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10.19.00  I know you don't like tailsfails cards, no one really does, but if you can get a couple heads a game you can use Recycle to do some pretty cool stuff.

The Common Sense

Uh-oh, you Oaked, and you think you might have to again- you have an Energy Removal you might want to save until your opponent plays the colorless on the Wigglytuff, which you expect soon. You Recycle Oak, it's on the top of your deck, you attach energy, he attaches the colorless, next turn removal, Oak. That's a nice example of Recycle doing it's job. You might think Item Finder is better, I am not disagreeing, but in certain situations Recycle can be better, and I think it comes down to the coin flip.


The Bill Combo

When you need the card at the moment, such as the Double Colorless, Recycle it. Then Bill. You get your colorless back from the discard, without using up another in your deck. How nice.


It Does Add One

Adding one card to your deck does slow decking, but not much. A 50% of adding one card to your deck is not what makes Recycle a useable card, it's the ability to re-use anything.


Overlooked Strategy

People overlook a lot of things with Recycle, things they can do, and things their opponent can do. If you Recycle successfully, then get Snuck Attack, you lose a trainer, but, you also lose your top card as your deck is shuffled. Imposter Oak's Revenge and Trap can also lose the top card.  

Also, if you are out of anything you need, have the Recycle, but not the Bill, and need it this turn, try to look at the fact that Recycle not only adds to top of deck, but just plain puts it back in there. You can Recycle and Comp Search for it. 


It Will Be Good at the STS?

I don't think this is going to be a very useful card at the STS. With a maximum of 15 trainers, you don't want to waste space on something that has a 50% chance of doing absoloutley nothing.

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 5- Average, 10-Totally broken)
This is an overlooked card that can be useful in Trappers(since they need to re-use cards constantly, and double colorless energy in Wiggly trappers), Stall Decks also re-use cards, especially the Tickling Machine/Imposter Professor Oak combo, and it also adds a card to the deck, which is decent in both decks. In Hay variants it's not the best, but you can try one, it can be useful, but then again- all this strategy is a coin flip away from happening, so I'd give it a

Take away the coin flip, we have a 10.0 card, but that's not gonna happen.


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