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Ness' Card of the Day

Narrow Gym

"A Simple Gym Killer with hidden strategy."

10.27.00  Alright, there are a lot of cards people want me to do, I'll let you guys decide tomorrow's card by voting on the bottom of the page. Anyway, Narrow Gym is probably, the simplest Gym, but it has some cool stuff you can do with it.

Just Take Out Their Gym!

The best reason to play one or two Narrow Gym in your deck is to take out other Gyms, and at the right time. For example, someone's got a No Removal Gym in play, and is building their Gyarados. Play Narrow, then Super away, you don't have to discard 2 cards. Gyms discard other Gyms.

Hurts Wiggly

In order for Wigglytuff to take out the strong basics, it needs a PlusPower and a full bench. Narrow Gym makes it harder for Wigglytuff to get one hit knockouts. Wigglytuff decks can do it, though, but that's why you should be able to Item Finder it, or have another one to play. Narrow Gym is a good choice in your dedk if you play against a lot of Wigglytuff decks.

Super Scoop Up

Narrow Gym definitely has an overlooked ability. If you have a damaged Pok�mon on your bench, let's say you have a Magmar with 50 damage and one fire energy. You could Super something with energy if you don't really need the energy, or you could decide to keep  it. Add more basics to your bench, ones that you will have use for, of course, don't just max out on Magikarp or something, and fill your bench. Then play Narrow Gym. Since your bench is full you get to bring a Pok�mon back, and this does include evolution and energy.


Cards Back to the Hand

This is not something about Narrow Gym that makes it especially useful, but I'm sure it could be sometime.

For example, you have a base Charmander against a Scyther. The Charmander has two energy on it, and you have one card left in your deck, a PlusPower. Your Hand is Narrow Gym and Computer Search. You play Narrow Gym and bring back any Pok�mon with energy attached to it, so you get at least two cards from it, allowing you to Comp Search for the PlusPower and Ember to win the game.

Will it be Good at the STS?

I'd say it's useable, it can slightly hurt the still popular Wiggly decks, and can take out Chaos Gym, which is a threat there, but not a big one, as trainers aren't the source of everything like they are in standard games.

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 5- Useable, 10-Totally broken)
It's a simple card, best for taking out other gyms, but it has other useful abilities. It's definitely worth playing as it really doesn't hurt you, but it doesn't really hurt your opponent either, unless they're playing Wiggly, it makes a small difference. Narrow Gym is useable in Hays.  I'd give it a 6.5.  Remember, any gym can take out other gyms. This is pretty much if your deck doesn't have a theme.  You would probably think then, then what's the difference if I play Celadon City Gym in a deck with No Erika's Pok�mon? Well, Narrow Gym can slow Wiggly a little remember, and it has the Pok�mon returning ability.


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