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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Rare Candy
- Sun & Moon

Date Reviewed:
May 4, 2017

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 3.0
Expanded: 3.5
Limited: 4.0

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Rare Candy is probably one of my favorite Items in the game. Not just the video games, but also the TCG too. 

It's a very simple effect, allowing you to skip past the Stage 1 of a Stage 2 line-up and go straight to the biggest baddie you've got. For instance, this means you can evolve your Rowlett right into a Decidueye - or better yet, a Decidueye-GX! 

That's right, because of how the GX mechanic is being divided up among Stages, any Stage 2 Pokemon-GX are going to wildly benefit from having access to Rare Candy in their line-up. Imagine what it'll be like when you get out your biggest Pokemon the moment you have the Basic on your Bench and the big GX in your hand! Of course not all Pokemon-GX work like that, since there are Basic and even Stage 1 GX - neither of which will be affected by Rare Candy. But it's still a nice feature to have so that you don't have to worry about it in your Stage 2 GX line-up. 

Course you don't have to limit Rare Candy's usage to just a Stage 2 GX line-up - there are plenty of Stage 2 non-GX to use with Rare Candy as well, and given the current direction of the game, it's likely that Rare Candy will see plenty of use. It's wildly versatile in a number of decks, but there is the catch that you wouldn't run it in decks that are more focused towards the Stage 1 or Basics in the game. Decidueye-GX, for instance, could be run in Lurantis-GX builds, which means Rare Candy would be a good option for getting one down quick, or Solgaleo-GX as well, but if you're not running the line-up in favor of something else, well there's no reason to use Rare Candy for Lurantis-GX, right? Since she's a Stage 1 and all. 

Rare Candy basically gives Stage 2s a new workaround that wouldn't be available to them, and considering most are the slowest to play outside of Forest of Giant Plants, it's an amazing option to have available. Chances are that, like Potion, Switch, and DCE, Rare Candy will remain a continuously reprintable resource that will serve Stage 2s very well for years to come. 


Standard: 3.5/5 (a massive boon for Stage 2 decks and line-ups) 

Expanded: 3.5/5 (and it's a must-run in many of these decks) 

Limited: 4/5 (but if you're not running Stage 2s? don't bother running it) 

Arora Notealus: Rare Candy will always have a special place in my heart. A special, delicious treat of a place... 

Next Time: Round and round the spinning goes!


Rare Candy (Sun & Moon, 129/149) received a reprint in the Sun & Moon expansion set back in February.  With perfect timing, this card can allow you to actually get a Stage 2 Pokemon onto the board in turn 2 instead of turn 3.  If you have the basic of an evolution chain in play and both Rare Candy and the Stage 2 evolution card in your hand, then you can play Rare Candy and skip the Stage 1 of the evolution chain.  Getting both the Stage 2 and Rare Candy simultaneously in your hand can be a little tricky – in my experience, the best supporter card to execute this combo is Skyla (Breakpoint, 122/122).  I used to play Korrina (Furious Fists, 111/111) in a Garchomp (Breakpoint, 70/122) Gallade (Breakthrough, 84/162) deck back in the last rotation, and I would use Korrina to grab Rare Candy all the time.  Rare Candy works as an accelerator and can really help get Stage 2 decks developed and into attack mode as quickly as possible.

This next stat will probably surprise you as much as it surprised me: the number of times a top eight deck ran even a single copy of Rare Candy since the rotation last September: zero. 

Go look at all of the top eight decks from any major tournament – Standard or Expanded – so far this season.  The single most prevalent consistency between them all: they’re mostly big basics.  Especially since Sun & Moon, the only evolution decks you find are Decidueye GX (Sun & Moon, 12/149) decks that can take advantage of Forest of Giant Plants (Ancient Origins, 74/98).  This speaks to a philosophical decision that the creators of the game have purposefully made: evolution Pokemon – while generally having better attacks and abilities than basic Pokemon – are not given HP, attacks, and abilities that are proportionately better than the big basics.  This is the meta that we live in right now – think about all of the Stage 2 Pokemon that we’ve reviewed over the past couple of weeks.  Most of them simply can’t compete in today’s game.  The time it takes them to get set up is not outweighed by the speed and power possessed by most of the big basics in the current format. 

Will that change?  Quite possibly.  However, even the new GX Pokemon exhibit the same disproportionate scaling.  Basic GX’s typically have 180 or 190 HP.  Stage 1’s have only 200 or 210 – only maybe 10 or 20 HP more.  Stage 2’s cap out at 250.  If I plan to play a Stage 2 Pokemon and it’s going to take me an extra turn or two to get it ready, shouldn’t I get more than a 25% or 33% HP boost in comparison to the big basics?  Shouldn’t Stage 2 Pokemon get the best abilities?  Shouldn’t abilities like Set Up and Wonder Tag be reserved for Stage 2 Pokemon?  Now, I will admit that my argument is set back a bit by the fact that most of the Pokemon with the highest average damage are evolution Pokemon.  See my recent study on damage done to active Pokemon for reference: five of the top six highest average Pokemon were evolution Pokemon… but seven through ten were all big basics, meaning that half of the top ten were big basics.

The game is what the game is.  The creators have big picture design plans in mind.  Most of the GX’s in Guardians Rising are Stage 1 or 2 Pokemon.  Maybe the game will slow down some in the next few months, and maybe slow down a lot more post-rotation.  Right now, though, we live in an era of big basics, and you should expect one of them to rule at the end of the world’s finals. 


Standard: 2.5 out of 5


While usually invaluable to almost every Stage 2 Pokemon, Rare Candy sees no play amongst the top tier decks in the current format.  That may change in the very near future, and Rare Candy would undoubtedly be instrumental in facilitating any success for most Stage 2 Pokemon.  I have little doubt, however, that the best decks in the format right now are almost exclusively big basics that have absolutely no need for this card.

Coming Soon.

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