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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


- Sun & Moon

Date Reviewed:
April 10, 2017

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 1.75/5 

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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We begin the week with Krookodile (Sun & Moon 85/149).  For better or worse, folks, this is going to be a heavily abridged review.  Being a Darkness Type doesn’t do much for Krookodile, and being a Stage 2 is definitely a hurdle to overcome in the contemporary game.  The 150 HP is solid, the Fighting Weakness can be deadly, the Psychic Resistance handy, and the Retreat Cost of [CCC] a burden that most decks will be able to manage.  Its first attack is “False Accusation” for [CC], which does 20 plus 20 per card in your opponent’s hand.  This looks good to me; it can’t hit brilliant amounts without a careless opponent, but it can hit some decent numbers for the investment.  Judge and Red Card can ensure you hit for 100, while early game N will allow you to do 140!  These aren’t enough for OHKO’s, which you need for the main attack of a Stage 2 (unless it is a Bench-sitter).  “Obsidian Fang” does 120 for [DDC], plus it discards all Tools attached to your opponent’s Active.  Solid damage with a solid effect… but not enough to justify running a Stage 2. 

The good news?  There are quite a few other Krookodile cards in Expanded, so you might make use of Krookodile (Sun & Moon 85/149).  The bad news?  If they aren’t worse than today’s version, they have the same problem; a good attack or Ability, but the rest is mediocre.  Perhaps there is a combination deck built around them available, but if you focus on Darkness Type support you’re better off with one of the many other established Darkness Type attackers.  In fact, that holds true even if we are talking Expanded and want a Darkness/Fighting Type deck; even though the Krookodile line has members of both Types, you’d be better off combining Yveltal-EX with some of the other strong Fighting Types.  Go ahead and have fun with it in Standard and Expanded play, but don’t expect to tear up the tournament scene.  If you can get the entire line, it is quite nice for Limited play, but that is less due to its specifics and just the nature of having a Stage 2 up and running in this format. 


Standard: 1.75/5 


Krookadile (Sun & Moon, 85/149) a Stage 2 Pokemon with 150 HP has two attacks, False Accusation and Obsidian Fang.  We’ll focus more on False Accusation, but I used Obsidian Fang a fair number of times.  False Accusation can hit for quite a bit of damage – in one match against Lapras GX (Sun & Moon, 35/149) I hit for 300 damage (I’m pretty sure my opponent was ignorant of the parameters of False Accusation as he just kept using Lapras’ Collect attack and stacking cards in his hand).  However, the average hand size is only four cards, so the attack False Accusation has a significant amount of inconsistency inherent to its nature. 

I have not seen Krookadile used even a single time in the two months of play since SUM’s release, and I couldn’t find many videos on it, so I built the deck with four Unown (Ancient Origins, 30/98) as the only other Pokemon outside of a 4-2-4 line of Krookadile.  I managed to win only 3 out of 10 matches.  I felt that it provided a higher level of competition than some of the other decks reviewed recently (Vikavolt (Sun & Moon, 52/149) Dragonite (Sun & Moon, 96/149) and Gigalith (Sun & Moon, 71/149), but it still falls short of even tier two status.  I doubt that you will win half of your matches with this deck in the current meta.  Your opponent will usually limit their hand size to minimize the damage from False Accusation, and Obsidian Fang’s four energy cost for only 120 damage is less than desirable.

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