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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


- Sun & Moon

Date Reviewed:
April 17, 2017

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 1.5
Expanded: 2
Limited: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Hope you guys have had a great Easter! And hope you didn't miss me too much! Even writers need a nice week-off ;P 

...you know...to do real-life things.. 

SPEAKING OF REAL LIFE HOW ABOUT THAT POKEMON?! Wow that was a terrible transition. Well, Toucannon's an alright Pokemon, so let's get going on that tangent anyway. His first attack is Echoed Voice, a 2-for-60 strike that does 60 more damage on the next turn, provided you used Echoed Voice two turns in a row. Nothing terribly amazing, though I suppose it's nice to know that DCE is useful even on this guy. 

His other attack, Beak Blast, just costs one more Energy as a 3-for-100 and has a coin flip to determine if you'll Burn the opponent or not with his attack. Burn's a much better effect these days, even with the potential coin flip involved, since it's now a guaranteed 20 more damage, so if it's Heads, you might as well say this is a 3-for-120 hit. Plus if they can't remove it, the Burn does even more damage! How cool is that? 

Well that's about the end of the line for Toucannon. Although his Colorless status may give him a lot of power, his Stage 2 line-up is pretty slow, and his attacks aren't really powerful enough to justify it. Even a coin flip is damaging to the Pokemon using it...ironic, isn't it? 


Standard: 2/5 (he's a bit slow and not too powerful on his own) 

Expanded: 2/5 (maybe if he had good support he'd be good) 

Limited: 3/5 (but that sure does ask a lot out of your support, eh?) 

Arora Notealus: Having missed the last week, I'll say that Krookodile seems the same as always, Timer Ball's a neat card for Evolution decks, Alolan Dugtrio is FABULOOOOOOOUS...and his card is okay, and Rainbow Energy is a must for certain decks. Now can someone explain how a woodpecker evolves into a toucan? I mean the bill makes sense, but toucans and woodpeckers aren't in the same family! Same order, but...well, that might go over people's heads if they don't know taxonomy. 

Next Time: Gotta catch em all! Oh a new one? Lemme get this guy out... 


Toucannon (Sun & Moon, 108/149), yet another new, Stage 2 Pokemon out of the Sun & Moon release back in February, has 140 HP and two attacks, Echoed Voice and Beak Blast.  I had never even considered attempting to build a deck around this Pokemon, and I couldn’t find any videos on Toucannon anywhere.  So I scratched my head a little bit, tossed around some ideas, and came up with a Talonflame (Steam Siege, 96/114) Toucannon build.  I threw in Fairy Energy and some Fairy Drop (Fates Collide, 99/124) and Fairy Garden (Fates Collide, 100/124) to take advantage of those tech in cards, and gave it a shot.

In my fifth match, I actually managed to get a good set up.  I started Talonflame and managed to get three Toucannon powered up on the bench.  However, I looked at my board and at my opponent’s set up (Mega Gardevoir (Primal Clash, 156/160)), and I just knew that this was the best set up I had achieved in any of the five games I had played with it, and I had absolutely no chance of winning.  Actually, I don’t think I even had a chance of knocking out a single one of his Pokemon.  As Fairy Garden was the only stadium I played, he would have free reign to switch his Pokemon in and out of the active position, and I had no way to one shot any of those Mega Gardevoirs.  It simply dawned on me that this was as good as it was going to get for Toucannon, and I had absolutely no chance to win. 

I quickly conceded, but I still wanted to at least speak to the attack Beak Blast only because it contains the new burn mechanism as part of the attack.  So I decided to go into the test deck feature on PTCGO figuring that I’d at least get to speak to the how burn works.

I lost both of the test deck matches I tried to play as well.  Yeah that’s pretty pitiful.  In all fairness, the first deck was a lightning deck (Toucannon is weak to Lightning), and I dead drew with only Pikipek (Sun & Moon, 106/149) as my active Pokemon in the second attempt.  But after seven matches and seven losses – probably the first two test deck matches I’ve ever lost – I simply cannot recommend Toucannon as an even remotely competitive deck.


Standard: 1 out of 5


Friends don’t let friends play Toucannon.  Maybe if they’d made Echoed Voice so it did 80 and then 160 or if Beak Blast did 130 and if the burn mechanism didn’t involve so many coin flips, then maybe Toucannon might have more value.  Honestly, though, this is just a bad card.

BTW, burn works like this:

1)    You attack and do your damage (100 in this case)

2)    Then you flip a coin. 

3)    If heads you place a burn marker on the active Pokemon and two damage counters.  If tails, you do not place the burn marker or damage counters on your opponent’s active Pokemon.

4)    Then the opponent flips a coin again before the opponent moves on to his or her turn.  If heads, the burn marker is removed.  If tails, it remains.

5)    Your opponent takes their turn.

6)    A coin is flipped again.  If heads, the burn marker is removed.  If tails, two damage counters are added to the active Pokemon and the burn marker remains.  This continues at every change in turn until heads is the result of the coin flip.

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