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Ness' Card of the Day

Lt. Surge's Electabuzz (LV. 28)

"Just.. not worth it!"

I also asked some other people what they thought of it.

"It's okay, but no card named Electabuzz can be just okay and used in decks."-Spike

"It sucks."-Scott

"I'm on the phone. Be back in a bit."-Doll

10.31.00  Happy Halloween! You guys decided that we should do Lt. Surge's Electabuzz on the poll yesterday, so I'm going to evaluate it for you. You can vote again for the next card of the day by using the poll on the bottom of the page. Whatever has the most votes will be looked at tomorrow!

Early Game Blunders

This card needs to get it's lightning from. In the early game, it's harder to get energy in the discard, but now you are probably thinking well isn't it just like Mewtwo? Can't you Comp Search or Oak away a couple energy first turn? Wrong. It's not worth it. The reason Mewtwo can do that, and it's not a bad openign, is because it's stable. It has the ability to keep energy and do damage. Look at Discharge! Discard ALL energy. ALL ENERGY! You are left with zero. You could try this if you're going for a quick win with discharge, but that's pretty much one of the only times it's worth going for 0-90, probably either 30 or 60.


It's not bad late game. If someone's trying to stall out on you, and you need a single knockout, you can Charge this thing up until it's built with 8+ lightning, giving it an opportunity to do an average of 120 with Discharge.  (Then watch that darn Erika's Dratini come out!) This is a useful strategy against fullout stall decks. Also, lategame, it's easier to get energy back, as it's probably been discarded by knockouts, removal, retreating etc. instead of just your trainers. You don't have to get it in the discard, it's there already.


With excessive energy from Charge, Super Energy Removal and even Super Potion can be nice. If someone isn't doing much damage, and you have an opportunity, Charge more than once. It's hard to get two turns without doing damage against most decks, but if you can, turn the energy of one Charge into a Super Potion and Super Energy Removal, or a double Super Energy Removal. The excessive energy makes it okay to discard it, and it can be recovered back with Charge! Rocket's Zapdos is useable with this card because Zapdos can be use the high amount of energy dsicarded by Buzz for Plasma, another Super combo.



Weakness to fighting doesn't hurt as much as it used to. Chan is stopped with other Pok�mon you'd play with this card, like Rocket's Zapdos.



The retreat of 2 is like most good 70 HP Pok�mon, and after a Charge you might want to Scoop it Up, to get around the cost, and let something else go to work, or send it out healthy for another charge!


A 3 Energy Discharge

A 3 Energy Discharge with a PlusPower has a 37.5% chance of knocking out the 70HP basics! Not good enough! It's not a risk players would normally like to take, and it's too much to get more energy on it, and not worth it, since it's just discarded. At least it can fight removal though with Charge, although if they attack after removaling, threatening knockout, you can't charge, as it's useless, since Buzz will just be knocked out after you do. That seems to be the reason it isn't something I'd consider in a Hay variant. It's attacked, and doesn't even have time to Charge!

Will it be Good at the STS?

Eh... I guess it could be. Charge can be a decent attack to get energy at the right time, but just like normal format, it's hard to do, and discharge burns all it's energy and 3 energy beign discarded, even with a PlusPower, doesn't have a chance to knockout the good stuff!

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 5- Useable, 10-Totally broken)
It leaves itself energyless, and needs to Charge first! Early game it runs into big trouble, too. It's hard in Pok�mon to power up an attack like that, watsing a turn without damage, then relying on a flip like that that won't get a K.O. against anything normally, without good luck, and despite it's Super combos, it's not that great. I'd give it a


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