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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


 #4 - Korrina

- Furious Fists Top 10

Date Reviewed:
Sep. 2, 2014

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 4.25
Expanded: 4.25
Limited: 4.63

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

#4 Korrina 

A Type-specific Supporter offering a lot of versatility and no drawback (apart from the whole being a Supporter thing)? I guess we can say for sure that the card designers want Fighting Types to be a real force in the game. 

Korinna is a card with a straightforward effect that can be used to open up a lot of possibilities: she searches your deck for a Fighting Type Pokémon and an item, so you can grab a Landorus EX and a Muscle Band, or a Lucario EX and a Hypnotoxic Laser, or regular Landorus and a Computer Search to fetch you the Strong Energy you need for the KO. I haven’t even mentioned Switch, Dowsing Machine, Startling Megaphone, Professor’s Letter, or any of the other incredibly useful items that decks use these days, but that should give you some idea of just how versatile a card Korinna can be. The Pokémon search is very good too: together with Ultra Ball, it improves consistency for Fighting decks by giving them more ways of getting their Pokémon into play.

That last point is what may well persuade players to run Korinna alongside (or instead of) Skyla. Skyla is the more flexible choice as it can get you Stadiums and other Supporters, but being able to grab a needed Pokémon as well as an Item (especially if Item lock prevents you from playing Ultra Ball) is not to be turned down lightly. Clearly, Korinna is a card that will only see play in one deck type, and that somewhat limits the rating it can be given, but is a great asset to any Fighting deck. 


Modified: 4 (great in Fighting decks, everything else will use Skyla)

Expanded: 4 (Fighting is likely to be just as good here)

Limited: 4.75 (if you are playing Fighting Pokémon and/or any Items, you will want this)


Hey guys, and welcome back to the Top 10 Furious Fists countdown! Today's card is none other than the Fighting Gym Leader of Kalos, Korrina! I don't know exactly what would compel GameFreak to design a Fighting Gym Leader with roller skates, but we're not here to talk about people's choices in fashion! We're going to take a look at the great support that Korrina provides to those Fighting decks that are going to be - and may already be - all the rage!
Korrina is a Supporter, as with many major characters made into cards (i.e., Skyla, Juniper/Sycamore, N, Colress, etc.), and she's got a HUGE support effect! When you play her, she gives you a Fighting Pokemon AND an Item card from your deck. That's two cards for one! Immediately you can get a Lucario-EX and Muscle Band, or grab Landorus-EX and Hypnotoxic Laser! You could grab that Machamp you need with a Rare Candy for the Machop! The possibilities are large and endless!
...well, at least in terms of Fighting decks. While it's true that you could tech a few Fighting-types into stuff like Plasma and VirGen - ya know, decks that don't really run Fighting - in order to benefit from Korrina, there's no real reason to. There are few decks that could benefit from certain Fighting-types in them, but the sacrifice they'd need to make to accommodate is just too much. No, this is going to strictly be in decks that support Fighting-types, whether they're pure Fighting or not.
Korrina gives Fighting decks acceleration from the deck in a similar manner to the new Landorus providing acceleration from the discard pile. And when a deck can take advantage of manipulating its own deck and discard, it's got consistency! And that's pretty scary considering what else lurks in this set.
Standard: 4.5/5 (one word: consistency)
Expanded: 4.5/5 (consistencyyyyy)
Limited: 4.5/5 (cooooonsistencyyyyyyyy)
Arora Notealus: Coooo-okay, but seriously the Full Art version is amazing! It's actually her Mega-Evolving using her bracelet, that's pretty cool!
Next Time: Are you going to be surprised? Maybe maybe not!


Just missing out on being one of the top three picks of XY: Furious Fists is Korrina (XY: Furious Fists 95/111, 111/111).  As a reminder, each reviewer compiled his own separate Top 10 list, submitted it, and Pojo compiled the “master list” or review by averaging out those individual lists.  Since my review is late, we are now officially past the rotation point, with Standard being BCR-On (plus various promos), Expanded officially existing and Limited… well rotation doesn’t affect Limited. 

Korrina is a Type themed Supporter; it lets you search your deck for a Fighting-Type Pokémon and then an Item.  This gets it compared to Skyla and as you might expect.  I fall on the side of Korrina being just as good as Skyla, possible better, albeit sensitive to what Pokémon are being run in the deck.  Skyla definitely is used to grab Supporters and Stadiums, but most of the time the target is an Item, at least in my own experience.  Getting both a Fighting-Type Pokémon (Basic, Evolution, whatever) and an Item one more card of advantage, and often with no real drawback.  Even if you don’t have a Fighting-Type Pokémon to grab, you’re just getting the Item you would have grabbed with Skyla anyway. 

That in no way makes Skyla obsolete, and in fact if your deck doesn’t have either a few significant Fighting-Types or several Fighting-Types of varying degrees of importance, you should of course stick to Skyla; better to get the Trainer you need than just an Item and Pokémon you’ll rarely use.  Decks that do have a few clutch Fighting-Types to play might select one or the other, blend the two or run neither according to what one’s play-testing indicates.  Decks where Fighting-TYpes are a significant presence need a good reason not to run Korrina over Skyla.  The capacity to get a useful Pokémon while still snagging a Professor’s Letter or the best Pokémon Tool for the situation or a Switch or a Bicycle or an Ace Spec etc. is hard to turn down, and while I don’t know how successful it will prove, all Stage 2 Fighting-Types basically can use a Korrina to auto-Evolve by searching out their Stage 2 form plus a Rare Candy.

Something to keep an eye out for is Fighting-Types that lessen the need to have used your Supporter for draw power (since you’re using it for search).  This can be added draw power like Lucario-EX (via its Corkscrew Punch) or Landorus (XY: Furious Fists 58/111) if its able to sufficiently accelerate Energy; Korrina provides an Item and a Pokémon, so an Energy is sort of the final component.  There isn’t any Fighting-Type equivalent to a Jirachi-EX or a Mewtwo-EX (at least not yet), but given the game’s penchant for releasing amazingly powerful combos, I won’t be surprised if we get one down the road. 

I sadly must once again confess to being uncertain of how Expanded will work with respect to this card.  For now I think it will be slightly better, due to the wider variety of Items you can search out.  For example, Pokémon Communication would allow you to trade the Fighting-Type you just searched out for the Pokémon of a different Type you actually could really use.  For Limited, only skip it if you absolutely cannot make use of it; that means you are running no Fighting-Types or Items.  Even a single example of either qualifies, as you should have the room in a Limited deck for an often-dead Trainer that is periodically amazing. 


Standard: 4/5 - An aggregate score; in most Fighting-Type decks at least a few (and possibly a maxed out four count) of Korrina is a must (and thus a perfect or near perfect score).  In decks that run few to none, its a worse Skyla, so a below average score… putting them together with some guess work means its averages out to roughly “great”. 

Expanded: 4.25/5 - More tricks means more power, so the same as above with a little bonus. 

Limited: 4.95/5 - There is a chance you won’t have a Fighting-Type or Item worth running in your deck.  For example, you get Heracross-EX and nothing else to dissuade you from running Heracross-EX in +39 build and no Item that isn’t a Fossil or restricted to Fighting-Types.  Most of the time, its an obvious must run. 

Summary: Korrina provides a badly needed third “main Supporter”, but only for decks with an adequate Fighting-Type presence.  Get a playset and try her out; as if Fighting-Types weren’t already enjoying the rest of their support, now you get what (in such decks) is a “better” Skyla… barring the few times when you would prefer to search for a Stadium or Supporter.

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