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Ness' Card of the Day

Erika's Dragonair

"Play it cause the Dratini's good!"

11.01.00  And so we reach November. Yesterday we had a close call between Blaine's Rapidash and Erika's Dragonair, but Erika's Dragonair managed to stay a little bit above Rapidash. Rapidash is still a candidate for the CotD tomorrow, and you can vote on the bottom of the page. Every vote matters! Vote! 


This is another heads good, tails bad attack. It's pretty risky. With repeated Blizzards though, Erika's Dragonair can really mess up your opponent's bench, weakening their threats. With tails, it can hurt though, and then you'll wish you had the Erika's Kindness in your deck.

Take Away

Take Away against one basic wins the game, assuming you have a bench, of course. This can win a lot of games unexpectly turn two, and it can also force your opponent to Oak for more basic, or an Energy Removal, if they want to stop the Take Away threat. Take Away is also a very nice way to add cards to your deck. If you don't want to add a lot of cards to your opponent's deck, don't want to heal his/her Pok�mon, want to temporarily remove a threat of his, Gust something! Then Take Away! If you need more cards in your deck you can attach unnecessary PlusPowers, how nice? This can also be a way to prepare for an Oak. Take Away, against Rain Dance, can remove the Blastoise, and if they haven't Rain Danced to other Pok�mon yet they'll be in trouble. Against Wiggly Take Away won't do much, just allow an Oak to get that Wiggly back. Against Hays Dratini is the only hope.

Her Dratini

Her Dratini is amazing against Haymakers, turning everything to 10 damage. It's actually her Dratini that makes this card something considerable to use in decks. If you use the Dratini, try playing the Dragonair.

No Weakness/Psy Resistance

No weakness is a nice thing to have, unlike a lot of other colorless, it won't get Jabbed for 40.  Psychic resistance is always nice against promo Mewtwo and some of the new Sabrina's Pok�mon making their way into decks.


This isn't a Pok�mon you'd retreat much. You can Take Away in useful situations, instead.

Will it be Good at the STS?

The Dratini won't be bad, so you could play the Dragonair, if you do play more than one Dratini. Even one is okay. Take Away can be useful, probably a little more useful than it is in standard format, and the ability to add cards to your deck is nice too, since you don't want to waste room on more than one Nightly Garbage Run.

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 5- Useable, 10-Totally broken)
The Dragonair really isn't amazing. Tails with Blizzard hurts, and it's going to happen as much as it happens to your opponent. Take Away is useful in few situations. The no weakness and resistance to psychic is okay, but it won't do much. Overall, I'd give it a 
5.5. It IS useable, just won't do much.


- CotD for 11/02 -
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