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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


 Battle Reporter

- Furious Fists

Date Reviewed:
Sep. 12, 2014

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 2.25
Expanded: 1.75
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Well now that that Top 10 list is finished, it's time to get back to regular writing for the other cards in the Furious Fists set. So let's start with another Supporter in the form of Battle Reporter, a character who I'm pretty sure has no appearance in the games and is here basically to flesh out the theme of boxing that this set promotes! Remember kids, one day you too could grow up to be a Battle Reporter!
All things considered, he's not a bad card. When you play him, you get to draw cards until you've got the same in hand as your opponent. This is great early on when you want to vomit your hand onto the field and then gain back precious resources, but as you can imagine, it's a bit lackluster later on when the opponent has also vomited their hand and only have 1-2 cards. Play it after they use Juniper/Sycamore, though, and things go right back to where they started!...assuming they don't play their hand out as quickly as they drew it, of course.
I can imagine people running this alongside Seismitoad-EX though, simply because he keeps their Items locked down in their hand, giving them more cards to hold onto, and at the same time providing an excellent refresher to your hand when you play your Battle Reporter!
So why would you not play a guy like Battle Reporter amongst all the other Supporters like Sycamore, Skyla, Korrina for Fighting decks, Lysandre, maybe Team Flare Grunt, Pokemon Center Lady-oh wow that's a lot of supporters to consider. And that may be why you won't see too much of Battle Reporter competitively; he's got to fight off his own battle for the space in the deck. I can imagine running 1-2 copies though, since beyond that is relying on a variable that you may not have control of, which tones down the consistency of Battle Reporter.
Still, he's a good card to come from behind with, and played at the right time, he can help you out of a jam easy! Timing is everything though, so be wary!
Standard: 3/5 (he's a good draw Supporter, but the fact that he relies on the number of cards in the opponent's hand makes him less reliable)
Expanded: 2/5 (I imagine with all the other Supporters around, you're going to just want to stick to your guns than make room for Battle Reporter)
Limited: 3/5 (drawing a bunch of cards is great, and you're less likely to watch your opponent play out their hand if they're only running a +39 deck...though that usually means you've got bigger problems)
Arora Notealus: What's with the Patrat on this guy's shoulder? I'm sure he wants to keep an eye on the competition, but wouldn't a Hawlucha or a Tyrogue work out better? Thematically-speaking.
Weekend Thought: I, uh...I already came up with one of these, huh? 


Today we look at Battle Reporter (XY: Furious Fists 88/111, 109/111).  This a Supporter, and specifically a “draw” based Supporter; such cards tend to be integral to setting up and maintaining your deck, keeping resources flowing into your hand.  While we have many draw supporters, much like with the rest of the format, the best define the rest.  Which group will Battle Reporter join? 


Battle Reporter has many flaws and especially given the current environment, it is nearly the worst draw option available; it isn’t Cedric Juniper or Team Plasma Grunt level bad, but its close.  It allows you to draw until you have cards in hand equal to your opponent’s hand size.  Most players get their hands down to three to five cards heading into the opponent’s turn; unless you’ve got a means of forcing your opponent to add to his or her hand, that means even with just a Battle Reporter in hand, you’re not likely to be any better off than if you had run a Bianca.  You might as well accept the reliable but small draw power of Cheren or Tierno, and while there are many other draw Supporters that aren’t so great, most of what I left out has some niche to make them worthwhile. 

Battle Reporter is only really good if you’ve got a small hand (preferably just one copy of Battle Reporter) and your opponent has a large hand.  If your own hand is larger, you can’t play it.  There are always three possibilities; your hand is larger, your hand is the same or your hand is smaller than your opponent’s, and while you’re more concerned with the relative difference in size, the smaller the hands are the less you draw as well. 

There are two similar older Supporters that at least had some periods of use that are similar to Battle Reporter, and the differences help illustrate where Battle Reporter went wrong.  Copycat was one of the first Supporters ever released, and it had you shuffle before drawing until you had as many cards in hand as your opponent; this meant as long as your opponent had a hand, you could try for at least one new card.  Holon Scientist required you discard a card before drawing, as a cost of playing the Supporter, and then had you draw until your hand was the same size as your opponent’s: the discard helped increase the likelihood of being able to draw more cards, but the main benefit was tapping into the “Holon Trainer Engine”, a term referencing how there were many related pieces of Trainer support for the Holon cards. Holon Transceiver was the key one, allowing you to add a Supporter with Holon in its name from your deck or your discard pile and add it to hand. 

In Expanded, I am unaware of any combos that will make Battle Reporter any better.  In Limited, if you pull it you run it, barring the improbable chance you pull enough better cards to build a deck.  Due to their scarcity, both draw power and Supporters are near automatic must-runs in this format… and yet that shouldn’t mislead you into thinking the card is a lot better here.  This is a literal case of being better than nothing; my own testing in theme deck battles via the PTCGO had me hating Battle Reporter for existing as even here it was constantly getting “stuck” in hand or miniscule draws when it could work.  Human opponent’s quickly figured out they needed to mind their hand size.  The Enchanted Echo Theme Deck which contained it even has Tornadus (XY: Furious Fists 86/111), which has an attack that hits harder if both players hands are the same size.  While it sometimes worked, many times I couldn’t even pull of that simple a combo, though I suppose if we get some future cards that reward players well enough for having the same hand size in the future, Battle Reporter might find its niche.  Just remember that, as it means not using anything you draw that doesn’t replace itself (keeping your hand size the same) in addition to your Supporter for the turn, making it probably better to just rely on naturally “synching” up. 


Standard: 1.5/5 - It isn’t worthless, but its really bad. 

Expanded: 1.5/5 - The fact that I don’t see it as being much worse may actually be viewed as a small triumph for this card. 

Limited: 3/5 - Technically a must run, but I can’t bring myself to label it higher because you might not even be able to use it here!  Run it, but not use it; if you’re playing in a Limited event using XY: Furious Fists, you have a good reason to keep your hand synched up with your opponent’s (unless Tornadus is already in play).  If you somehow manage to pull enough cards that you don’t have room for it, gladly drop it. 

Summary: Battle Reporter was really disappointing; I was so excited at first glance because I forgot what made Copycat and Holon Scientist actually work.  If there was a way to force your opponent to draw or some spectacular effect that required your hand size match your opponent’s (and was worth that you’d be burning your Supporter just to synch up), it could be good, but that’s a pretty specific niche that still overlaps with other cards like Hugh.

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