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"My name is Meganium!  Yeah!!

Oh please do not Lass!  Yeah!

My Pokémon Power! Yeah!

      Doubles all your grass!!" - Swoll

"Double your pleasure.. double your fun." - Scott

"Two grass for 40? Wait- it puts to sleep. Wait- that's good!" - Colin

"Wild Growth is simply amazing." - Josh

"Venusaur love." - Bob

1.3.00 Sorry for the delays in doing CotD, but it's going to be like that from now on, probably.  With Neo out, Meganium is one of the many good cards. Let's have a look! Vote at the bottom of the page for the next CotD. Welcome our last new quote giver for now, Bob!

Wild Growth

Wild Growth is such an incredibly ability. So many people are underating the power of this. Getting the Meganium out means the following things:

-Pinsir does 20 and can paralyze for a grass. A grass and a colorless deals 50.

-Meganium, itself, puts to sleep and does 40, for two grass.

-Venusaur (despite how hard it is to get out two different Stage 2 Pokémon) attacks for 60 with two grass, and retreats for one grass.

-Meganium (the other one) A Grass and a colorless does 40, and has a 50% chance of paralysis.

-Jumpluff pays more than it needs to attack. Wait.. that's not an advantage. :P

Retreating is also a cool ability for high retreating grass Pokémon. Wild Growth is something that can be Goop Gassed, but that's only a turn. You should be able to improvise with what you have for a turn.  Since there isn't much Muk anywhere, Wild Growth can be very hard to stop. And when a Meganium is out on turn two, with the Pinsir doing 50 for two grass, it is hard to stop.

Remember that Wild Growth makes Pokémon less vulnerable to Energy Removal, not more. It allows you to recover faster. The status effects shutting down the power aren't that big of a deal, because you use the power to attack, and if it's paralyzed or asleep, you can't attack, and if it's confused.. well, that can hurt it.

Nice HP, High Retreat

100 HP is great. This is one of those cards that is very rarely going to be knocked out when it's undamaged by some surprise. Gold Berry is just an overall good card, and can help it stay out longer. The weakness to fire and high retreat make it something that Magmar can really hurt, and Magmar is very popular. Magmar is also a hard card to stop. (Wooper maybe?)  If fire isn't popular where you play, Meganium is a good choice.

Chikorita, Bayleef

There are two Chikoritas. One has 40 HP, one has 50 HP. They're not made to do damage, they're made to be benched and evolved as quickly as possible. Play the 50 HP just to help make it not totally vulnerable to Gust when it's benched. The 70 and 80 HP Bayleefs aren't that great either, this is a card, like almost any Stage 2, you play the Breeder with. 

My Rating

(1- Terrible, useless.  3- Pretty bad.  5- Average.  7- Tournament level.  9- Broken. Just too good.  10- Wrong.)

Meganium is a very, very good card. It's best friends are itself and Pinsir. Despite being a Stage 2, it is definitely useable, and is the best grass evolution ever, in my opinion. I'd give it an 8.5.

I never saw Meganium in 15/3, since at the ECSTS Neo hadn't been released. But 15/3 allows evolution. This power is amazing. In 15/3, Meganium would be one of the best choices by far. I'd give a 9.0 in 15/3.

Pointless Comments

First turn Lass, then Eeeeeek with Cleffa is a great way to open with a Meganium deck. You can get the time you need to get that Meganium out and start building! A Meganium deck shouldn't play much or any Energy Removal, as all it needs to do is overpower other Pokémon by making energy more efficient.  Oh yeah, Meganium is shut down by the ever-so-popular Blaine's Ninetales/Muk deck. (sarcasm there)

~Jason Klaczynski

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