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Ness' Card of the Day

Rocket's Mewtwo

"Risky."-Chris P, former #4 Pojo Ladder

10.30.00  Okay, first of all, sorry I couldn't get a card done in the last few days, I have been very busy. Also, in the last card of the day, there was no poll. There was supposed to be. There will be a poll at the bottom of this site to decide tomorrow's card of the day. I got a lot of E-mails from people who wanted Rocket's Mewtwo evaluated, a lot more than any other card, so I decided to evaluate it. I have looked at a lot of the Rocket cards! By the way everyone, a lot of people think I'm a different person, someone that played in the ladder league. Nope, I'm a different Ness.

3 Attacks!

Yes, Rocket's Mewtwo is the only Pok�mon to have three attacks. We immediately can think of Sabrina's Alakazam having some fun copying all three attacks.


Wow, this is one of the most risky attacks in Pok�mon. When done with perfect timing, this attack can be good. Or, it can really let you down. Remember, it's a flip.  For example, your Rocket's Mewtwo has been Thunderpunched by an Electabuzz with 3 PlusPowers, flipping tails. (Ouch).  You have 60, Buzz has 10.  You could put the Buzz near K.O, but there are better things. Try to get Mewtwo free completely of damage, try to go for a K.O, Gust something! Go for anything with 60HP or less that you could knock out, if there is anything. Otherwise, go with something with a high retreat and no energy. A different Buzz is perfect, but don't fall into Scoop Up Bait, maybe RSA or Lass after you Gust to make sure. When you Gust the weakling, you can go for a very risky attack. If the Mewtwo has 10, and Juxtapose fails, it can get knocked out easily, and will quite often, as Mewtwo will use this attack when it is damaged heavily. It may be better to try to do it with 50 on you, if you were Gusting a damageless and energyless Buzz. That way, Shock couldn't K.O you, and Lass or RSA can take the PlusPower(s) and Scoop Up(s).  Juxtapose is very risky, but works good with Alakazam. Moving damage to it, and then Juxtaposing something with no damage works well, but when you move damage to Mewtwo, if Juxtapose fails, you're in trouble. You can't just Juxtapose 2 damage counters with one. It won't do anything, even if it works. Even moving 60 with 0 on something won't be unstoppable, as you can still get hit next turn and near even out the damage, making Juxtapose useless with the Pok�mon, and probably forcing the Hypnoblast for the knockout. Juxtapose, overall, is just very risky, and needs perfect timing and a coin flip to be VERY good. If it doesn't work, then that was very bad.


Here it shows it's more riskyness. Two psychic for 20 is kind of expensive, considering I thought flipping for sleep went out with base set! Flipping for sleep gives you a 50% chance of putting them to sleep in the first place, and if you do, they have a 50% chance of waking up. If you're desperately trying to stall I guess you could try for it, but that would be pretty desperate. If you just need to do 20 I guess a 25% chance they stay asleep is better than nothing. When you don't Juxtapose, you'll probably be using this.



Wow, they sure gave this thing an expensive attack. 60 is nice as it is a PlusPower away from giving a one hit K.O to take out the cards popular in tournament environments today, but it is expensive. It's hard to get something built like that, but if they don't play Removal, go for it.


Psy Resistance

Psychic Resistance, or basically Wigglytuff, is just too powerful. It makes Hypnoblast useless pretty much, Psyburn is too hard to build up against a fast Wiggly deck, and the only hope of stopping Wigglytuff is Juxtapose, as it's not a weakness/resistance attack, it just moves damage counters. Rememebr though, Juxtapose can never move more than 60 damage, so it's impossible to knock out the Magmar, Buzz, Chan, Scyther, Mewtwo with it. That hurts! Juxtapose is just too situational, it's not going to stop Wigglytuff.


Ditto Hurts Too!

Ditto has the ability to Hypnoblast first turn for 40 with a colorless, which immediately leaves it with a threat of being knocked out. Two colorless can Psyburn it for 120. Ditto just makes the card faster, and the weakness to themselves are an advantage for Ditto because it can build faster, just like Ditto has an advantage over Rocket's Zapdos because two colorless can do 70 to Rocket's Zapdos, knocking it out.

Will it be Good at the STS?

It could be, but resistance hurts even more in Prop15/3, and there will be a lot of Wiggly and Clefable. Still, you could try to Juxtapose around it, but it's not gonna happen.

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 5- Useable, 10-Totally broken)
It's such a risky card, Juxtapose has been overrated by a lot of people. It's not as great as it seems. It's a flip, it can't knock out any 70HP basics, and it has to be done at the right time against the right Pok�mon. It's Hypnoblast's sleep chance aren't good, and Psyburn's hard to build. It's been overrated by people, and I think it really deserves an



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