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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


- S&M: Guardians Rising

Date Reviewed:
June 14, 2017

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 2.5
Expanded: 3
Limited: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Soooooo what can be said about Vikavolt-GX now? He's got charge elements, he's got a lot of damage output, but is he worth the Stage 2 like his Sun and Moon cousin debatably is? 

Well with an attack like Charge Beam, it's a good start. For 1-for-50, he's putting out a good bit of damage, and he gets to attach an Energy card from your discard to himself. That means he can get to his Super Zap Cannon attack faster, and considering it's 4-Energy, it's gonna take at least another turn to get it going. For that 4 Energy, though, he does 180 damage and gets to discard 2 Energy again. You can see where this is going. 

In fact, with Charge Beam, Vikavolt-GX has an abusable combination. Turn 1, you use Charge Beam to get a second Energy on him. Next turn, attach DCE to him to get right to Super Zap Cannon and finish off whatever your opponent played, detaching the DCE for the attack. Then on your next turn, you can use Charge Beam AGAIN to attach that DCE from the discard and unleash Super Zap Cannon on your next turn again! That said, this is a 2-turn combination, and while it is repeatable, what isn't repeatable is the successive damage you take. Eventually, he'll lose all 240 HP, but ideally you'll have set yourself up well enough to be ahead of the opponent. 

And what better way to set yourself up against the opponent than with Gigatron GX? With that attack, you instantly deal out 60 damage to all your opponent's Benched Pokemon. That can easily wipe out several small Pokemon - makes for a good combination with Target Whistle in Expanded if you can get a Basic evolving Pokemon out of your opponent's discard - and it sets you up for future turns to one-shot most anything in the game. Not too shabby at all...but it does cost 4 Energy. 

If you build around Vikavolt-GX, I'd say the best thing to do is to keep him alive for as long as you can so you can secure that loop. I wouldn't really bother with Gigatron GX - sure, it's powerful, but it's also you setting up for future turns, which if you don't have another Vikavolt-GX ready to roll, you're not gonna be able to make it work. Or at least, have ANOTHER attacker to capitalize on it - like, say, Tapu Koko-GX? Surely something can work with that all in mind...


Standard: 3/5 (pretty powerful in his own right, though) 

Expanded: 3/5 (just suffers from the same problems any Stage 2 has) 

Limited: 1/5 (...like needing those previous Stages to get on the field) 

Arora Notealus: He may be a little slow, but there are ways to power him up faster than Charge Beam, like with Vikavolt from Sun&Moon. The problem is that you'd have to run them in even amounts so you can have Vikavolt show up as often as Vikavolt-GX, all the while managing it around your Charjabugs and Grubbins for evolution purposes. 

Next Time: And if you need something to heal him fast, considering this handy Item!


Vikavolt GX (Guardians Rising, 134/145) flies into the meta from the Guardians Rising expansion set.  A 240 HP Lightning type Pokemon, like many of its fellow GX Pokemon, it has three attacks.  Its first attack, Charge Beam, does fifty damage for a single Lightning energy.  It also has the added effect of being able to attach an energy from your discard pile to the active Pokemon (this Pokemon) if you have one there.  Its second attack (and probably the only other attack you would use) Super Zap Cannon does a whopping 180 damage, which, with Choice Band (Guardians Rising, 121/145), is more than enough to one shot almost every Pokemon in the game today.  It does have the disadvantage of having to discard two energy though.  Vikavolt GX’s third attack, Gigatron GX, does sixty damage to each Benched Pokemon.

In six matches, I went 1-5 with Vikavolt GX.  I did use a build that included the non-GX Vikavolt (Sun & Moon, 52/149) to attempt to power up and refuel Super Zap Cannon.  I will say that I faced six top tier decks in the matches I played, but it was fairly uncompetitive in the five matches I lost.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s review, we live in a meta that is dominated by single energy attachment Pokemon.  Look at how many top performers at recent tournaments have been single attachment attackers.  From Garbodor (Guardians Rising, 51/145) to Vespiquen (Ancient Origins, 10/98), from Alolan Ninetales GX (Guardians Rising, 132/145) to Zoroark Break (Breakthrough, 92/162), the most successful Pokemon right now need only a single energy to use their strongest attack.  And Metagross GX (Guardians Rising, 85/145) doesn’t really work as a counter argument because Geotech System allows for Metagross GX to become a single energy attachment attacker.  If it takes you four energy to use your main attack, chances are that Pokemon probably isn’t going to be competitive in today’s game where so many Pokemon need just one energy to do a LOT of damage.

I also feel that trying to build exclusively around the Vikavolts is very difficult.  There were a couple of games where I had a Grubbin (Sun & Moon, 13/149) prized and a game when I had a Vikavolt GX and a Vikavolt prized.  You’ve got to assume that something’s going to be prized, and that really makes it difficult for you to put together a full complement of attackers.  In the one match I won, I did not have any Pokemon prized (and I also had Alolan Vulpix (Guardians Rising, 21/145) as my starting Pokemon and drew into two Rare Candy (Sun & Moon, 129/149) very early as well).


Standard: 2 out of 5


Vikavolt GX right now can’t stand by itself as a feature Pokemon.  It could be used in other decks (maybe with Tapu Koko GX (Guardians Rising, 47/145), but it simply takes too long to power it up and get it evolved.  Its attack Super Zap Cannon might be one of the best attacks for GX Pokemon in the game at one shotting Pokemon, and maybe Lightning types will receive some help in the future to help them get powered up more quickly.  However, right now, I just don’t think you’re going to be competitive if you try to run Vikavolt GX as your feature Pokemon.

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