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Ness' Card of the Day

Blaine's Rapidash

"The quicker Scyther wiper-outer."

11.02.00  Hi everyone. I'm staying home from school today, I feel terrible, I've been feeling worse and worse everyday for the past 2 weeks. As usual, I will let whatever gets the most votes for the next card of the day be the next card of the day. That means you choose what card I do tomorrow! Vote at the bottom of the page.


What an attck! Turn 2 take out the Scyther and to 10 to the whole bench! With tails, it does 30, which isn't bad. This is like an improved Thunderpunch. It costs one more colorless(which is okay because of double colorless), and with tails, it doesn't do 10 to itself, with heads, it does 10 to all their bench. That is nice! It can be a sneaky attack when evolved to Rapidash and done turn 2. With PlusPower Scyther doesn't need a coin flip to be knocked out. Let me just say this again to get my point across- 40 and 10 to bench for a fire and two colorless is GOOD!! Another reason that Stamp is like an improved Thunderpunch is because there is more weakness to fire than lightning in tournament environment.

Fire Mane

It has the ability to attack immediately after being Supered. This one fire will do 40 to the Scyther and Rocket's Scyther, that's nice, considering how popular they are, especially Scyther!

No Retreat!

Yep, it's one of those things you send out after a Pokļæ½mon gets knocked out, then you draw, then you can decide what you want to put out. Don't you love that free retreat?

Weakness? Psh!

No offense to Blastoise or anything, but, weakness to water? WHO CARES? No one plays water besides those Rain Dances which if dared to be played get wiped out by Lass and Electabuzz. Rapidash decks should still be able to beat Rain Dance despite the weakness.



Blaine's Ponyta isn't bad either. First turn, Hind Kick, maybe get it out of there, put a Scyther out to take a hit, then turn two is the Rapidash if you don't get the colorless removed. (Putting a colorless on turn one is very risky, though.)

Will it be Good at the STS?

I would say it's useable, there will be a lot of weakness to fire at the STS. It's nice to play some evolution, so it is something to consider.

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 5- Useable, 10-Totally broken)
I like this card, it's just like an improved Electabuzz, looking at Stamp VS Thunderpunch. The fire type is useful, the first attack is useful, it has the no retreat, an although it's a Stage 1, the Ponyta is useable too. I'd give it a 
7.5. It's something to consider using in decks, I don't think a Rapidash deck is going to replace Sponge, Hays, or any popular archetype, but it sure is close.


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