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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day



Top 10 Flashfire Cards:

#8 - Pokémon Fan Club

- Flashfire

Date Reviewed:
May 14, 2014

Ratings & Reviews Summary


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
2010 UK National

#8 Pokémon Fan Club 

Anyone who has come into the game post BLW-on won’t have seen this type of card before, but they used to be a virtual staple. Pokémon Fan Club is a card in the tradition of its original version, Holon Mentor, Roseanne’s Research and Pokémon Collector: a Supporter that gets you multiple Basics. 

This isn’t quite a straight reprint of the old Fan Club, because that put the Basics straight on to the Bench, rather than into your hand. For most purposes, the new version is an improvement as it allows you to search for, and then use, the Abilities of cards like Jirachi EX and Exeggcute PLF, which would not be the case if they went right from the deck to the Bench. Even so, Fan Club is strictly the worst of the Basic Searchers we have had (Roseanne being more flexible, while Mentor and Collector got you three Basics). 

Will it see any play though? Right now I kind of doubt it, and the main reason for this is our utter dependence on draw Supporters. It’s so important to be using Juniper or N on turn 1, that I am not sure many players will want to give that up to get a couple of Basics in hand, especially when we have some pretty good Item-based search in the shape of Ultra Ball and Level Ball. Players may remember back in the day when people began to reject Collector in favour of the flippy Dual Ball Trainer, even in decks like Eelektrik which needed to bench multiple Basics quickly. Hitting that first turn draw was just too important to pass up. 

I do think Fan Club will get a lot of play eventually, especially if we see more and better Pokémon with ‘coming-into-play’ abilities like Jirachi EX (fingers crossed for another Uxie LA). For now though, I think it’s a good card that players will most likely feel they can’t afford to run. 


Modified: 3.25 (sooner or later it will likely be important)

Limited: 4.75 (fantastic search in this format) 

Intro to
Unlimited 150

8. Pokémon Fan Club.
Unlimited 150 review.


We start this week’s U150 reviews with a card that’s already received a lot of attention in this format and not good attention either. It’s not because it’s a bad card, but because the designers in Japan have decided to rewrite yet another old card, something they've been doing more and more since the Black & White team began work.


The original Pokémon Fan Club put 2 Pokémon straight from your deck onto your bench, rather than into hand. This does mean effects like Uxie’s Set Up Ability (or Jirachi EX’s Ability for a more recent example) won’t trigger but it has the upside of getting around some negative effects like Miasma Valley, giving it a niche use above the otherwise superior Basic searching Supporters like Pokémon Collector or Roseanne’s Research.


The main problem is the removal of an important synergy from the format, the old combination of Sableye (Stormfront) and Fan Club. Sableye makes an excellent starter with its Impersonate attack which searches your deck for a Supporter and uses it, for free. With the old Fan Club you could get 2 more Pokémon benched turn 1, ready to evolve next turn or just to avoid a donk. Sableye is still a very versatile starter but players may now be more inclined to use a Call for Family Pokémon instead like Emolga.


This card could easily have had a new name to give Standard decks a Basic Pokémon searcher without hurting Unlimited formats. The artwork even depicts Pokéfan Family from the XY games!

Rating: 2 (A unique Supporter is demoted to an inferior Roseanne’s or Collector.)

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