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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


- XY157 Promo

Date Reviewed:
Sep. 29, 2016

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 2.62
Expanded: 1.33
Limited: Promo

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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Alright, if there was one Pokemon I wouldn't have expected to be an EX, it would've been Beedrill honestly. Even with the Mega Evo. And yet what a world we live in! 

If you're looking to get this card, it's gonna be a little difficult at the moment - cause he's not actually out yet! He's going to be released as a Promo (we are talking about Promo-EXs at the moment) in the upcoming Mega-Beedrill-EX Premium Collection - which are basically just bundles that come with exclusive promo cards like Beedrill-EX, along with several booster packs and an oversized promo of the featured card. It even comes with a snazzy pin and a coin! But enough about that, we're here to talk about the cards themselves! 

And Beedrill-EX himself...isn't too shabby, actually. Sure, he's got 160 HP - which you might recall is the same amount of damage Aurorus-EX can do with her attack - but he's got a couple perks that can make you reconsider him as a threat or not. Double Scrapper for instance is an interesting move that, for 1 Energy, will get rid of a couple of your opponent's Tools. It's basically Tool Scrapper though, just focusing on your opponent's Pokemon instead of giving the option for your own, so it's...well, it's alright. Tech choice though. 

At least he's got Pin Missile!......oh shoot he's got Pin Missile. 

At 2 Energy, the attack flips 4 coins and does 40 damage for each heads. As usual with these attacks, the potential to do 2-for-160 is amazing, but you're more likely to hit 2-for-80 on average. It's...well, it's the sort of attack you'd expect for Beedrill, to be honest. Just something more impressive like, I dunno, Twineedle? That'd be nice. Flip coins, more damage, chance to Poison, just saying. 

For now, Beedrill-EX is...okay. There's not any major reason to run him over other Pokemon-EX at the moment, but depending on how things turn up in the meta, he might make an appearance to counteract a powerful and widely-used Tool. Chances are you're not running him for Pin Missile, to say the least. So if you're a big Beedrill nerd, I'd say this is something to hold onto and treasure...cause this is probably the only Beedrill-EX we're getting for a long while. 


Standard: 1.5/5 (a cheap Tool Scrapper and a flippy attack is alright) 

Expanded: 1.5/5 (but compared to what's around and about, it's a bit lacking) 


Arora Notealus: I wonder if they'll consider giving Butterfree a Mega Evolution...I mean, if they'll give it to Beedrill, surely Butterfree could get one! Then again, we haven't seen any new Mega Evolutions in the entirety of the Gen VII trailers, but they're already doing some crazy stuff anyway. I'm honestly tempted to say that it'd be okay if there weren't any new Mega Evolutions in the next generation...Generation VIII on the other hand... 

Next Time: Didn't I say it was a Mega-Beedrill-EX Premium Collection?


Today is a bit unusual as we are looking at a card that has not yet released outside of Japan, though it’s close: Beedrill-EX (XY: Black Star Promos XY157).  Scheduled to officially release October 5th, which I believe means Beedrill-EX won’t be legal until October 21st.  Like the rest of this week, this is a Pokémon-EX and that means 

·         It gives up an extra Prize when KO’d
Has to deal with various effects punish you for using Pokémon-EX
Being excluded from beneficial effects
Being targeted by negative
Being either a Basic Pokémon or Mega Evolution
Having better stats (at least a small HP bump)
Often (but not always) having better effects 

As this is not a Mega Evolution (we’ll get to that) Beedrill-EX is a Basic Pokémon instead of its usual Stage 2 self.  Definitely an advantage, as this means it is faster (or faster with less effort) than most other Beedrill cards we’ve seen.  Just an interesting tidbit; there is one other Beedrill that released outside of Japan as a Basic Pokémon.  It is Beedrill {G}, a Pokémon SP affiliated with Team Galactic.  Pokémon SP were always either Basics or Level Up cards.   

Beedrill-EX is a Grass Type; this means many Water Types and a chunk of the Fighting Type will take double damage due to Grass Weakness.  There str no Grass Resistant Pokémon except in Unlimited, and we aren’t worried about that format.  Explicit Grass support includes a few nifty cards, like Forest of Giant Plants and Revitalizer, but some lesser options that might still prove useful.  Implicit Grass support includes cards that work elsewhere, but can work better in a Grass focused deck either due to the presences of basic Grass Energy, having room for explicit Grass support, or both.  Examples are Vespiquen (XY: Ancient Origins, Vileplume (XY: Ancient Origins 3/98), Virizion (XY: Ancient Origins 12/98), Virizion-EX, and Yanmega BREAK.  The only anti-Grass card of note is Parallel City, and it just drops damage by 20.  Beedrill-EX has 160 HP, 10 or 20 points below the typical Basic Pokémon-EX.  This marginal difference will matter on occasion, as some decks will either score a OHKO or score one more easily than against the more typical HP scores.  The Fire Weakness might be the real concern, as Volcanion/Volcanion-EX decks still seem to be a thing, and they go from having a chance of scoring a OHKO for one Energy attached (and several to discard) to having a strong chance.  Lack of Resistance is the worst a card can have, but is also quite common so its absence won’t ruin Beedrill-EX.  Its Retreat Cost is [C], which is low and easy to pay, both up front and long term.  Yet I really did expect it to be free, so make of that what you will. 

Beedrill-EX has two attacks.  The first is “Double Scrapper” for [C], which allows you to discard up to two Pokémon Tools attached to your opponent’s Pokémon.  So it is the Expanded only card Tool Scrapper, but as an attack.  The second attack is “Pin Missile” for [GC], which has you flip four coins and does 40 damage per “heads”.  There are five possible damage outcomes that break down as follows: 

·         6.25% (1 in 16) yield zero damage.
25% (4 in 16) yield 40 damage
37.5% (6 in 16) yield 80 damage
25% (4 in 16) yield 120 damage
6.25% (1 in 16) yield 160 damage. 

So minimum of zero (that’s bad), maximum of 160 (that’s great), mean, median, and mode of 80 (that’s good).  The 68.75% of outcomes where two Energy yields at least 80 damage makes me think this is a good, solid attack.  Not a great attack because there is a risk of zero or just 40 damage, but your chance of whiffing is balanced against a chance of 160, while your chance of 40 is balanced against a chance of 120.  It also helps that contrary to appearances, Pin Missile is not the “main attack” for this card: it is actually Double Scrapper!

In Standard right now, the only way to discard Pokémon Tools is via attack: while this is historically the norm, it is not however what we are used to in recent years.  With cards like Garbodor (XY: BREAKpoint 57/122) and Pokémon Tools like Fighting Fury Belt, a lot of players are missing Startling Megaphone, Tool Scrapper, and Xerosic, especially if they like to run Ability reliant decks.  So… why don’t players just adjust to not having these cards?  As mentioned, the game doesn’t seem to want to allow us to do that.  Decks that rely on Abilities are crippled if Garbodor hits the field, and just to add salt to the wound that excludes the Abilities used early game to aid in setting up.  Even Garbodor decks often run Shaymin-EX (XY: Roaring Skies 77/108, 106/108) because one tends to just use the Shaymin-EX first, usually on your first or second turn.  Cards like Magnezone (XY: BREAKthrough 54/162) aren’t original, using a proven method of Energy acceleration except it doesn’t work too well when any deck using Garbodor just grinds it to a halt.  Having room for a Stage 2, both high and low Energy Basic attackers, and/or an alternate means of Energy acceleration just aren’t happening, so you cannot really Garbodor proof that deck, and those in a similar state. 

Enter Beedrill-EX; this is not the only option, but the others I’ve seen are weaker, like Minccino (XY: Fates Collide 86/124).  In fact that one has low enough HP it might not even be a bargain versus a slightly small Pokémon-EX, and its attack only discards one Pokémon Tool.  Why is hitting two Tools so important?  If not in these Card of the Days, elsewhere I have made it clear that I think Tool Scrapper and Startling Megaphone are too strong: Tools are like Items that are a little restricted (you need a Pokémon with an open Tool slot, so a regular Item that discards multiples is easy advantage).  However attacks are another matter; you’re giving up a chance to try for a KO and that is just not worth it to discard a single card.  Plus it would mean an opponent just had to set up two Garbodor to have an unbreakable lock… well, one that needs two attacks to break unless you keep playing down more Tools.  In fact, this is why Double Scrapper seems underwhelming; you are giving up a lot by not attacking, especially if it isn’t early game.  I would really prefer it discarded all Tools (even if the attack needed to cost [CC]) or at least had you choose two of your opponent’s Pokémon and then discard all Tools attached to them (as some Pokémon may have multiple Tools). 

It is important to remember that this isn’t a fast solution; unlike with using a Trainer to do the job, this is happening right before your opponent’s turn so Abilities may only wink on long enough for your opponent to turn them off again.  There is another use as well; some Tools are just that dangerous in the long term.  Obviously Fighting Fury Belt can deny you a KO which in turn not only forces you to expend more resources taking it later, but allows your opponent to keep using his or her own resources (the Pokémon in question) that ought to have been KO’d.  Exp. Share and Float Stone are also pretty deadly when they have enough time to be used (or used repeatedly); all together you might get a good trade if you are hitting at least two of these at once.  Still for a Pokémon based solution, it needed to be an attack: an Ability would just be shut down by Garbotoxin anyway.  Then of course there is M Beedrill-EX; we’ll discuss that one tomorrow but at a glance it looks like it has at least a chance and hey, we are getting Beedrill Spirit Link alongside these two.  Odds are this will be good enough in Standard, skipped over (except maybe for Mega Evolving) in Expanded, and it isn’t legal for Limited at all (though it will likely be good if it ever gets re-released into a set). 


Standard: 3.35/5 

Expanded: 2/5 

Limited: N/A 

Summary: Beedrill-EX is probably going to be the Tool discard Pokémon, at least for the foreseeable future.  Why?  Unless we get a surprise promo or reveal, XY: Evolutions is known.  Yes the Rattata in it has an Ability to discard a Tool from your opponent’s Active when you play it from hand, that is still blocked by Garbotoxin.  If M Beedrill-EX proves useful, then it will be the decent back up attacker in the deck as well.  If a deck is Ability heavy, it’s probably going to need Beedrill-EX, while others will want to consider it for those edge cases.

Zach Carmichael

Only one more day until the weekend, folks! Today’s Card of the Day continues the trend of looking at Pokémon from the XY Black Star Promos. While it won’t be officially released until next week, Beedrill-EX is an interesting card that could potentially help fill the void that is lack of Tool removal in the current Standard format. It also has a Mega Evolution, but we’ll wait until tomorrow to cover it. 

The obvious reason players would consider playing a copy of Beedrill-EX in their decks is for its first attack, Double Scrapper. For a single Colorless Energy, it can discard up to 2 Tool cards attached to your opponent’s Pokémon. In a format that is currently being dominated by Ability lock thanks to Garbodor’s “Garbotoxin,” Beedrill-EX could certainly see play. The Energy requirement is notable because it makes the Pokémon splashable in any kind of deck. The second attack isn’t too relevant in my opinion, mainly because there aren’t really any competitive decks that use Grass Energy besides M Sceptile-EX, not to mention that coin flips generally are not worth it. 

So what kinds of decks would especially benefit from playing Beedrill-EX? The first one that comes to mind is Greninja BREAK. The Water Pokémon’s “Giant Water Shuriken” Ability makes it very tough to beat, but unfortunately Garbodor quickly shuts that off, effectively spelling the end for the army of frogs. Some of the main decks that run the heap of trash include Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX and M Mewtwo-EX (Y) – without Ability lock these decks actually have poor matchups to Greninja BREAK. By running a single Beedrill-EX, you could significantly improve your chances of doing well against these decks. Though Greninja variants often max out Dive Ball counts, they also normally run 2-3 Ultra Ball to provide further search, so the yellow bee could certainly find its way into the deck. They key to using Beedrill-EX is to know when and when not to use Double Scrapper. Most Garbodor decks run 5-6 Tool cards, so you will want to wait until you know your opponent can’t attach another Tool to Garbodor. At that point, Greninja BREAK can suddenly step in and do loads of damage. 

Another deck that could benefit is Volcanion-EX. The Pokémon’s “Steam Up” Ability quickly stacks to add damage boosts to the deck’s Fire-type Pokémon, enabling you to quickly chain OHKO’s for only a few Fire Energy. However, without the Ability the deck becomes significantly weaker and no longer can keep up the Prize exchange. That’s where Beedrill-EX comes in. Again, you have to time Double Scrapper perfectly, but it can make all the difference against Garbodor. Few decks can compete with Volcanion-EX once its Ability is up and rolling, so perhaps this will give the deck new life in the coming weeks ahead. 

In Expanded, I don’t really see a place for Beedrill-EX. There are two cards that already do a fine job in removing Tools: Startling Megaphone and Tool Scrapper. The latter is basically Double Scrapper in the form of an Item and is especially popular in Expanded because it can also remove Tools attached to your Pokémon, providing a counter to cards like Head Ringer and Jamming Net. Having to attack to remove a couple Tools versus just playing an Item makes Beedrill-EX irrelevant in this format. 


Standard: 3/5

Summary: Players have been desperately seeking a proper form of Tool removal in the Standard format. Perhaps Beedrill-EX will finally fill that void, as its Double Scrapper attack does just that and is splashable in any deck. A well-timed placement of the little bee could be just enough to stop Garbodor, but having to waste an attack to just discard Tools makes the card very situational. Unfortunately, Expanded has no place for the card as long as more viable options like Tool Scrapper exist. All in all, Beedrill-EX might just become a staple in Standard, but we will have to watch how the metagame changes with the upcoming Evolutions set to know for sure.

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