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Ness' Card of the Day

Brock's Lickitung

"Simple, yet it ain't that bad."-Kane Keller, once #6 Globally

10.17.00  Hey. See Brock's Lickitung? It's Gym heroes, and it's not bad.

Colorless Powering

Like Wigglytuff, Brock's Lickitung can be powered up quickly with colorless. Turn 1 20 isn't bad. With one more energy Slam is useful. Play an energy on it, then next turn surprise them with a Slam. (This wouldn't be something a good player would overlook, though.)

Psychic Resitance

Hey, if it can slow down MP Mewtwo and the new Rocket's Mewtwo(not Juxtapose, though), that's good. Sabrina's Pokļæ½mon are getting more popular too.

Hit Points

An HP of 80 isn't bad, yet the seldom Chan can make it pay. Jab threatens knockout. Ouch.

How to Play Brock's Lickitung to Your Advantage

PlusPower is nice with slam to take out the 70HP basics. The retreat cost of 3 can be manipulated with Scoop Up. Unfortunately, this card really doesn't have any advantage with other Brock's cards. Pewter City Gym is useless because it's not a fighting type. Oh well, it's an 80HP quick attacker with decent damage. Not bad.

My Rating (1- Almost completely useless, 5- Average, 10-Totally broken)

This card is useable in decks. The 10 extra HP it has over most tournament environment basics is useful. I'd give it the same rating I gave Sabrina's Alakazam, a 7.5.


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