunch could be two lightning.

So, what do you think is the best way to fix the very flawed environment of Pok�mon? Because believe me- it's MESSED UP. Please vote if you are familiar with tournament environment Pok�mon. If you're going to vote it's fine because you haven't played in serious tournaments with good players, think again.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get these ideas into effect. The playtesters of Wizards failed to help the flawed environment, by making what is already too much of Pok�mon even a bigger part of it: Luck. Prop15/3 is about who gets Oak first,and still important is going first. Perhaps these type of polls will help Wizards one day at least try to fix the environment. I think if we got some good players playtesting for Wizards, Pok�mon would be a lot better.       

- Flawed Pok�mon -
What's the best way to fix Pok�mon?

No First Turn Hand Denial
Banning/Restricting Cards
Making Weaker Versions of Cards
Limiting Trainers
Some other way
Pok�mon is fine!




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