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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



- Furious Fists

Date Reviewed:
Sep. 25, 2014

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 2.0
Expanded: 2.5
Limited: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Welcome to another card of the day with one of Gen V's more unusual Pokemon, Gothitelle! But seriously, how many bow ties does one need on one's body anyway? I guess the Gothic lolita-style that Gothitelle is based on has some...interesting fashion choices. But enough about fashion, let's talk card games!
Gothitelle is another Stage 2 with an Ability and an okay 3-for-60 Psy Report attack which reveals the opponent's hand. That's not a bad attack, if anything it tells you what your opponent's got in store for you on their next turn, but chances are by the time you get Gothitelle out, you've got a pretty good idea of what your opponent's playing and what they're going to be doing. If anything, Psy Report just confirms your suspicions and let's you await the inevitable; this kind of thing would probably be better off as an Ability, since you could then prep yourself for your opponent's moves rather than waiting a turn to have their hand completely changed by Juniper/Sycamore or N.
Gothitelle's Ability, Teleport Room, is...well, interesting. It works as a reverse of regular Stadium play; instead of playing a new Stadium from the hand to discard a Stadium in play, you discard a Stadium in play to play a new Stadium from the discard pile. Kinda strange, but luckily there's a few Stadiums to utilize: Fighting Stadium, Training Center, Virbank City Gym, Mountain Ring, Frozen City, Shadow Circle, Fairy Garden, Plasma Frigate, Aspertia City Gym, Magnetic Storm, and Champion's Festival. There's also going to be more Stadiums on the way (in case you haven't been keeping track of the next set, Phantom Forces, coming out in November), so Gothitelle will have no shortage of options.
But what deck could afford to run a Stage 2 that cycles back Stadiums? Fighting decks would rather focus on Landorus-EX/Lucario-EX, offensive decks using Virbank don't really want the extra space, and Plasma decks...well, Gothitelle's not Plasma, so that can't help it much. Most of the time, I imagine a deck would want to just run 2-3 Stadiums rather than work around an entire Stage 2 set-up just to have the option of cycling a Stadium back. The other quip to take with this Ability is your opponent might not even be running a Stadium card in their deck, meaning you'll have to discard your own Stadium to bring out a different Stadium from your discard pile, and that's just a bit too backwards for my taste.
Gothitelle's got an interesting Ability and an interesting attack, but she just doesn't bring enough to the table to justify competitive play. Even with the format developing moreso around Stadium cards (at least, a Stadium-centric format is what the Pokemon Company's telegraphing with all these releases, in my opinion), Gothitelle just takes up too much for not enough. Still, it's cards like her that make playing certain Stadiums a hassle (looking at you, Training Center/Aspertia City Gym), so casual play may see her in a deck that spreads damage and replaces the player's own Stadium, but that's a gimmick at best.
Standard: 2/5 (there's just not enough room to play with her, even in a format she's practically built for)
Expanded: 2.5/5 (I rank her a little higher here because in this format, there's Tropical Beach to consider, so she might see play based around that)
Limited: 2.5/5 (if you've got room for her, she can definitely mess with your opponent's Stadium, but she is going to be slower here)
Arora Notealus: So Gothitelle's psychic powers allow for cosmic bodies that we can't see to be visible. How that works is beyond me, but if the Hubble Space Telescope and various space probes have taught us anything, it's that there's always more to space than meets the eye. I wonder if Gothitelle can see our planet from here...
Next Time: HAWK SMASH!!


Gothitelle (XY: Furious Fists 41/111) is a Psychic-Type; right now that is useful for hitting Weakness (many Fighting-Types and other Psychic-Types) but you’ll also have to deal with periodic Resistance (Darkness- and Metal-Types) and currently the Type based support is lacking.  Being a Stage 2 means it requires significantly more deck space and time to get into play; even with Rare Candy it will be a second turn and three total cards, and if it must Evolve manually, Gothitelle will need three total turns as well.  Unfortunately, the Evolution mechanics still appear to be quite unbalanced.

130 HP is not the lowest we see for Stage 2 Pokémon, but it is the low end for what we typically see being printed and used (130 to 150) in competitive play.  It isn’t cripplingly bad, but this is a Stage 2 that is more than likely going down with one attack or an absurdly easy 2HKO.  Its own Psychic Weakness will make it vulnerable to cards like Mewtwo-EX, though at least clocking in with an odd-numbered HP score means whiffing by 10 or some degree of overkill.  The lack of Resistance is disappointing (not that it helps much) but justified due to the irritating combinations of video game Types that become video game Types, though I wish the same logic had been applied to Weakness; in short no video game Weakness or Resistance cleanly translates to the TCG.  Speaking of things that don’t translate well, the Retreat Cost (a mechanic that doesn’t really exist in the video games or is based on some weird combination of traits) of two is low enough you’ll often be able to pay it if you must, but at the same time it sets you back enough you really would prefer not to; fortunately the format already makes it desirable to have at least one (sometimes multiple) alternatives to paying that full cost (either lowering it or bypassing it altogether).

Gothitelle sports an Ability and an Attack.  The former is intriguing, but wishes it had been released several years prior; Teleport Room allows you to discard a Stadium that is in play and then replace it with one from your discard pile that has a different name.  If rulings are out for this card I have missed them, but if precedence can be trusted you should be able to discard an opponent’s Stadium even if you lack a replacement (you do as much of the effect as you can).  The text also has the usual once-per-turn-before-you-attack restriction, and I would assume that multiple Gothitelle could each use Teleport Room on the same turn.  You can’t “revive” a Stadium if there isn’t one already in play and as the discard pile is public knowledge and the second part is not optional, you cannot simply discard an opponent’s Stadium to clear the field but must replace it with one of your own.  This is a good effect, but alone doesn’t cover the cost of running a Stage 2 Pokémon; had it come out between 6 and 10 years ago (give or take) then some impressive combos could be had.  There were Stadiums that placed damage counters on Pokémon with a specific trait (Cursed Stone, Desert Ruins), ignored the usual once-per-turn Evolution restriction (Broken Time-Space) and even provided draw power (Speed Stadium).  We have some good Stadiums available, but not to the degree of those.  The attack - Psy Report - doesn’t impress; for [PCC] it scores 60 points of damage and allows you to see your opponent’s hand.  Unless we are getting sufficient “combo” pieces later on, this attack needs to hit for about 30 more points, though if you were desperate a Silver Bangle or the like would get it into 2HKO range of Pokémon-EX.

There are currently four Standard legal Gothita: BW: Emerging Powers 43/98 (I’ll explain), BW: Boundaries Crossed 75/149, BW: Legendary Treasures 69/113 (alternate art reprint of BW: Emerging Powers 43/98), BW: Legendary Treasures 70/113 and XY: Furious Fists 39/111).  Expanded adds back BW: Emerging Powers 44/98 and BW: Dragons Exalted 55/124.  All are Psychic-Type Basic Pokémon with Psychic Weakness, no Resistance, a single Energy Retreat Cost and no Abilities.  BW: Dragons Exalted 55/124, BW: Legendary Treasures 70/113 and XY: Furious Fists 39/111 each only have 50 HP while the other versions have 60.  For [C],  BW: Emerging Powers 43/98 and BW: Legendary Treasures 69/113 can cause the Defending Pokémon to Sleep and for [CC] allow you to flip two coins, inflicting 20 points of damage per “heads”.  BW: Emerging Powers 44/98 has just one attack, costing [CC] and hitting for 20 points of damage.  BW: Dragons Exalted 55/124 also has just one attack, for [P], and it allows you to look at the top five cards of your deck and rearrange them as you wish.  BW: Boundaries Crossed 75/149 can hit for 10 at a price of [P] or 20 for [CC].  BW: Legendary Treasures 70/113 does 10 for [CC], plus another 20 if you get “heads” on a coin toss.  Lastly XY: Furious Fists 39/111 can do 10 for [P] or 10 with a 50% chance of Paralysis for [PC].  None of these are good cards, so we’ll focus on just surviving to Evolve.  BW: Emerging Powers 43/98 (and BW: Legendary Treasures 69/113) then become the top choice; Sleep is inexpensive and can stall, and it has 60 HP instead of 50.

Gothorita is similar; for Standard you can choose between BW: Emerging Power 45/98 (it got reprinted), BW: Boundaries Crossed 76/149, BW: Legendary Treasures 71/113 (again the alternate art reprint of BW: Emerging Power 45/98) and XY: Furious Fists 40/111, while Expanded adds back BW: Emerging Powers 46/98 and BW: Dragons Exalted 56/124.  All are Psychic-Type Stage 1 Pokémon with 80 HP, Psychic Weakness, no Resistance, single Energy Retreat Costs and two attacks (no Abilities).  BW: Emerging Power 45/98 and BW: legendary Treasures 71/113 can flip two coins for 20 damage per “heads” at a cost of [C] or inflict 20 points of damage and Confusion (no coin flip required) for [PC].  BW: Emerging Power 46/98 needs [P] to flip a coin and (if heads) discard an Energy attached to one of your opponent’s Pokémon, and for [PCC] it can deal 50 points of damage.   BW: Dragons Exalted 56/124 needs [P] to hit for 10 with Sleep or [PCC] to hit for 40 while ignoring Weakness and Resistance.  BW: Boundaries Crossed 76/149 can swing for 30 at a cost of [CC] or 50 with a coin flip to discard an Energy from the Defending Pokémon for [PCC].  XY: Furious Fists 10/111 can look at the top five cards of your opponent’s deck and reorder them at will for [C] while for [PC] it can smack (actually Smack is the attack name) the opponent for 30 points of damage.

None of these cards are going to be worth attacking with except in extreme situations.  A few of the attacks might have made for good Abilities but dealing with what we have… take your pick.  A major issue is the Energy; as a Stage 1 you might actually might be able to meet the Energy requirements for the larger attacks, and while all are overpriced many have a secondary effects that really could help.  So as long as one attack disrupts the opponent, it probably isn’t too bad an option.  Yes, even between Standard and Expanded, its still your call which to run as the main thing, the HP, remains constant (and still within Level Ball range).  I suppose I could comment about Limited; the first attack (Fortunate Eye) could be worthless could be amazing for slowing down your opponent in a format where you’re mostly stuck with what you can draw into.

There are also other Gothitelle to consider.  In Standard you can run (either alongside or instead of today’s version) BW: Emerging Powers 47/98 or BW: Legendary Treasures 72/113, where the latter is a reprint of the former with some alternate art.  It was reviewed in a past formats here, here and here; why so many looks?  While it has the same Attributes as today’s CotD, its Ability prevents your opponent from playing Items from hand, which is quite strong.  Its attack ended up being about 20 points underpowered on top of never getting an adequate source of Energy acceleration: [CCC] for 30 plus 20 more per [P] Energy attached; we’ve seen this attack work elsewhere but doing 50+ and partnered with good Energy acceleration.  This actually could be partnered with today’s card; even focusing on the Item lock keeping a useful Stadium in play can be important, enough to justify at least one copy of today’s version.  The catch is people are not already playing this version; you have alternatives for Item lock in the form of Trevenant and Seismitoad-EX that are already seeing play.

In Expanded, you gain access to BW: Emerging Powers 48/98 which was reviewed here and BW: Dragons Exalted 57/124, which never received a Pojo review.  The former has 10 less HP than the other versions and both have two attacks.  BW: Emerging Powers 48/98 can do 30 for [P] or for [PCC] it can hit for 60 points of damage plus get a coin flip to determine the effect (“heads” Confuses, “tails” discards an Energy attached to the Defending Pokémon).  The damage is way too low for something that has no purpose but being a Stage 2 glass cannon.  BW: Dragons Exalted 57/124 actually has two attacks that are almost worth it: for [PC] Doom Decree has you flip two coins for an auto-KO while for [PCC] Black Magic does 40 plus 20 per Benched Pokémon your opponent has in play.  Besides both attacks having great names, they compliment each other by making it more dangerous to go with a small Bench (especially no Bench) or with a heavy Bench (especially maxed out).  You need Victini (latest printing BW: Legendary Treasures 23/113) to improve your odds with Doom Decree, but in the end it all comes up a bit short.  Either would likely be better off backed by a copy of today’s CotD to control the Stadium in play.

It is always good when you can get rid of something that is currently hurting your own deck, but not much works well with Gothitelle.  In Standard we currently have Aspertia City Gym, Champions Festival, Fairy Garden, Fighting Stadium, Frozen City, Magnetic Storm, Mountain Ring, Plasma Frigate, Shadow Circle, Training Center and Virbank City Gym.  The only one that straight up works for Gothitelle without extra “bits” is Training Center… which is better when you’ve got Gothitelle to help a single copy win Stadium wars.  Everything and anything else might be justified by a different attacker (or running Hypnotoxic Laser), but some are easier to work in than others (like Mountain Ring that just needs either player to be running something that damages the Bench of the player running Gothitelle).  Expanded brings back Battle City, Pokémon Center, Skyarrow Bridge, Tropical Beach and Twist Mountain.  As the discard is public knowledge, I don’t know if a Stadium being discarded and then brought back resets a once-per-turn-effect or not, but as you can’t bring back a Stadium with the same name, you would need at least two Gothitelle to even try.  Multiple copies of today’s Gothitelle does enable some nice tricks, like flashing a “Once-per-turn” effect back into play for you to use it, then getting rid of it for whatever benefits you the most, as well as just ultimately winning Stadium wars.

For now, Gothitelle doesn’t strike me as being worthwhile; after all none of the other Gothitelle are seeing major play right now, and there isn’t any Stadium (or Stadium enhanced Pokémon) worth the effort of running a Stage 2.  Factor in that you can’t protect what you have in play (which arguably might be more valuable, providing stability), and while you might win a Stadium war so that your Training Center is granting +30 HP to all of your stuff with no fear of it being discarded, this would likely be several turns in, and unless you knew your opponent’s exact deck you couldn’t be sure that you had actually ensure your desired Stadium was sticking around.  We really need stronger Stadiums or Pokémon that are more greatly enhanced by a particular Stadium (or both) to make this Gothitelle worthwhile.


Standard: 1.75/5 - Gothitelle does something useful, but with the format how it is, it isn’t worth the effort of a Stage 2 to do it.

Expanded: 1.8/5 - You gain access to more Stadiums, but they make only a token amount of difference, and as I am still operating almost totally with guess work about this format, its possible the different dominant decks would render it even less effective.

Limited: 3.5/5 - Finally a chance to shine!  While you won’t run this instead of a deck built around a lone big, Basic Pokémon, this set has three Stadiums that tend to help or hinder a variety of decks, and controlling which Stadium is in play can be a big deal.  Psychic Weakness isn’t everywhere this set, but its common enough (especially as most will want to run Fighting-Types and the support for them in this set).  So this line is worth running here, though still not overly strong.

Summary: I really wanted to like this card; I remember the amazingly potent Stadium cards that once resulted in decks running at least three Stadium cards and even five… with yet even more for certain specialty decks.  Gothitelle yearns for such days as well, as it would be much more potent in such a format.  Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get what it needs in pending sets.

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