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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Top 10 Flashfire Cards:

#3 - Pyroar

- Flashfire

Date Reviewed:
May 21, 2014

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 4
Limited: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

#3 Pyroar 

Coming in at #3 on our countdown is easily the most hyped card of the set: Pyroar. 

Players who have been around for a while will remember Mewtwo LV X: a card that caused tons of frustration and was a pain to deal with for a lot of decks because it had a PokéBody that prevented it from taking damage from Basic Pokémon (which at the time meant SP decks and odd things like Regigigas LV X and AMU, I guess). Well, Pyroar is pretty the same much thing, and like Mewtwo, he is going into a format where a significant number of the most powerful decks rely on Basic attackers. There are a few significant differences: the Stage 1 Pyroar is easier to get into play than a LV X and you can play more copies of him. Also, Pyroar vs Pyroar doesn’t result in a stalemate as it did with Mewtwo. Like Mewtwo, however, Pyroar has a pretty usable attack in the shape of Scorching Fang. It’s certainly more than adequate to deal with any deck that doesn’t have the means to attack him. 

What does this mean for the game? Well, it all depends on how popular Pyroar is and how he is used. If he is played as a 1-1 tech line, then most decks will be able to include Pokémon to help deal with him. Virizion/Genesect can use Raichu XY and G Booster, for example. Some already have the means to overcome a tech Pyroar, such as Blastoise and Emboar-based decks, while others (Empoleon and Flareon) centre around evolved attackers anyway. Decks that play Garbodor DRX can also avoid the effect of Intimidating Mane. If Pyroar plays a more important role, though, I doubt that a tech counter, or the use of Support Pokémon, is going to be enough. Fairy Toolbox and especially Team Plasma decks are going to be really hurt if Pyroar gets used a lot. Neither of those decks have an easy-to-use counter available to them that won’t make the match up against other decks worse. 

As with Mewtwo LV X back in the day, you really have only two options when it comes to Pyroar: you either build a deck that can deal with his Ability, or you pray that you don’t have to face him. 


Modified: 4 (sure to shake things up)

Limited: 4 (nice here as well – not everyone will pull an evo line)

Intro to
Unlimited 150

3. Pyroar.

Unlimited 150 review.

This card has caused a lot of discussion for Standard players and most decks will have to consider a way to counter it, especially when the most effective attackers in the format are Basic Pokémon. This effect isn’t new to U150 players though and it’s not nearly as disruptive. Most U150 decks have a range of Pokémon they can effectively attack with at various stages of evolution, if a Pyroar is walling your Basic you can just retreat it and attack with an evolved Pokémon instead.


Some other Pokémon with similar Abilities are Mewtwo LV.X, who has much better Basic Pokémon choices than Pyroar’s Litleo and Aggron ex (Crystal Guardians) whose own Intimidating Ability prevents Basic Pokémon from not just damaging it, but from attacking and using Abilities full stop!


All this said, if you’re playing a Fire deck and you don’t want to splash other Types to play the above mentioned Pokémon then Pyroar is a decent choice. It works well combined with Aerodactyl (Fossil) which prevents evolution card being played and if you want to go all out on the theme, Omastar (Majestic Dawn) bounces your opponent’s highest stage evolutions to their hand, leaving Pyroar free to menace the remaining Basics.


Rating: 3 (Another good card but there’s better alternatives in older sets.)

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