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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


#2 - Seismitoad EX

- Furious Fists Top 10

Date Reviewed:
Sep. 10, 2014

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 4.38
Expanded: 4.18
Limited: 4.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

#2 Seismitoad EX 

If Lucario’s stock has fallen since we previewed these cards, then Seismitoad’s has risen. A lot. 

Item lock is always powerful. Anyone who has played in a format where it exists will know that. Seismitoad comes into the format complete with the ‘Disconnect’-style attack (now re-named Quaking Punch) that we have seen before on the old Manectric ex (winner of Worlds 2006!) and the more recent Zebstrika NXD (which was somewhat less successful). Now however, you can have the Item-locking effect on a big fat EX Pokémon and most important of all, it only takes a single (Double Colourless) Energy attachment to use. 

The damage output of Quaking Punch is very underwhelming in this environment, but when you consider that it can be boosted by Muscle Band and Hypnotoxic Laser/Virbank City Gym, it starts to look a little more adequate. This is especially the case as you are locking you opponent out of so much that makes their deck work, including Switch (making it difficult to retreat out of Poison/Sleep), and their own damage-enhancing Items. Pair Seismitoad with Garbodor for a tough-to-break double lock (they can’t use Startling Megaphone); you can also support it with whatever back up attackers you feel will work best, thanks to the Colourless Energy requirements of Quaking Punch: Mewtwo EX, Yveltal EX, Landorus EX, Pyroar FLF . . . there are lots of options that adjust the deck to the wider metagame. 

The goofy Toad isn’t invincible: Virizion/Genesect decks will destroy it unless it is backed by a heavy Pyroar line, and Energy-efficient big-hitters like Mewtwo EX can go toe-to-toe with Seismitoad pretty effectively. That said, never underestimate the power of a Pokémon that can Item lock from the first attacking turn of the game: it’s not easy to get your deck rolling when you have no access to Ultra Ball, Professor’s Letter, ACE SPECs, Float Stone, Bicycle etc etc . . .  

If you’re playing a deck that has a bad match up with Seismitoad, then you will find the next few tournaments a bit of a struggle. 


Modified: 4.5 (such a great attack on such a silly Pokémon. Who says the card designers don’t have a sense of humour?)

Expanded: 4.25 (Item lock is still very effective, but the Toad has a few more things to worry about – like Accelgor and Rayquaza EX)

Limited: 4 (decks don’t run on items here, but it’s still a big EX and the second attack is decent)


Another not so surprising candidate for our Top 3 of the Top 10 cards shows his face, the Item-locking Seismitoad-EX! Once again, you can find my thoughts on him here


Now the real question is why is Seismitoad-EX higher on our list than Lucario-EX? Well comparing the two, Lucario-EX has a lot of damage-dealing moves and a great draw support with Corkscrew Smash, but as far as utility goes, Seismitoad-EX is far more splashable and works against every kind of deck. When was the last deck you saw without any Items in it whatsoever? Lucario-EX is confined to Fighting decks because of his Energy costs, but Seismitoad-EX can splash right in with his Quaking Punch even in decks with no Water Energy! Not that many folk would run him for Grenade Hammer anyway.


Seismitoad-EX may not have the power and support Lucario-EX has, but he can still fend him off of Items like Muscle Band and Hypnotoxic Laser, prevent the opponent from setting up other attackers with Professor's Letter and Ultra Ball, and even keep stuff like G Booster from coming down and annihilating you immediately! He's a powerful ally to have, and by taking away your opponent's Items for a few turns, you gain a tremendous advantage!




Standard: 4.5/5 (Item-lock is a critical piece, and keeping that going for several turns can cripple an opponent's strategy!)


Expanded: 4/5 (while Item-lock is a big bonus here alongside other great supporters like Garbodor, Seismitoad-EX himself is going to be a bit more vulnerable while locking the opponent down, and stuff that doesn't rely solely on Items like Rayquaza-EX will just tear him apart)


Limited: 4.5/5 (Item-Lock and high damage, man; I only keep him from perfect because of Fighting support)


Arora Notealus: I've always gotta laugh at those two wart-sphere things above Seismitoad's eyes. They always look like an estranged pair of eyebrows! Cracks me up~




The second most promising card of XY: Furious Fists is… another repeat!  We once again look at Seismitoad-EX (XY: Furious Fists 20/111, 106/111), which we first reviewed here just over a month ago.  I’ll cover what has changed since then; re-reading my own work so much and yet so little has changed.


First, what makes this card so potent is… well nearly the entire package, really.  Almost every aspect of the card is a positive for it, and even being that harsh on it is something of a pessimistic view.  Still, the thing that has everyone running it is Quaking Punch, an attack that requires only [CC] but delivers an adequate 30 points of damage while preventing your opponent from playing Items during his or her next turn.  As it has been the last few formats, Supporters drive the deck but Items keep you from having to run quite as many as you would otherwise need to function.  I had been experimenting with Item-based draw going into the new format, and a single match against Seismitoad-EX reminded me that was a huge mistake.  The attack wouldn’t be as good without the rest of the card, but without the attack the rest of the card could easily be another forgettable Pokémon-EX.


The second attack, Grenade Hammer, might have an interesting name, but it means pretty little to the card.  A lot of decks won’t even be able to use it; they are running Seismitoad-EX solely for Quaking Punch and run no source of [W] Energy.  Unless you already had to power-up with at least a single [W] Energy, this attack usually won’t be worth putting three Energy on the card (and more importantly, breaking your Item lock).  Still it is a decent option to have: 130 for [WWC] with the drawback of smacking two of your own Benched Pokémon for 30 points of damage, however there are a methods of dealing with that: blocking it, healing it, or even utilizing it as part of combos for attacks like Outrage.


Being a Water-Type is now a serious boon; Landorus-EX both returned to prominence while just making making it through the set rotation, plus there are enough Fire-Types to make even the damage bonus for Quaking Punch handy.  Without augmentation, Quaking Punch can 2HKO a Landorus (XY: Furious Fists 58/111) or a Pyroar (XY: Flashfire 20/106), the latter assuming you are running Garbodor (BW: Dragons Exalted 54/124; BW: Plasma Freeze 119/116; BW: Legendary Treasures 68/113).  Garbodor has already proven a popular partner for Seismitoad-EX.  Something as simple as a Muscle Band will jump Quaking Punch to 2HKO range when striking Weakness, including against Pokémon-EX (apart from Megas).  You will need to deal with the occasional bit of Water Resistance (Virizion-EX says “hello”).  You might be able to create an interesting deck tapping the one bit of true, worthwhile Water-Type support: Aurorus (XY: Furious Fists 26/111).  I would imagine a tanking Seismitoad-EX is painful to face.


Being a Pokémon-EX is technically pure drawback, as what we consider the positives are design guidelines that are not always present in the final product.  It usually results in better-than-usual attacks, HP or an Ability (sometimes all three), but there are plenty of exceptions.  What is guaranteed is having to give up an extra Prize when Seismitoad-EX is KOed, being unable to access certain pieces of otherwise useful support, and being vulnerable to certain Pokémon-EX counter-cards.  In this case, you can easily tell the HP thing happened: 180 is the maximum printed on a Basic Pokémon-EX and unless a deck is already geared for OHKOs, usually a tricky feat.  Still happens often enough you can’t relax, especially with that Grass-Type Weakness.  It makes an opponent’s Virizion-EX even more frustrating as it not only soaks 20 points of damage per Quaking Punch, but can shoot for a 2HKO!  Seismitoad-EX lacks its own Resistance, but that isn’t a big deal; its own interaction with Virizion-EX is one of the few instances where Resistance can be really significant.  Its triple Retreat Cost can also be an issue, though most decks will have at least a few alternatives to paying it, and in Expanded it makes it a legal Heavy Ball target.


I don’t know if Lysandre (or an Ability that can force out a different Pokémon) break the Item lock; I haven’t seen a ruling and while hardly a reliable rulings source, in the PTCGO it doesn’t.  I do know that the easy to splash nature of Quaking Punch has it showing up as a general usage card.  Double Colorless Energy (or other compatible forms of Energy acceleration) are somewhat common now, and those decks can just “plug and play” Seismitoad-EX.  I expect this to matter as much, possible more in Expanded.  I forgot how Item reliant a lot of decks are likely to be here, where some of the great older Items are legal alongside the new.  The fundamental Garbodor deck, which loves how Items to change out Actives or discard Energy or Pokémon Tools are blocked while at the same time, so are Abilities.  Many decks just can’t handle that much resource denial.  For Limited play, whether added into a more proper deck or going the “plus 39 non-Basic Pokémon” route, it seems like a must run.  If you get another worthwhile Pokémon-EX, you might consider risking a +38 deck instead; which is of course a bit of an unusual concept.




Standard: 4.25/5 - It isn’t quite as potent as I feared splashed into any old deck, but many decks have natural synergy with it, and in those decks its probably worth the old score I gave it.  The end result is a slightly lower score, but also a more meaningful one; scored for its “own” decks it would be a bit higher, as a true general rating it would be a bit lower.


Expanded: 4.25/5 - It could also be better, but I expect it to fair at least as well here.


Limited: 5/5 - A must run!  Even though the Item lock won’t do you a lot of good, with a non-existent Bench Grenade Hammer should prove amazing and offset being unable to attack for your first two turns.


Summary: I already have an intense dislike for this card, because like most players my decks became quite Item heavy last format.  I’ve actually been forced to slightly up my Supporter counts (granted I usually was running them a bit on the low side) because I can’t rely on things like Random Receiver functioning!

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