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Ness' Card of the Day

Rocket's Hitmonchan

"A nuisance to play against."

10.25.00  Before Gym was out in America, I think Rocket's Hitmonchan was the most talked about card. Everybody knew of Crosscounter, and the ability to deal double back seems just amazing. Unfortunately, there are a few ways to work around this, and I think this card didn't prove to be completely broken, but it's still an extremely good card. I got quite a few E-mails from people that wanted this card evaluated, so here ya go, everyone.


Wow, we're dealing with a nice attack here. What is it, a stalling an attack? It can be, if you and your opponent are tied in prizes, for example, and your Pok�mon are damaged. But it's a nice opening attack too, you Crosscounter, Electabuzz Thundershocks. Flip, boom! 40 to Electabuzz. The base damage doubles, and then the lovely weakness is applied.

How about that turn 2 Wiggly threat? Wiggly fills it's bench after a Crosscounter, and has to re-think about Doing the Wave. You're gonna need 9 Defenders to keep that Wiggly alive if Crosscounter goes through, as Rocket's Hitmonchan can deal 240 back. (60x=120x2=240)

Crosscounter forces Electabuzz, Mewtwo and Wigglytuff, as long as they don't have an empty bench or something, knock themself out with their strongest attacks if you flip heads. Remember it's an if, and it's still a coin flip, but your opponent is just as worried about is as you are.

The 60 HP is Made up by...

Unfortunately, no one likes the even number of 60HP as it's easy to take down, Wiggly knocks it out in one shot, but unlike base Hitmonchan, Rocket's has a one retreat cost, making it something that you would actually retreat often.

Magnum Punch

Magnum is a nice attack, the same energy base Chan needs for Special, Rocket's uses do to 10 more. Nice. This attack, of course, is more than enough to take down the Wigglytuff, Lickitung and Electabuzz with one shot. It puts it in PlusPower Range for the other things, like Magmar and Mewtwo, needing 2 PlusPowers for the one hit K.O.

How to Get Around Crosscounter

Crosscounter, with all these abilities to really damage your opponent, seems just amazing. But, there are ways to get around it. Don't forget weakness and resistance are applied from Rocket's Hitmonchan's Crosscounter. A Scyther's Slash is a nice attack against Rocket's Hitmonchan, as it does 30, and if Rocket's Hitmonchan gets the flip, it deals 30 back. (30x2=60-30 for resistance=30)

Don't forget- benching ends all effects of attacks. It can be gusted out, and gusted in to end Crosscounter, altough no one wants to waste two Gusts. If you are forcing your opponent to discard their hand to end Crosscounter, you're normally in good shape.

Some players are risky and might just Thunderpunch and hope heads doesn't show up. That's not me, though, I'm the worst with coin flips and against them. I prefer to use Scyther against this thing. It stops it, but not as good as it stops base Chan.

Will it be Good at the STS?

This Chan has an interesting attack in an environment with less Gust, which hurts it's Crosscounter's power. (They pick on something else if they have the chance to).  There will be a lot of Clefable and Wiggly for Chan to take out, but there's going Scyther and Rocket's Zapdos everywhere, remember, Crosscounter applies Weakness and Resistance.  Resistance Gyms can help, though.

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 5- Useable, 10-Totally broken)
Crosscounter can be amazing, but it's a flip. It's got lower HP than most Hay Pok�mon, but Rocket's Hitmonchan can be used in anything, even a Dark Vileplume deck. Magnum Punch is better than Special, and can damage Scyther for 20, and Resistance Gym makes it 40, not bad. I'd give it a 9.0.  I've seen people give it a 10, but remember- it's high rating comes from an attack based a coin flip and it's got 60HP. 

E-mail me if you want a certain card evaluated!


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