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Ness' Card of the Day

Rocket's Scyther

"Defense, Offense."

10.26.00  I got a lot of E-mails from people telling me they wanted Rocket's Scyther evaluated, well, here you go.

Shadow Images

A first turn Shadow Images is a good opening, and will make your opponent want to attack first turn, so they can get it off before you get a chance to Blinding Scythe with a 50% chance their attack will fail, that could put them in some big trouble. Remember, Shadow Images stays on if they fail to "break through" it. This is great, but remember, benching ends these effects. If it gets Gusted, the effect is off imeediately. Gust can hurt it's first attack. Your opponent can Gust for a knockout, also ending Shadow Images, if you just used it, or if it was still on. This attack is a decent stalling attack, too, similar to Chansey's Scrunch, but has important differences. First of all, coin flipping is up to your opponent, and the coin flip is very important, tails does no damage to Rocket's Scyther, and with heads, the effect is off and it does all damage. Electabuzz's Thundershock is good against it, since Rocket's Scyther can't prevent status effects with Shadow Images. Fossil Magmar's Smog is great too, poison cannot be stopped, and if it does poison, the effect of Shadow Images is off, as Rocket's Scyther was damaged! Ouch!

Blinding Scythe

40! Nice attack. Unlike Jungle Scyther's Slash, two attacks can knock out the strong basics with two hits, and if you can blinding Scythe turn two, with the Shadow Images effect still on, you should have good control over the beginning of the game.

The Differences and How They Hurt

Jungle Scyther is one of the most popular cards in Pokļæ½mon, and Rocket's Scyther loses some of the important things Scyther has, but partially makes them up in other areas. The free retreat cost goes to one, which hurts a little, as you can't just end it out to take a hit, and then retreat it out of there whenever you need to.  The 70 HP is a nice thing to have, 60 can hurt, as Rocket's Scyther is now more of a target for a one hit K.O with Magmar's Smog. It is in the 2 PlusPower Range for an automatic K.O., and with one PlusPower, Magmar's Smog has a 50% chance knock out on Rocket's Scyther. (That's what Shadow Images if for, though.) This Scyther can't end posion and smokescreen by just going to the bench for free and comign right back out, since it has a one retreat.

Will it be Good at the STS?

You bet it will! Shadow Images is great turn one, and doing 40 turn 2 is even better. It still keeps it's speed, and there are less Gust and Super Energy Removal to stop it. (Although both of those cards will still be around.)  Energy Removal isn't as good of a weapon on turn one Shadow Images as it is on turn one Swords Dance.

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 5- Useable, 10-Totally broken)
It's a nice card, dependent on flips, but then again, isn't everything? It's useable, but I don't think we're ever going to have a Scyther be better than Jungle's. I'd give Rocket's Scyther an 8.0.  

E-mail me if you want a certain card evaluated! I am going to try to do every card suggestion I get, just give me time, I have a lot of cards to do!


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