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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


- S&M: Guardians Rising

Date Reviewed:
June 23, 2017

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 1.75
Expanded: 2.00
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Multi Switch (Guardians Rising, 129/145) is a brand new card out of the Guardians Rising expansion set.  Multi Switch allows you to move an energy card from a benched Pokemon to an active Pokemon.

I can see how players could use this card:

ˇ         If you hit a Max Elixir (Breakpoint, 102/122) and have a Multi Switch in hand

ˇ         If your opponent Lysandres (Ancient Origins, 78/98) a Pokemon into the active and you need to retreat it

ˇ         You can shelter (protect from Team Flare Grunt (XY, 129/146)) energy on the bench until your Pokemon in the active is evolved and ready to use it

ˇ         If your opponent uses a hammer to knock energy off of your active Pokemon, you can use this to move an energy up to the active Pokemon

Honestly, I can envision scenarios where you could attach multiple energy in one turn on to the active Pokemon using Multi Switch.  And Multi Switch allows for any energy – special or basic – to be moved.

However, before I sound too much like an infomercial, I have very rarely seen Multi Switch used.  I can only vaguely remember seeing it played a couple of times, and I absolutely can say that it did NOT impress me when I did see it played.  For instance, we all probably have a card that we can remember the first time we saw it played and it completely bowled us over.  Mine was Mega Turbo (Roaring Skies, 86/108).  I remember thinking, “Wow I didn’t even know that card existed!”  Multi Switch definitely did not give me that same reaction.  I’m sure it helped my opponent, but it in no way turned the balance of the match.  I’m sure it was handy, but it didn’t really move the radar for me.  Plus, you have to have it in your hand when the situations above occur, which just isn’t always possible to control.  And it’s an Item card – it’s Trashalanche fuel.  As people are cutting down on Items faster than SUV’s with $4.00 a gallon gas, I just don’t see how you can afford to work this into a deck list.


Standard: 1.5 out of 5


Multi Switch just isn’t really useful enough to employ in today’s meta.  That sixty card list is simply way too tight for it to fit into almost every deck list.  Plus, its name is a little misleading.  There’s nothing “Multi” about it.  It allows one energy card to move in one direction.  If it allowed for two or more energy cards to be shifted in more than one direction, then it would be a very valuable card and would certainly see a lot more play.

One brief post-script completely unrelated to Multi Switch: I will not be doing any reviews next week as I’ll be preparing to play in the North American International Championship.  This is my first time playing in a Pokemon tournament, and this is also the first time I’ve purchased cards to construct a deck.  I used one of our sponsors, Troll and Toad, to buy my cards from, and I have to say I was thrilled with the experience.  They had an excellent selection of cards available, all the cards that I could possibly want.  They had played cards for a low price, near mint cards for a little more, holos, secret rares, and full arts as well.  The prices on their cards were significantly more competitive overall than other sites, and their online ordering process was very simple.  I received my cards in four business days, and I used standard US mail for shipping.  They also sent me an automated email that linked me directly into the tracking for the shipment so I could monitor its progress.  I was very pleased with Troll and Toad, will definitely use it again in the future, and would highly recommend it.  And in full disclosure, Troll and Toad has not offered me any compensation or discount of any kind for this endorsement.  They did not ask me to write this testimonial either.  I was just really, genuinely happy with my experience with their website and ordering process.


I was late submitting it, but my review of Professor Oak from yesterday has now been posted.  Today we look at Multi Switch (SM: Guardians Rising 129/145), a new Item card that allows you to move an Energy from one of your Benched Pokémon to your Active.  This almost replaces Energy Switch, which can move a Basic Energy from any one of your Pokémon to any one other.  I only noticed this restriction when I began writing up this review, which is why I feel the need to draw attention to it.  Being able to move an Energy card around, including Special Energy, can act as a form of Energy acceleration.  It can serve a purpose elsewhere, and then when its current host is on the Bench, you can move it to your Active to use there.  Energy Switch has proven useful in decks that can only attach to a specific place, but mostly has been handy for decks that can run on few Energy and have targets which are hard to OHKO.  It hasn’t fared as well lately due to Item lock and - as usual - the crowded nature of most decks.  Multi Switch unfortunately looks to be in a similar boat: while decks love their Trainer cards, and while the format is more open to Items than just a few months ago, it takes a particular kind of deck to really optimize this card.  You basically need another Energy accelerating trick to go along with Multi Switch, or durable attackers which are hard to OHKO and easy to remove from your Active slot.  Even the old trick of using Energy Switch before a bounce effect isn’t as likely because said trick was usually used to move Energy from the current Active to something on the Bench, then playing a card like AZ to bounce that Active and promote the formerly Benched Pokémon.  Special Energy cards, the main reason to use this over Energy Switch, are also more vulnerable to removal thanks to Enhanced Hammer. 

I can’t think of a current deck that needs this in Standard or Expanded, but I’m writing this in a rush (sorry folks!).  In Limited play, there I can see it being useful, mostly because you may be forced to attach to the wrong target. 


Standard: 2/5 

Expanded: 2/5 

Limited: 3.5/5 


Multi Switch is a bit more niche than I realized at first, with the obvious change (working on Special Energy) being a nice benefit over Energy Switch, but the subtle change (only Bench to Active) proving important. 

Multi Switch earned the same voting points as Honchkrow and and Monday’s CotD, but was ranked 27th due to rolling off.  I had it as my 16th place pick, but I misread it.  That means I’m fine with it being this low.

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