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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


 Herbal Energy

- Furious Fists

Date Reviewed:
Oct. 17, 2014

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 3.00
Expanded: 2.87
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Pumping up the roots of those Grass-types, we've got new Energy for them with Herbal Energy, a simple card with a simple effect that's ready to help out your VirGen decks and Mega-Heracross-EXs! Should you be running this in such decks, or should you be running this in such decks?
Well, as I said, it's a simple card: you attach it and heal off 30 damage while providing a Grass Energy. It's pretty much adding a Potion effect to your attachment. This is wildly useful with Mega-Heracross-EX due to Big Bang Horn's damage getting reduced by 10 for each damage counter on it, so not only do you get the Energy you need but you essentially add on up to 30 more damage! Not bad, huh?
Then you've got the VirGen decks, and the card I'm thinking this would work best with is a Genesect-EX equipped with the G Booster. For anyone unfamiliar with G Booster, it attaches only to Genesect-EX but gives him an attack that deals 200 damage for 3 Energy. It's an insane amount of damage on par with Black Kyurem-EX (PLS) and his Black Ballista, but in a way it's actually better; while both deal 200 damage, Black Kyurem-EX discards 3 Energy for the attack each time, but not only does Genesect-EX only discard 2 Energy - his attack is unaffected by effects on the Defending Pokemon! It ignores Pyroar's Intimidating Mane, Sigilyph's Safeguard, any effect that would reduce the damage, etc.!
But how does that connect to Herbal Energy? Well, Genesect-EX will probably have been taking damage in the meantime, right? So KO two Pidgeys with one Rock Throw; that is, by attaching Herbal Energy, you get one of your Energies back AND heal off some of the damage Genesect-EX took from your opponent's counterstrike! And then you just decimate them again next turn!
There are still a few problems with that strategy, the biggest of which requires you to run your one ACE SPEC as G Booster, but even without that combo, Herbal Energy ought to be run in VirGen decks - heck, ANY Grass-type deck should be running this! It essentially saves you space in your deck, and let's face it, free healing isn't that bad at 30 damage - especially when healing powers up your guys!
Standard: 3/5 (an ESSENTIAL for any Grass deck; just be wary that it will run into the same problems Strong Energy does, being a Special Energy)
Expanded: 3/5 (still Essential, though there's more Special Energies to go around here)
Limited: 4/5 (if you run a Grass type, put this in - you won't regret it!)
Arora Notealus: So far the only Special Energies to be devoted to a particular type (that is, they focus only on 1 Type other than Colorless) are Darkness Energy, Metal Energy, Strong Energy, and Herbal Energy. Wonder if they'll make stuff for the other Types...
Weekend Thought: What do you think of the cards from this week?


We finish out this week with the second of the two brand new Special Energy cards released this set, Herbal Energy (XY: Furious Fists 103/111).  Well technically its the first if you go by the numbering, but we looked at Strong Energy first here, because it made the Top 10. 

Herbal Energy, like Strong Energy is a Special Energy that provides one of the basic Energy-Types with an additional effect, but has attachment restrictions.  In this case, once attached to a Grass-Type Pokémon it provides [G] Energy.  At the moment of being attached to a Grass-Type Pokémon from hand, you heal 30 damage (or as much as you can if there is less) from that Pokémon.  You can’t attach this to a Pokémon that isn’t a Grass-Type.  If you circumvent the attachment restriction (such as by using an Energy moving effect), Herbal Energy will discard itself if it is somehow attached to something that isn’t a Grass-Type. 

Strong Energy has been amazing because that extra 20 damage per copy has helped a lot of Fighting-Types hit key damage thresholds for KOs.  If something with Strong Energy survives to attack more than once, each attack is another 20 points of damage you wouldn’t have gotten out of a basic Fighting Energy card.  Herbal Energy provides a small dose of healing and just once (at least without combos).  Healing is totally ineffective if you were OHKOed (which happens a decent amount of the time) or if it doesn’t force your opponent to use more resources/take at least one more turn for the KO and in general, a better offense (like Strong Energy provides) is more effective than a better defense (which is how I’d classify the healing of Herbal Energy); even healing 30 versus hitting for an additional 20 doesn’t level things out. 

Still, especially as long as we don’t have something like Enhanced Hammer in the format, enjoy Herbal Energy for healing in decks that are mostly or all Grass-Type Pokémon.  There the versatility lost by being a Special Energy with restrictions is probably worth the healing you gain.  In decks focused on messing with Basic Energy or with a significant amount of non-Grass-Types, I’d only include a copy or two or none at all… and in Expanded it gets worse because of Enhanced Hammer.  For Limited, if you get even a single Grass-Type Pokémon worth running and are indeed already going to run it, definitely include Herbal Energy.  If you don’t have any Grass-Types worth running to begin with, skip it due to the attachment restrictions. 


Standard: 3/5 

Expanded: 2.75/5 

Limited: 3.5/5 

Summary: I’m hesitant to run a Grass-Type deck without at least a single copy, but so far there aren’t any major combos (at least of which I am aware) that make it a big deal (and some decks do avoid it because they have no room for another Special Energy card).  The extra healing is nice for what it is, but the hassles of being such a selective Special Energy are not.  In Expanded you’ve got to deal with Enhanced Hammer and in Limited not only do you need to draw it at the right time, but you need something that can use it.

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