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Ness' Card of the Day


"I know there's combos with it... why can't I think of them?"

10.20.00  I looked at this card the day Gym came out and told thought to myself the quote above. It's a card that allows you to cheat a rule, and I knew it'd have good uses. Finally, I got some ideas of how to make it useful.

Gyarados' Deadly Flail ?

Get a Gyarados out. With 100 HP, it's a decent staller. You start building up other Pok�mon while Gyarados takes damage. I think Magmar/Gyarados/Erika's Dratini/No Removal Gym is an okay deck, since's Gyarados needs to be stopped with Energy Removals, and your opponent will have to mess up their hand to stop it, but that's not important.

So let's say you start building a couple Magmars. Your Gyarados has 80 on it now from two Thunderpunches from a Buzz. They think they've got you good. It can't retreat, incase of Switch they'll gust it and knock it out, incase of Scoop Up you lose Gyarados(although that's no biggie), then suddenly, you play Recall. When you do this for the first time against someone you can watch your opponent's face. You'll see him look at the card and think, it should normally take around 3.5 seconds and then you'll hear some sound of amazement, most players completely overlook the idea of a damaged Gyarados Recalling a Magikarp's Flail the first time. For one water energy you just did 80. Wow.

So What Else Works?

Well, honestly, I think Gyarados, Base Magikarp and Recall are the best Recall combo, but there are other decent things to try out. Blaine's Arcanine cal recall Growlithe's Stoke, to help get the large amount of energy it needs for it's ridiculously overdamaging attack.

Blaine's Dodrio can recall Retaliation when it's damaged, although that doesn't really seem like an unstoppable combo. It does K.O. the Buzz that got tails with Thunderpunch though. (10 to itself then 60 with retaliation.)

You'll Wish You Had it Sometime

I'm sure sometime in your Pok�mon playing you'll be in an awkward situation where Recall can be useful. I ended up winning one of my first games I played with a Devolution Spray I put in my deck as a joke. (Venusaur VS Mr. Mime with 20.) Devolution to Bulbasaur, Leech Seed.

An example is against the Mime, like mentioned above, when you want to do 20. Or you might have your Dark Primeape out, and your opponent has used Recycle to put the Full Heal on top of his deck. You have one prize left, but he does too. If he can full heal he can get rid of poison and Shell Attack with Squirtle to win the game. You only have one energy on your Dark Primeape, so you recall Mischief and shuffle his deck to reduce the chance of him drawing the Full Heal. What a game, heh.

(Please don't think that ANY parts of a game played by good players would ever use Dark Primeape, Rocket's Squirtle(unless it's a RainDance or weird potpourri), and most importantly- FULL HEAL! Why not just Switch? Switch ends all status effects, also. Switch is almost always better, but awkward situations can arise, don't make me create another weird situation that won't ever happen!

Will it be Good at the STS?

Nope. Trainer spots are limited for important cards and the Gyarados deck won't do much. Getting the Recall and Gyarados can be difficult when searching is limited, too.

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 5- Useable, 10-Totally broken)
This card seems to have only one good use, and that's Recalling Flail. Otherwise, it's almost useless. It gets a below average rating of
3.0. Players learn how to avoid the combo after the first time you do it, unless they're stupid.


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